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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
1.411 · 8 REVIEWS
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1.411 · 8 REVIEWS
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, USA,
Apr 5, 2012,

Stephen Pierce, Stephen Pierce International, along with Pierce's affiliated companies and individuals, will soon be served with a class action lawsuit. Dallas Attorney Alan Rosenberg is preparing to file suit against Pierce on behalf of individuals who believe they were defrauded by "business opportunity" scams perpetrated by Pierce.

Anyone who believes they were the victim of a Stephen Pierce scam (and it does not matter where they live) should immediately contact Attorney Alan Rosenberg with the Dallas (USA) law firm of Chamblee, Ryan, Kershaw & Anderson, P.C. This is a contingency lawsuit, so there is no out of pocket cost to be represented. Attorney Rosenberg can be reached at 1-214-905-2003 or 1-888-905-2003 or via email as indicated on the the law firm's website below.

Jan 29, 2010,

Terrible, bought one of his "traffic" products for my website. Didn't work, asked for refund per his sales letter, never got back to me. Totally ripped me off, don't buy his stuff.
Jul 15, 2008,

Yes everyone the scammer brings into his circle is a shark. He introduced another young guy adam davis (adamtraffic.com) who promises the earth and delivers nothing. he sold a set of 'dvds' at the Global Internet Summit in October 2008 with a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. The dvds were infact cds of stuff you can easily get on the web for free. I paid $2000 for the crap. Guess what? No refund, no call back. Adamtraffic.com is the same scam as pierce - promise tons of money and deliver nada.
Tacoma, WA,
Jul 24, 2007,

Stephen Pierce's name is a scammer - plain and simple. Not only does he prey on people's greed for large profits but he allies himself with other swindlers such as Todd snively who is doing 4 to 9 years in federal prison for running a futures bucket shop. I don't know how Mr. Pierce escaped justice since he was a partner with Snively.
May 18, 2007,

If Stephen Pierce is involved in any type of publication , course beware. This dirt bag is only looking out for himself. What goes around comes around and he will pay for taking advantage of all those that he has mislead.
Mar 25, 2007,

Got a book wiht a disk, little teaching information.. no followup help. Picked up my information from his Michigan office, they would not let me come to the office (?) but made me pick it up at the local postal store. I should have known then. He also sells other programs in lots of different business areas. jack of all trades, expert at ? Good salesman. making lots of money off us poor uneducated people that do not understand seminar and course marketing..
Kevin Dawson,
Oct 24, 2006,

I learned a lot about Fibs by taking this course, and it will pay for itself quickly. The issue is this: everyone knows about Fib, but does everyone know how to use them like Pierce shows you how? I think maybe some of the negative response may come from that Pierce is indeed a marketer, but he's also a dedicated commodity trader. The hype may turn some people off, as traders do tend to be analytical and turned off by hyperbole, and people may also not like the amount of time spent in the videos on markets other than FOREX. But when I took the time to really apply what Pierce talked about, after taking detailed notes, I can say I never looked at Fib the same again. Pierce hit a home run.
Aug 6, 2006,

Stephen Pierce is a total fraud. He always plays the "may God bless you and your family" card but all his ads are super hype. I bought Amazing Trading Plans for a couple hundred $$ and didn't learn a single trick. His new course is garbage too but that is thru Clickbank so you can get your money back.
william chinn,
Oregon, 97224,
Aug 4, 2006,

I ordered the course. Extremely disappointed. On the CD's all he says is where the Fib lines are at. Duh, I can see that. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to do that. Had trouble getting my refund too. Had to threaten to report them before I got a response and my money back. You won't learn anything unless you're a plant! Heed this warning. No rating low enough for this course.
Forex Gump,
Aug 1, 2006,

Be very cautious with everything that comes from Stephen Pierce. He is by far a better salesman than a trader. There are no so called secrets with fibonacci. Selling a course that uses the latest fib retracement in conjunction with a doji pattern and a Stochastic crossover for $297, that can be found for free in the trading forums like moneytec, is highly overpriced, and in my eyes a rip off. Just an important add-on, concerning Stephen's integrity. http://cftc.gov/opa/enf03/opa4739-03.htm