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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
4.39 · 6 REVIEWS
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4.39 · 6 REVIEWS
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May 7, 2007,

Very happy and learned a lot from the several courses which build on each other. Good frioendly support available at all times, plus a lot of thorough videos in the members area. I was a purchaser of the original course mentioned by Nicolas below and can confirm the coaching program is not an expansion of that course, rather it 3 seperate strategies which are good for intraday trading with 10 pip targets or less as well as a 2 hour live tuition session on sound technical analysis and how to get some research done before you trade. Having someone on hand at the end of the day if I messed up so I could actually learn from my mistakes as well as 3 strategies I can actually use to make pips made it worthwhile for me as an investment. Will stay on for another 3 months and see what else is provided, as he said there will be 2 new courses soon on pivot point trading some of the more commonly traded candlestick and making money from news spikes. Would like to see more live videos, but there are some live trades to example the systems, and he doesn't encourage people to trade live until you've proved you can do it for yourself.
Tom Oecken,
Sussex, UK,
May 5, 2007,

I have so far been very satisfied with my membership in this program. I have sent in trades several times a week and learned an immense amount about what I have been doing wrong and where I can save and make money in this market. Since having the one on one session offered two weeks ago, I have made 10 pips per trading day every day during UK hours and am on track with my trading plan. This is nothing to do with the strategies Sam has compiled videos on.

This is not a program for people who want to just receive a bunch of DVDs and ebooks which will leave them more confused than before. Rather it is something you have to participate in yourself in order to get the most out of it. People who do not want to communicate or get feedback and live help sessions to change their trading style so that they win pips instead of losing them will not be satisfied because Sam expects you to take the iniative and responsibility for your learning. Sam has shown me how to trade like a professional and I have friends in the investment banking industry who have told me their team leaders do look for the same signals that Sam has begun to teach in the last 3 or 4 months. Sam also told me exactly what they said which was that their teams advantage also lay in them having Nasdaq level 3 datafeed to allow them to see what HSBC and other institutions are doing. I paid more than £3000 to get information that was worthless to me without a continuing subscription of £300 per month. In this program however, I have learned 5 x the content of that course but for a lot less overall.

When I enquired about the TSD forum system, I was told that he was working with the trader who made that system regarding analysing multiple time frames to get a better set up for trading 2 years ago and that Sam had been teaching this system based on what he was taught and what he shared with the guy who made it before it even appeared on TSD forum. Besides that, the other main chart setups are not available on forums I have found including forex factory, TSD, StrategyBuilderFX and Woodies. So calling it a rip off is a moot point. Sam has taken a lot of time to build and communicate what works for him in both live, email and video format and he has a track record of helping others to trade more successfully. If I were making what he makes (I have seen his offshore properties) I would be charging more for my time. I would give this program 5*s because of the personal support offered. I have more than 15 pages of detailed answers to emails which cover every point I have raised. I would not have got this however had I not been proactive in asking for knowledge. If Sam does not know the answer, he will tell you and refer you elsewhere to find it, or alternatively tell you to stop wasting your time and money on garbage and start making money.

To be honest, I don't think once can find a better program for the money, which is not really that much in terms of what your goals should be in trading forex. I finally learned that I personally don't need hundreds of indicators, weekends of seminars and spending £1000s. All I need is an edge over other traders and a plan that works. I believe I now have that plan. Not only that, but Sam has told me he has no qualms in me having my own students once I have reached my 1 year target.
May 3, 2007,

Just some clarification on this. Mr. Beatson has a couple of video courses, and several different resellers also offer them. The price ranges from $50 to $130, and some offer a bonus system with the course. (The bonus or "advanced" system is better than the XO-based one in my opinon).

Then there's a mentorship program at $1,000/month. This offers (at least) three other systems that aren't available in the less expensive packages. It also has coaching, daily fundamental analysis, etc. So, I think people are reviewing different courses on here. The "scam" review was for the inexpensive course (XO system) and the 5 stars were for the mentorship program. I haven't done the membership program so I can't comment on it or how effective the systems/coaching are. But I have contacted Mr. Beatson about it so I'm familiar with what it offers.
United Kingdom,
May 1, 2007,

I would just like to offer a gentle & respectful note of caution to people looking at this education package. It is an expanded version of what was called the ForexSuperSystem that used to retail for $59. The video content may be very similar and if this is the case, then the stuff really is pretty basic. The free charting package I believe is MetaTrader, which is a free charting package supplied by various brokers. They offer daily fundamental reports, which is obviously a great help. I cannot comment as to the quality of these reports. I cannot comment on the 3 systems offered. The current price is @ $1000 a quarter, which is up there with the very best of them.
May 1, 2007,

This is a rip off of the "XO Method" which can freely be found on Forex TSD forum. You will end up losing alot of money if you don't use strict money management rules. The claims by the previous reviewers are highly exaggerated.
Sandy Smith,
New Hampshire, USA,
Mar 17, 2007,

I've found it. If there is a Holy Grail in trading, I have found it with Sam Beatson's Fast Track Forex Strategies and Coaching. I have been a struggling forex trader for sometime now. I have spent thousands on strategies that just did not cut it. A few were worth it but most were worthless. Sam's strategies are powerful and very effective. His coaching is phenomenal. He delivers 120%. He works with you from where you are at and brings you along step by step. His goal is to turn you into a successful trader. This program is worth a 100 stars. Sam is a fellow trader who is in the trenches every day and knows what you are going through. He takes you through his trades and shares the ups and downs in his trading. Most importantly, Sam is very genuine in his efforts to help his fellow traders succeed. He goes far out of his way to be as much help as he can be. Look no further. I have found the secret to successful trading with Sam's help. You have found the right path! Now, are you ready to take the journey?
Charles A,
London, UK,
Feb 19, 2007,

I have to tell you. Ive been learning how to trade for a long while. Started off with traded options and then into stocks. Ive been on courses and have some great friends I met on courses over the years..and finally after all the disappointing courses, strategies that simply don't stack up.. I came across fasttrackforex.com. Wow!! I had an open mind and listened to Sam's course.. now I am more than confident, I'm super confident I can consistently make US$1000 a day using some of the strategies Sam has taught me. I'm more than happy and cant thank Sam enough.. I have to tell you, this is super course, made easy. You may be able to get the same knowledge if you hired a number of traders and had them by your side at your beck and call..but thankfully Sam is there...what a great course! I think the way it doesn't have all the razzmatazz and it just goes straight to the point..is what makes it so easy to understand..but more than anything, the strategies work, and you will earn a living do this. Period!
Oct 28, 2006,

Awesome ,best coaching I have had.If you trade using Sams training and can't make money your never going to.Highly Reccommend.I use what I learned from Fx Bootcamp and what I learned at Fasttrack Forex together.And the results are astounding so far.I'm still in the testing stage, but it seems like a winning combination for me. I'm staying out of losing trades and letting the winning trades run longer for more profits.Fast Track is really the only training that has given me such clear signals for pulling the trigger on a trade.I think I found my Holy Grail ,even though such a thing doesn't exist in trading , this comes close in my opinion.I loved Fx Bootcamp and have no regrets for going through it, but $300 a month was starting to add up .So I searched for a lower priced alternative And I found Fast Track Coaching for $500 for 3 months coaching and it has been a godsend for me, no regrets whatsoever.