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Updated: Feb 6, 2017
1.893 · 6 REVIEWS
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1.893 · 6 REVIEWS
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Aug 10, 2014,

The service is not real, real performance is completely different than what they showing on their website. the real performance is really bad. save your money and don't even try it.
, Italy,
Feb 23, 2014,

They are absolutely scammer.
Simply they claim false performance, few and poor signals.
As you can read somewhere else, they try to justify their poor performance (buy the upgrade plan ecc:), mine is "your carrier cannot receive all sms, it's not our fault".
Don't be fooled by pipwizard, save your money!
Tudela, Spain,
Feb 16, 2014,

I bought EUR alerts service (the cheapest) with them last January. I received just two signals. Both failured, with a total loss of 100 pips. The updated performance for that month in their web was 412 pips! I have tried to contact them to kwow in detail their trading journal. Till today, no answer. These are facts, no personal opinion.
Peter Gibney,
UK, United Kingdom,
Nov 8, 2011,

There are very few reviews about this signal providor but the results looked good so I gave it a try. I signed up for the EuroAlerts which is the cheapest one which gives only EUR/USD alerts based on the FXpro system. In one month I received to texts. Both I can only assume to be stop orders because the entry price was one that was 30-50pips away from the price when it was sent, and it was a price that hadn't been achieved that day. So I put them on as stop orders. Both hit SL taking my monthly total to around -180pips. On the website the month of October stated that the EUR element of the FX pro achieved over 300pips. I contacted the them through there website (it took three attempts to contact them and four weeks before a reply) and the response was basically you pay for what you get and if you pay for the more expensive system you'll get better results. The guy was pretty abrupt and non helpful or responsive. He couldn't even confirm or deny the results on his website. If anyone else has any other experience here I would be pleased to hear it. At present i think its basically a scam and have yet to be proved different.
May 29, 2009,

I paid $250 (that's the monthly fee) for their swing trade alerts on my real account. Lost 40 pips on the first trade. Avoided their second recommendation and dodged a loss of 60 pips. Then, I got no more signals for almost a week. They had no performance records at this time and when I asked for a refund, they denied it and then stopped my signals anyway. I would rate them a SCAM, but hey, maybe their other cheaper services work better.
Fabio ,
Feb 9, 2008,

I traded their service "Euro Alerts" with real money on last month of January and the 150 pips they report in the Performance page on the web site for Eur/Jpy pair have been really achieved! During next March they should re-activate also their other service "PRO Fx Alerts" that send out signals on five pairs, including Eur/Jpy. So far, very honest and reliable service for my "live" experience with them.