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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.105 · 6 REVIEWS
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3.105 · 6 REVIEWS
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Nov 15, 2007,

Total scam! Edward Yau was the original founder of FX Trainer which scammed a lot money out of a lot of people. This group of people has a history of opening new companies every one or two years, because Edward and his group created such a bad name for themselves. These guys are just about hype and don't have a real product. They can promise you everything, but in the end, deliver nothing more than information you can find in the internet about trading. One thing you gotta give it to them is that they create a very nice website for marketing and the look. People that know nothing about trading can easily fall for this trap. Don't fall for it! If you bought recently, try to get a refund. If you are looking at it because a friend told you about it, don't get in and save your money. You would be much better off just learning on your own or finding a company that can really teach you. Don't make the mistake that me and others have made.
Oct 7, 2007,

After reading the review from Sharon, I search every where on their website and also call the corporate headoffice to see if they are a MLM. From what I found out they only offer an one level referral program and NOT a muli level.
I recently took their course and I must give it a 5 stars. Jim is truely a wonderful teacher that wants you to succeed. Not only is the material awesome and original, Jim teaches it in such a simiplied way that any beginner will understand. If you are looking for a real Forex educational company this is it!
Sep 30, 2007,

I brought the FX innovations Advanced Course and was very impressed with their material. Went on a few of their live classes and I must admit I am getting every penny I paid for. The course is extremely well structured and the trainers definitely know what they are talking about.

Too bad there are so many bashers on this site that tried to gives creditable companies like this a bad name.
Richmond, BC,
Sep 25, 2007,

The courses they sell can be found free in ebooks you download off of any peer2peer site. None of it is original. I guess the canabilization of the forex market education arena continues with outfits such as this to make an easy buck.

Plus these guys operate an MLM --> Meaning STAY FAR AWAY!
Vancouver, BC,
Sep 21, 2007,

I have been trading currencies for close to three years and have taken many courses to enhance my trading skills starting with 4xmade Easy, FX Trainer, Showme FX, Forex Mentor, and lately FX Innovations just to name a few. I have spent about $10,000 on my education process but made many times that in actual trading. The material I received and the information taught by FX Innovations is at least 10 times better than all the courses I ever took combined. I don’t know how or why an individual that wouldn’t even put his real name on a posting would call this Company a scam. This board is about Forex Education Review so for people to post remarks not pertaining to the course material doesn’t make any sense to me.

By the way, before purchasing the FXI's course, I went into their office to meet up with some of the principles and trainers of this Company. The Company is owned by many shareholders whom all are involved in the daily operation. They really know what they are doing and their course materials are definitely top notch, I was very impressed. All I can say if you want to be a successful trader, you should definitely check them out!

Additionally, I took my Elliott Wave Course with Showme FX last year with their trainer Harry (forgot his last name) and also met up with the owner, Greg Wallace in Bellevue, WA. You can also check out the contact information on their site at https://secure.showmefx.com/index.php?s1=company&s2=ContactUs. I think you have mistaken the principles of these two companies. FX Innovations is based in Richmond, BC.
No me,
Richmond, BC,
Sep 20, 2007,

Beaware...this is owned by Edward Yau and hidden by another name as he did before with "showmefx". This is nothing but another scam by Mr. Yau.