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Out of business MF Global Canada
Updated: Apr 13, 2022

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November 2011 Update.  This company has filed for bankruptcy.  Click Here to read more.

Website is down.  Company is out of business.
Out of business
2.064 • 10 REVIEWS

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Bkk, Thailand,
Jan 5, 2012,

(Reuters) - MF Global's bankruptcy trustee, Louis Freeh, has refused to turn over some documents to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), which is investigating what happened to an estimated $1.2 billion in missing customer funds, the Wall Street Journal said.."
GREAT! Is anybody surprised that the money is missing and curious where it did go? As anybody can set up a company to do business as a broker at the most dubious locations, take off with the cash at any moment, customers have no protection. Even the CFTC does not know what they are there for. Just keep this in mind and never leave more money with your broker then the min. you need. This business is full of thieves.
Sydney, Australia,
Nov 3, 2011,

MF Global Holdings Ltd. worldwide has been halted from doing business, as from 31st October 2011 they have filed for bankruptcy. “Google” it in the news if you don't believe me. They are under management by appointed administrators to close up the company worldwide. Also all of MF Global’s assets have been frozen pending investigation. Their assets to being frozen, means they have done very bad business. This is very serious stuff.

I have a trading account with MF Global Australia Ltd., I found that they are very good and reliable when I am doing trading with them. But because of what has recently happened, my trading account has now been frozen, and I cannot withdraw my money. I am very angry that this has happened. Because what made me decide to open a trading account with MF Global in the first place was being told that I am depositing my money in a very secure and well “cashed” up company. I was told that MF Global is a very old company and has built very strong assets for it’s foundations. ‘Man Financial’ (the founder company) goes back to the 18th century. MF Global has billions if not trillions of dollars in cash and assets. It is one of the world’s financially strongest companies. They said that; “NOTHING can bring it down”. Someone commented in these reviews that (I quote); “MFGlobal has very deep pockets internationally. These guys are going nowhere. And they sincerely seem like they are interested in taking care of you.” Well you know what? THEY HAVE FALLEN!!! And have taken my money as well!!! All I can say from my experience in dealing with these SCAMMERS is that they take your money and then close up business. LEAVING YOU HIGH AND DRY!!! I AM FURIOUS!!! THAT THESE SO CALLED “SECURE NEVER TO FALL” COMPANIES CAN DO THIS TO PEOPLE. WHY DOES THE GOVERNMENT LET THESE PEOPLE THAT RUN THESE COMPANIES GET AWAY WITH BAD BUSINESS DEALINGS, FRAUD AND ROBBERY!!! LEAVING A POOR PERSON IN THE STREET WITH NOTHING TO LIVE ON AND NO MONEY LEFT!!!
IT IS VERY VERY VERY WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
London, United Kingdom,
Nov 3, 2011,

To all those traders that are with large publically held companies like MF Global, FXCM, GAIN, etc....

The NFA/CFTC allows member firms to deal against their customers. Let me make this clear: any firm member of the NFA/CFTC, have found a loophole in the US regularatory landscape, that allows them to go bust, while putting your account funds at risk.
And compliance? MF Global was able to risk and continue to loose trade after trade, and we're not caught untill they tried to sell out to Interactive Brokers. Bankruptcy was their only way out.
* No matter the rgulation, no matter their cash position, what it comes down to is the intentions of the people that run the company. Thats who you need to think of when you open a trading account.
Oct 31, 2011,

Unbelievable !!!
This firm, 230 years old, just declared bankruptcy and has admitted to losing (taking) millions of dollars of clients money's even though they were supposed to have segregated accounts. So much for the CFTC oversight.................

MF Global, the securities firm led by former Goldman Sachs chief and former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, has admitted to using clients' money as its financial troubles mounted, a federal official said Tuesday.
An MF Global executive made the admission to federal regulators in a phone call early Monday after regulators discovered money missing from clients' accounts, The Associated Press reported, citing an official familiar with the conversation.
The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss a preliminary investigation by federal regulators.
Government rules require securities firms to keep clients' money and company money in separate accounts. Violating the rule could result in civil penalties.
MF Global, which filed for bankruptcy protection Monday, faced a cash crunch after making multibillion-dollar bets on European sovereign debt.
Hundreds of millions of dollars of customer's money have gone missing from the brokerage firm, sources told The New York Times.
Feb 9, 2011,

I felt compelled to leave a review. I've had to block their telephone number to prevent calls. I told them to take a hike and they became abusive on the phone. The content of their sales talk is complete rubbish and I would never do business with a company like this
Sydney Australia,
Jan 26, 2011,

Hi Anastassia,

I found your blog after researching if anyone else has experienced what we did last night whilst trading on the MF Platform. Not only have we been loosing our money ALL OF A SUDDEN we were in the middle of a trade last night when MF Global froze and logged us out and our computer shut down????? We hadnt put in a stop loss yet and we were in panic mode. For some unknown reason our internet failed to reconnect??? We resorted to getting in the car and driving to the office (as we trade form there too) to use our pc at work to find the same problem... We rang the help desk in attempts to have the order closed, after 2 hours we had no coorperation and were told they have never experience this before??? We have been suss about MF for some time now...after doing so well on other platfforms and on demo accounts to suddnely start loosing our money on MF... WE HAVE ALSO FOUND THAT OUR STOP LOSS GETS STOMPED OUT LONG BEOFRE IT HITS THE ACTUAL PRICE...!!!??? This is scary and needs to be investigated.

Anastassia, please email us direct on to discuss as you seem to be experiencing the same problem..

London, UK,
Jan 17, 2011,

I have been utterly shocked by MFGlobal.
This is a real scam! You will never have any profits with this broker. I myself have lost everything I had. I started suspecting them after noticing that someone else had an access to my account all the time.
While having by trading platform open I would suddenly receive a message stating that I have been logged out as (apparently) I have logged in on another machine. This was impossible as I was sitting in the room alone having only 1 laptop and knowing the password combination.
The customer service played a trick asking me to change the passwords from time to time but the problem persisted and they seemed to be reluctant to do anything about it.
I feel my money have been used beyond my will and I would warn everyone to keep out of MF Global!!!!
Some people say 90% are losing because they are not trading well or are amateurs. Don't believe this crap! I managed to do 7k in my first month and then it all melted down along with some massive losses and I am now bankrupt. MF Global did not sort out my problem but sincerely reassured that I was the only person (in their history) with such a problem. The manager appealed to me saying that they could not do anything and just offered to close my account.
I really regret having opened an account with them and I believe I should address this issue to the media.
White Rock, BC,
Mar 31, 2010,

If these guys can't make money trading themselves then they come after us to make profits. Trading currency is tough enough, we don't need to lose any edge by MF Global temporarily disconnecting us! It always happens when therer are bigger moves occuring in the tonight March 31 12:04 am PST. Garbage I say. In 1.5 months time, I will be moving to Toronto to open an account with MB Trading, goodbye MF.
Port Moody,
Jan 2, 2010,

OKAY - Big Change!!!
I just had a terrible night with good old FXCM. I had a trade with a 20-pip stop loss. The price never got to within 2 pips of the stop and guess what? My connection of the MFGlobal/FXCM server fails. This BTW has happened a number of times since I opened the account. This time, the server reboots. And bang!!!!!!!! I have been stopped out. The price I was stopped out on is NOT EVEN WITHIN THE WICK OF THE CANDLE!!! Translation: the stop never occurred. The price was not hit. I went to three separate forex charts to confirm this, including another MT4 account I have with a different brokerage. Guess what? DID NOT HAPPEN. Price did not hit my stop. Not even close.
Prognosis: Same old FXCM BS. I've heard about their brand of BS and have now smelled it up close and personal.
I am closing my account with MFGlobal. I'm sure they mean well, but this is a joke. The spead on EUR/USD is never below 2.5 pips. Yes, one can do better. Just not in BC it seems.
Don't bother with this place: Nice window-dressing for just another introduction to the thieves at FXCM!


Rob in Port Moody

2009-12-21 4 Stars Ok, here's my take. First off, I agree completely with everything said so far in the MFG reviews. I just opened an account a few weeks ago. My funds have cleared and I have downloaded the live MT4 terminal and begun trading.
Pros so far: Excellent customer service. They do what they say and there are no nasty surprises here. Everything is above board with full regulation. If you look at the CFTC page on broker liquidity, you will see MFGlobal has very deep pockets internationally. These guys are going nowhere. And they sincerely seem like they are interested in taking care of you.
Cons so far: Well I knew going in that the spreads were not exactly razor thin. But I'm trading a M15 template that can swallow up three or four pips in the spread and still be profitable. Honestly, I'm not thrilled with their association with FXCM. But barring that one thing, you are basically getting a stable MT4 platform with STP pricing. Yes, there is lower pricing. If IB ever got their crap together on the forex front, I'd trade with my old equities brokerage in a heartbeat. But without Metatrader, right now I'm happy to give MFGlobal a shot.
I will keep this thread updated with my findings. Like the common sentiment here: so far so good. MFGlobal appear to be one of the few brokers offering residents in Canada (particularly in BC where the regs are so tight) a decent alternative to the fantastic plethora of options available stateside. (If I lived an hour south of here, I'd sign up for MB's MT4 platform with ECN connection - but alas, that bloody 49th parallel!)

So far, I'm rating them a good. Will update after a month's activity.

-Rob in Port Moody
Oct 7, 2009,

I asked about learning FX trading. They asked if I had any trading experience. I said no and they told me to stay waway from trading. Don't get involved. Don't learn.

Good advise or were they just being jerks?
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