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Updated: Nov 13, 2018
2.849 · 16 REVIEWS
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LCG.com (London Capital Group) profile provided by LondonCapitalGroup, May 12, 2015

Company name: London Capital Group

Foundation date: 1996

Forex unit foundation date: 1996

Controlled by: FCA regulated and LSE listed

Clients: 4000

Leverage: 300:1

Commission: Our low commission charges are included in our FX spreads so there are no hidden fees. 

Pip spread on majors: From 0.6 pips

Mini Account: n/a

Minimal payment for Mini Account: n/a

Regular Account: Yes

Minimal payment for Regular Account: none

Services:  LCG is a leading provider of online trading servicesproviding execution in FX, CFDs and spread betting on 3,000 instruments on MT4 & other platforms  (FX, indices, commodities, single stocks). Our experienced team of industry experts connects retail and institutional clients to the markets worldwide through leading-edge trading technology, superior customer service and unparalleled insight. Up to ?7,000 welcome bonus for all new accounts (Ts&Cs apply). 

Language: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Arabic

24-h trade: Yes

Free demo account: Yes

Online live help Yes

Main office: London, United Kingdom

telephone number +44 (0)20 7456 7681

Fax number: 

E-mail: [email protected]

www:  http://www.londoncapitalgroup.com


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2.849 · 16 REVIEWS
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Volo, Italy,
Nov 13, 2018,

SCAM - Not pay profit

I did deposit and regularly trade for some weeks. When I tried to withdrawal the funds the broker removed all my profit whitout any reason and closed my account.

If you check on FOS database you will find lot of claim against this broker.

The are scam!!!

Guy stay aware from this bad market maker, if you loose, they get your money in their pocket. If you win they will never give you a Penny! Everybody can open a brokerage firm acting like this!
Saudi Arabia,
Nov 3, 2018,
Registered user

LCG is a Fraudulent Broker, here is my story with them:
I have opened an account with LCG, My account number is 5035130, and start trading using MT4 platform, I trade CFDs with LCG I focused on wall street, everything was good I started making profits, I requested a withdrawal of $1600, the withdrawal was successful and I received the money, I continued trading I made good profit and here came the problem I requested a withdrawal of $5000, the amount was deducted from my account and I resumed my trading as usual until I received an e-mail informing me that the withdrawal was unsuccessful few minutes later after receiving the e-mail trading on the platform was disabled and all my profits were gone and my balance became zero, I contacted my account manager he told me that your account is under investigation and we’ll get back to you soon. I waited two days and nothing received from them no e-mails no phone calls, I contacted my account manager again and told him that how could you do this disable my account wipe out my profits without any explanation, he told me that we are still waiting for reply from relevant department and we’ll get back to you soon, After five days (from Monday to Friday) on Friday I received the following e-mail from LCG:
“Dear Mr. Jafar Kilany,
In accordance with Section 26.2 of the LCG’s Terms and Conditions (the “Client Agreement”), which can be accessed here, you are hereby given written notice that LCG Int. Limited (the “LCG”) intends to close your trading account. Any remaining funds will be returned to the source they were deposited, as per the relevant terms in Client Agreement.
Please treat this notice as an official termination of your business relationship with LCG and, thus, the termination of Client Agreement you have with LCG Int. Limited. “
Still no explanation why they do this, the only reason that I can see is the profit I made.
By the way most of my trades are placed manually, only very few trades places by expert advisor and with small lot size, All the good profit came from the manual trades.
So if you lose money LCG welcomes you if you make money LCG will kick you out, Maybe it is ok with them if you make couple of hundreds of dollars from $10000 deposit, But if you make $10000 from couple of hundreds of dollars trust me LCG will wipe out your profits and kick you out, and they will take an advantage of any section of their Terms and Conditions to do that. As they did with me, In accordance with Section 26.2 of the LCG’s Terms and Conditions they gave themselves the right to rob me.
LCG is a Fraudulent Broker
Cork, United Kingdom,
Sep 23, 2018,

One of the better brokers

Moved over 6 months ago - now trading with as professional. Fast execution, very top level dealing desk and support. Payments suck - one guy couldn't even explain what my withdraw issue was but ultimately resolved with apology.
Surabaya, Indonesia,
Sep 3, 2018,
Registered user

Fast execution, market execution, quick withdraw and deposit, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Well, I highly recommend this broker

I currently use this broker to trade, and it's very nice. Strict to themself, and very good in regulation compliance

As I scrolled down this forum, I can found that some people wrote about no deposit bonus and so on, but I doubt it's a review from a real experience, because there's simply NO BONUS AT ANY FORM here at LCG.

Variable deposit and withdraw method - me myself used Fasapay as my method. Very fast deposit and withdraw execution time - about 10 minutes for deposit, and 7 minutes for withdrawal (and even I have experienced an instant withdrawal process in under a minute once) if you submit your request on UK Office Hours

And the customer support are great too! I have used their live chat support several times, and it's always been great!

If you don't believe me, go try it yourself, and feel the great trading experience!
Jakarta, Indonesia,
Aug 9, 2018,

LCG the best trading... Good Service experience...

LCG the best trading...
Good Service experience...
Good performance...
One company that has stood for 20 years, which has good service and a very good trading experience for beginners like me
Lien Pham,
Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam,
May 11, 2018,
Registered user

I am trading with LCG for more than a year already. LCG has good reputation with more than 20 years, fast execusion and great customer services. Whenever I have any questions about my account or trading, I get the direct and clear information.
Athens, Greece,
Jul 24, 2017,

"Busines us usual" from thieves & fraudsters, that the regulator The FCA tolerates.
Targeting, stop hunting to the highest degree, from this ''leading'' scam company!
Member of a gang!
Roustani youness,
MOROCCO, Morocco,
Jun 23, 2016,

i take advantage to claim no deposit bonus, unfortunately no bonus ,just stolen documents, no chat help desk, no answers by emails,!!!!!!!
, Armenia,
Mar 14, 2016,

This company is SCAM. These are the real racists. I opened an account there, and sent them my documents - a passport and statement from credit card. The manager called me. I said that I do not speak English. Then he laughed at me and told me to send two other documents. The same my documents I sent more than 100 companies. Everywhere me verified with no problems. I sent other two my documents in LCG. But still, my account is not verified. Then I began get to know some friends about this company. It turned out that one of my friends traded there. When he gained 200% of the deposit, they closed his account and did not pay profit and deposit - 2230 dollars.
Tim Chan,
, Singapore,
Oct 10, 2015,

LCG is public listed and FCA regulated. I agree Sam comments, they have wider the 100 pips spread during Non Farm Payroll. Please dont open account with them. For those open account with them. please withdraw money.