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Updated: Jul 21, 2016
2.339 · 25 REVIEWS
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2.339 · 25 REVIEWS
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chicago, USA,
Jul 20, 2016,

waste money terrible site there numbers dont match there wins biggest scam the sec close them down.
New York, USA,
Nov 11, 2015,

New ownership at Millennium Traders is now in place as of this past monday. On the stock board I was told there is a new algorithm used by only Market Makers for the past 9 years. I have been watching every trade for the past 3 days and almost every one has been a green trade. I think I will put some money in later this week and start trading with it. I was actually very impressed with the calls that I witnessed and now I plan to make some money with the new team
New York, USA,
Oct 23, 2014,


1. They don't honor their stops ( they claim that it was a small print on the tape) so it did not hit their stop...

2. They call the trades when the stock already made a move and put the entry price at least .30 in their favor

3, They trade low volume stocks with ridiculous spreads

Jeannie Ogline,
Florida, USA,
Oct 14, 2014,

Statement from Hadley are 100% false and defamatory. We are in the process of bringing a lawsuit against him. We request you remove his comments immediately.

Review Moderation Team Note: Please let us know the outcome of your court case against him.
Dr. handley,
Mass, USA,
Aug 19, 2014,

I observed over 100 trades in real time, I saw:
Phantom trade records: records posted at night from trades hidden by day.
Trade record discrepancies: favorable discrepancies to what price I actually observed in real time when BUY/SELL statements were posted vs. that which was subsequently logged in as the official track record.
False Statements: regarding Performance Futures Tracking on inability to call live trades, false statements on internet speed.

Based on all that I observed, which includes false statements, all vendor/no trader position, unworthy sales tactics, phantom performance records, I strongly recommend avoiding Millennium Traders.

My results are published:
Jeannie Ogline,
Florida, USA,
Jul 14, 2014,

In response to Martin, Arizona...The last email we got from him was that he was living under a bridge after losing all his money, his home and Internet from his trading. Disgruntled workers can be the worst reviewers, proven fact.

Yes we do own an adult entertainment site WaveSideEntertainment.com which is part of the $50 billion a year sex industry - a diversification of income for us. We are unaware of it being a crime to diversify ones income.

Yes, we did recommend his wife to WaveSide Entertainment for a job - they needed a way to make money since they were going to lose their home. Desperate times call for desperate measures - we did not mean to offend them, the suggestion was made in an attempt to help them from losing their home.
ARizona, USA,
Nov 22, 2013,

I was a moderator for MillenniumTraders for almost 2 years. No longer. I was scammed out of my last month's pay for not giving them 3 months advance notice. My internet was shut off. How do I give 3 months advance notice of that? Further, THANK YOU to the many people who enjoyed my honesty in the rooms, made some money off of my calls, (Which were NEVER front run), and the trading ideas we discussed to make us all better. However, without being paid as agreed to, I was banned from the service, and no longer permitted to make calls. As a matter of fact, both Jeannie and Barry suggested that my wife and I sign up for their Adult web sites and perform as that would make us each an extra $1500 or so during our financial difficulty. Are you KIDDING ME??? Here are people who purportedly made millions over the years, and they tell me to consider stripping for them to make some extra money? Now, I cannot vouch for other moderator's, but yes, some of the calls made that I witnessed were extremely suspicious in nature and often made me wonder what they were thinking when they made the calls. Especially Jeannie, in my opinion has no business making calls as most of them were near the end of runs and either got stopped out, or one was left holding a huge position for hours hoping, waiting and wondering if it would ever come back into profit. If anyone wants to see supporting documents such as e-mails as well as statements, I have the proof. This is a company that shows 55-60 people in the rooms during trading hours, but I have the proof, that at no time during the almost 2 years that I was there, were there any more than maybe 6 paying subscribers at any time in any of the rooms. I cannot tell you how many times I was private messaged by subscribers who explained to me that the only reason they were there was because they appreciated my honesty and good calls. I can only hope that since I left, that my friends in the rooms had gained enough knowledge through my tutelage and education, that they could afford to make their trades on their own and get out of this overpriced and thoughtless organization. They do not deserve your hard earned money.
chicago, USA,
Jun 6, 2013,

scam just throw out trades in the room not worth money anyone could do this room stay away over price there results are false
Dec 6, 2012,

They are one of the best out there. Been with them now going on 2 years.

Review Moderation Team Note; 5 Star rating removed.

This review came from inside the offices of Millennium Traders.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.
Singapore, Singapore,
Oct 8, 2012,

I have only been with them 1 day starting yesterday on 1 wk free trial. Its true that they make delayed calls, may not be based on actual price movement. But when I go back to the charts and look at the 1hr chart and compared to when the call was make, the price is within the range between opening, closing, high, low. But coz they make delayed call, the price may have "run" off, so they already warned u to not chase a trade, as there will be many more trades that day. Its more prudent to close a profitable trade when u determine the profits before hand, eg, 20pips with tight stop loss of abt 30pips (thats what the moderators use).

My issue was the time factor, coz 8am their time is abt 8pm my time, and staying awake till abt 12midnight is really tough for me. I was done by 10pm my time (which is abt 10am their time). I did make a small profits when Marty calls consider taking some profits on audusd pair, and was breakeven for audjpy coz I used trailing stop loss and got taken out by trailing stop levels.

I was following dutifully for all the 4 trades that I did as per Marty's call, and the price did reached those levels that are posted. I fact I got in at abt same price for audusd, or abt 3-4 pips away from their first uptick/downtick winner alert call for that currency pair. But coz of different price feeds due to different brokers, it is usually price will have run off, even when the minute moderator makes the call. This is the world of forex trading, especially if u are doing spot forex.

For those who want to do daily trading, millennium may not be for u, and its better to stick to other signal providers that have good reputation. Or choose a signal provider with good reputation that also provides copy trader, especially for customers who live overseas like me. Its easier on your eyes (due to time differences), literally! Imagine trying to trade a fast moving spot forex while trying not to fall asleep. LOL!

All in all, I still felt that Millennium is honest, as throughout the call session, the prices did reached the uptick/downtick winner alert levels, just when u close/open a trade is your control and responsibility.

I wont be subscribing forward after the trial, but I just want to correct some inaccuracies and unfairness on Millennium. The web site, already warned that u cannot "copy" their exact results and that forex meant that price always moved fast and that u are responsible for opening/closing/managing their own trades

My reason for not going ahead with full subscription is coz of the time factor and I have a better signal provider which does daily trading signals, which is better for me, coz I only need to set the trades up at 8am my time (which is 8pm their time) and wait and watch and update daily stop loss

Forex trading is not for everyone, and the risks involved may be too high for everybody. It is best to have a demo acct and trade on that first for at least 3-6mths before committing further