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forex-science.com (James de Wet) Review

Updated: Nov 30, 2018
3.362 · 84 REVIEWS
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There is a CFTC finding against James de Wet.  Read the details here.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.
forex-science.com (James de Wet)

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3.362 · 84 REVIEWS
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, Spain,
Jun 15, 2013,

posted by James (Dec. 2010)==>...could not be found
That says all you need to know. Every now and then the great trader starts a new project and posts a hell of a performance - as long as it is positive. Then everything tends to vanish.
, Jordan,
May 3, 2013,

really, I watched this system, and open number of trades

and watched another trades according to the explained in videos, all are good and comes at least with 10 pips..

good trading system

Brittany, France,
Jul 18, 2012,

Have just seen that james de wet website - forex-science.com - is still up and active and he's still offering his forex systems at $387.00! For god's sake DO NOT buy anything!! The latest 'snake oil' is his 'D5' system, once-a-day set-and-forget - it is an utter disaster and if you use it you will go broke! This guy was stopped from using Clickbank and Primus because he doesn't give refunds when you find his systems are failures,so be warned!
, United Kingdom,
Jun 6, 2012,

Please understand that James is above all an internet marketer,not a trader with proven background.I did attend few of his projects and lost a lot of money and he did not bother to answer emails.Do yourself a favour and check his previous "achievements" regarding fund mamagement.I have not done so and can blame only myself. At least you have been warned!
Brittany, France,
May 29, 2012,

Today received email from James giving a 'trade setup' using his 'new system' called 'D5' . This,apparently, is another 'once a day' system like RAID - which cost $386 and lost a monumental amount of money! - but signup is FREE! Just as well - I took the trade out of interest, a sell on the EUR/USD with 40 pip stop and 80 pip target and guess what? It got stopped out. At leat the new system is being pitched for what it's worth, i.e ZERO. For god's sake NEVER trade with real money using systems from this man or you'll go broke VERY fast!

2012-04-02 2Star James de Wett is the classic example of making more money selling picks'nd shovels to the miners than mining for gold! I bought his Gamemaker system for $386 and it then had 12 losses in a row and cost me more money. I bought the bounce system and like everyone else lost hugely in March - so I'm down the cost of his systems AND the losses they've caused! DO NOT buy the 'snake oil' being peddled - he makes his money doing internet marketing and needs it if he's also trading his own systems! Lastly, he stopped using Clickbank because he doesn't give refunds when his systems fail to meet the claims!
London, United Kingdom,
May 9, 2012,

I was a member of Labrat project. On his sales video, he said that he would give us a blueprint to become successful traders like Richard Dennis did.

I was so serious about it and I left a well paid job to study his trading method. He required USD$250 to join the project and some commission from our profit by trading with his method every month. I studied so hard but I could not make a profit. I was not the only one who lost money every month. 6 months later, he closed the project. This was a year project but he gave up in the half way. I asked him why and he said that because we did not pay him. Well, the reason we did not pay him is because we did not make any profit. I was quite shocked to hear what he said. I felt like I was betrayed by him. I trusted him and I believed him.

He could be a nice guy but he was not a good mentor at all.

, Croatia,
Apr 25, 2012,

I am a full time trader which used james systems to trade small accounts. I only demo it to be honest.

Guys, it was a complete failure. I was a part of so called Forex-Science 50k challenge. James is an ordinary marketeer who earns his money by scamming people and promising great results. He was also selling Raid and Game maker..both of those were a complete disaster.

Me being a full time trader have bought Bounce and took his trades on DEMO account. ( im a scalper mostly so i dont do those intraday trading strategies) so for the sake of saving me time and money i tried to see how they perform. Believe me it was a complete disaster.

His trades went in slight profit over a few months then all of a sudden it started going wrong and all went to BE, even worse. Game maker and Raid were total failure having over 500 pips loss in one single month.

Then he started spamming emails about trade copier and you know the rest of the story. Most traders have lost their money.

Being a full time trader I can say: Stay away from this conman. His trading skills and MM are 2/10.
, United Kingdom,
Apr 23, 2012,

This says it all:

Hi Dave

Firstly, I aplogise for the lack of communication from my side over the past week.

I have been taking time to consider my path (and that of Forex-Science) moving
forward into the future. I have also been battling through some personal issues
which I don't want to discuss here.

At the beginning of last month, I stopped offering training and signal services to
Forex traders, and opened the "trade copier service" to predominantly my Charter
Group members.

If you are a trade copier, you will know that the results have been less than successful
and the current result is 25.6% drawdown since March 1st. I could say a lot more about
the drawdown, but I'll keep it simple:

At 7.5:1 leverage, this level of drawdown is to be expected on occasion. The market
hasn't been easy, but I have also made trading mistakes and errors of judgement. I am
not making excuses - it is what it is. As much as I dislike to see my copier clients in a
drawdown, this IS part of trading and these risks need to be accepted.

After over a decade of trading the markets, I have finally decided to "hang up the boots"
I will be stopping all trading services indefinitely, including all training, courses, signals
and the trade copier. I will be focussing on my own personal trading and one or two
large clients.

The reasons for this are various, including personal reasons, and I don't feel it
is necessary or appropriate to go into them in this letter.

For those who have followed me for years, I thank you for your support and, in many
cases, friendship. For those who have followed the trade copier, a few good trades
will easily recover the current drawdown, and the market is bound to offer those
opportunities soon - perhaps even this week.

I will certainly miss the work I have done with thousands of traders around the world
for so long, but on the other hand, it gives me the chance to focus my trading on
more specific funding.

If you are a trade copier, please contact 4xSolutions to ask them to cancel your
copier account with Forex-Science. They may be able to recommend other copier
services to you if you enjoy the concept.

Take care and good luck for your trading future

James de Wet
Sydney, Australia,
Apr 18, 2012,

James enters a trade, then disappears. He doesn't set a take profit, just lets it run into profit till it retraces & stops you out. He is taking absolutly no responsibility for his managing of people's money. Last 3 nights I have found open positions long after London & NY close and well before Asian open. Had to close all out manually, one was up 33 pips, his rules for the "bounce" system is TP at 30 pips, but the man ignores these rules. He doesn't return e-mails, arrogant. I have closed his access to my account & stopped my payment to him via 4xsolutions. (BTW, 4Xsolutions are great to deal with, VPS etc & very helpfull, just James is using him as his cash register) 15% month promised by James- lucky my account only $400. Don't trust the man- stay well away!!
, United Kingdom,
Apr 1, 2012,

I was one of the labrats and the problem was that James results were so much different from the rest as if we were following different signals(overall program with good intentions eventually became a c***),but recently he admitted trading signals do not work and started trade copier.
This is a reason I decided to make a note and warn others.
I started this program 6 weeks ago and the results were during this period all the time below BE point,with horrible win loss ratio.I did not expect 15% monthly he aimed for but constant drawdown was a bit of surprise as traders were able to copy his results with no big disparity which blighted his previous projects.
However every experienced trader knows this can happen,but what came as complete surprise was his atitude and arrogant approach;
1.System(Bounce system) rules were not obeyed and trades were taken as he claimed due to"other technical analysis"when DD was very big.For me it was the reason to qiut no matter what the outcome because on his website he stated; Never any deviation to the Bounce trading rules without exception.
I am not new to trading and know because of this breach of rules this program become useless from a learning point of view as one will never know if the system itself is able to recover from streak of losses WITHOUT OTHER TECHNICAL ANALISIS.
2.Money mamagement rules were broken few times sa well.On his website he claimed; Maximum daily drawdown 4.5% without exception and this rule lasted only............1 week.
3..When I asked him a question via email( regular live webinars were cancelled immediately when things went badly wrong)which he claimed to be answered in 1 or 2 days never got answer but instead he started to sent me promotion emails to .....join his trade copier service and explaining why his current clients are SMILING-what an email for someone who just lost considerable amount of money and ABOVE ALL FAITH AFTER RULES WERE ABANDONED WITHIN DAYS AFTER TRADE COPIER PROJECT WAS STARTED.

I think James is a great marketer who probably makes good living(this program in not cheap) from selling his products but it is a shame for his clients he is UNABLE TO OBEY THE RULES,AND I SHOULD HAVE CHECKED HIS BACKGROUND ON INTERNET WHAT HE DID FOR HIS CLIENTS EARLIER AND COULD SAVED SOME MONEY,BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE NEVER CHANGE
In my opinion cannot be trusted anymore