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Updated: Jan 18, 2015
3.243 · 11 REVIEWS
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foreximpact.com (Jason Fielder)

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3.243 · 11 REVIEWS
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Felix Hipolito,
Madrid, Spain,
Jan 2, 2012,

I decided to return Forex Arbitrage because I considered that I would have to use it intensively and that the right time for it would be when I retired in a year and a half.

They upgraded the software quickly and solved the issues it was having.

I attended his webinars for severel products and Jason was always professional and knowledgeable. When I asked for the refund they returned the money.

My opinion is that if you have the time to become a trader then his products are a great way to start. Test the products, give them a fair try and then decide, or you could also start part time and go from there, but in my case it was not possible because of my job schedule.

I will be back in a year an a half when I retire.
North Carolina,
May 24, 2010,

I purchased the Delphi Scalper and am unhappy with it. It is very slow to load and I have been able to prove to my satisfaction that the information it provides is inconsistent at best. How do you contact this scam artist? Does anyone have a phone number or legitimate e-mail address.
Iowa, USA,
Jan 21, 2010,

I purchased the Triad system by Jason Fielder. My gut feeling is he knows how to trade and wants to help others. I traded the triad and lost far more than my purchase price. The communications from them said you could return the materials within a time window that started when you installed the system. But, when I asked for a refund, they said I was outside the window and no refund was allowed. They had my credit card from the purchase, so two different times over approx. six months they initiated billing me for there signals, which were not working. I emailed Jason Fielder, and he said customer service should honor the refund if within the refund guidelines...but it did not happen. He relayed that the system made wrong calls the previous year for many months, but before the end of the year, made up all the losses, and closed in a profit. That I would have to trade much longer than a few months. I do not want to lose money for mulitiple months before turning a profit.
Because of this, I did not go to the sales webinars on his new products. I think, his products are improving, but I cannot trust him. My experience was all about losing money, while he made money. I wish I could get my money back, even now.
Doug Michaels,
Ruidoso, NM,
Dec 11, 2009,

I have recently purchased a copy of the Forex Point And Figure system and am extremely satisfied with it!

It took a bit of reading and video watching for me to understand how to use it the best with the patterns, but all in all, extremely well put together course. Simplistic in nature, but to be honest it has given me the most return in forex yet!

I ended up getting Jason's Correlation Code as well. My friend had triad for a while and I ended up kind of watching over his shoulder as i didn't have the funds to buy Triad at the time. But now I have a new job and a bit more money so I picked up Correlation. It took a little while for me to get the software working, I contacted the support a couple of times, but to my embarrassment the questions I was asking was already answered in a FAQ page. Well documented stuff.

Would I recommend Forex Impact to a friend? Definitely. I don't know what all the lower ratings are about. If one of their courses isn't for you, don't rate them low. They will give you a refund (I refunded Forex Executor Pro because I didn't use it as much as i thought i would). It seems to me they are simply trying to put as many helpful products out to try to cover everybody's interest. I love them, I don't care what anybody else says.

Daryl Osborne,
Surrey, BC Canada,
Jul 6, 2009,

I opted to purchase the Triad system around a month ago and give it an honest try. The package arrived fairly promptly and in good condition, well packed. Esthetically, the package looks very nice, with a well laid out manual and several discs (CD-ROMs) and bookcase type binder. I think they could have just released a single DVD with everything however, as the CD's are barely 1/4 full on each. Installation was not a problem and I was up and running very quickly. The bonus material was generous and the member's area videos are well done.

However, after all of that I have returned the course and have gotten a full refund with no hassles. Good customer service overall. During the time I tested the methods on my demo account, I determined that the strategies do not have a high win ratio and the one that does seem to work more often than not is his Target Breakout strategy. This may not be the case for others, but it was for me. Economically I could not justify a $2000 USD cost for such a basic system and something that looked to me that it was drawing arrows in the wrong direction many times. Again, this was my experience and may not be others but I think this package is way overpriced. It's unfortunate but at least they honored my return and we part ways amicably.

May 5, 2009,

Jason Fielder is a scam and in my opinion doesn't make money trading but by selling is completely BOGUS trading systems. I signed up for his training and followed rules exactly and nearly lost all of my money trading his system. I also paper traded it on other pairs other than dollar ones and lost on those too. The amount of money you lose by signing up to his system is nothing compared to the money you'll lose trading it. I'm referring to his Triad System, pure garbage.
Feb 12, 2009,

Stumble across Forex Impact while I was looking for Point and Figure strategy. Enjoy the daily video very much and managed to grow my account 30% in 1 month.

The only problem now is while I do not mind paying monthly fee for the amazing service, I've finished almost everything on their site..While I understand it takes time to test strategies, the last trading lab update was 2 months ago, apart from the weekly update and daily premium info on Gaps and pivot strategy which I've mastered, I am not sure if it is worthwhile to stay on..

Anyone have experienced on the triadformula that Jason has launched?
Mara Dall,
Queensland, Australia,
Jun 20, 2008,

I got the 3 initial strategy reports, which were quite reasonably priced (strategy for trading weekly gaps, and a breakout strategy) and soundly researched. However, it turned out that they continued to deduct monthly amounts from my credit card (there was in fact something in the very small print about this) for regular emails on the breakout levels. They were a bit nasty about refunding the monthly debits when I requested it, though I did in the end get my money back. The advertised forum and articles were a bit of a non-event.
Oli Robinson,
New Zealand,
Sep 18, 2007,

I am part of the FX insiders club. This is Jason's hands off service where you get a few reports and are left to your own devices. I would highly recommend. The reports are gold, some very good strategies to help you on your way. There is not a lot of basic training so some prior knowledge of forex is definitely required.

The only drawback is that it still appears to be in its infancy. Some of the services advertised in his marketing are pretty much non-existent which is a touch deceptive. Overall though the information is gold, and for the price I highly recommend.
Jul 3, 2007,

I subscribed to their free trial service and emailed almost immediately to tell them not to activate a full membership once the free trial had expired. They ignored this, (or 'overlooked' my email,) and have been debiting my c.card for the last 2 months. Not happy. Cannot review their signal service as I didn't use it.