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Updated: Jul 24, 2016
2.842 · 4 REVIEWS
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2.842 · 4 REVIEWS
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Steven Stegar,
Zurich, Switzerland,
Jul 12, 2015,

I have taken personal training from Kiran Kumar and I find it the best. I am a banker and I thought I know everything about financial markets. He changed my whole perspective about Capital markets. Though he trained me only in forex trading, the knowledge I gained will help me in equity trading too. I have read so many ebooks on trading but his book is simple and the best. Certainly I recommend.
Mysore, India,
Jun 23, 2014,

Have been working for the company since 4 years. Many clients have lost money. Many have made money too. But never ever a client was promised assured returns. Is there any fund manager on earth with 100% success rate? Comapny doesn't have a system of showing trading statements. Company never had a client by name Ronit or Jake Lewis. Do you guys have a system of verifying if the review is true or not? Or anybody who is jeolous can post anything? As far as I know our clients who have lost money are still in friendly terms with us. Many of them have re invested.

Review Moderation Team Note; Both of the reviews you question were left long before you say you began working for the company. Reviewers often use pen names. You admit that many clients have lost money, so how can you be so certain the reported experiences are not true?

Review moderation is not a perfect process. A few fake reviews will slip through. A few real reviews will get deleted. We are convinced that the vast majority of reviews shown at the FPA are from real clients.
Keshav Swamy ,
Nov 17, 2010,

I have attended many forex seminars and only one seminar I found genuine was the one given by Kiran Kumar. Most of the companies speak only about profits but he is the only guy to explain real truth about forex business. I have lost in Forex too, but due to my own mistakes. One must read his book to judge if he is genuine or not instead of going through fake posts
Nov 21, 2008,

kiran kumar is big fraud, i know him very well.

he eats other people money. he dont even know what is forex and his bulls*** signals are sucking. he tarded my
account and lost all in just one month full $3000.00

He even dont know money management, i can even show my the full account report and also the copy of LPOA.

I'll only say he is son of b****.

Jake Lewis,
Jan 7, 2008,

Bad sales tactics. lied about their record, conveyed wrong messages, when signed up, lost all my money following these signals. same happened to all my friends months down the line.

When I asked what the problem was, they started to swear and tell me to piss off. Because my account was bust, They enjoyed eating my money and then when i had nothing left, they told me to piss off.

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