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Updated: Sep 29, 2014
2.814 · 21 REVIEWS
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2.814 · 21 REVIEWS
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Ljubljana, Slovenia,
Jun 13, 2014,

They close the platform for trading during the news. No problems with withdrawal, just high fee for transfer...
Munich, Germany,
Apr 19, 2013,

They are really pushing the prices near stops as they like and as it never is in reality. They are really scammers. Never trade with them.
May 1, 2011,

I have been with them since 2009 and unfortunately had quite a few problems with them at the begining and stoped using them for 6 months, however i started using them two months ago and so far I have seen a marked improvment and everything is good and the spreads tight , even in ther Asian secession the spreads remain good, and only start opening up when the market is volatile
Nov 11, 2010,

Update: after about six calls speaking to four different staff they put me through to the manager who reviewed the trade and concluded the winning trade was valid. Have now been credited with the winnings so retract my previous negative review.

2010-11-03 01:01 1 Star Sad to say this company is up to no good. (Note this trade was on dealer referral so they can't say I got a price that they didn't approve of) Took a long on EUR/USD at 1.4020 at 18:16:39pm just after NFP. Price went all the way up to 1.4181 and I closed the position at 1.4167. Next thing my account is showing the closing price was at 0.7058 giving me a 6962 pip loss!!! Rang them up and they admitted the trade closing price was incorrect and they'd search the time and sales to give me the price when the trade was closed at 18:17:42. According to my T/S was somewhere between 1.4135-45.
Next thing I see they've closed the position at -15 pips loss which they say was triggered by the stop. Called them again and they're now saying they will reverse the loss but can't give me the winning trade because they can't give customers the price they wanted. I asked them to just give me the price on their time and sales at the time the trade was closed... and they can't do it because er... no reason... they just can't. 30 min later the price is back to my entry and they're saying I would have been stopped out eventually... and they don't know when I would have closed it so can't give me a price??? hello the position was already closed at 18:17:42 which is time stamped. That aside have made +1500 pips out of them so can't complain but clearly if you are profitable they will start to gun you starting with being placed on dealer referral. Any recommendations for an honest broker?
Black Bird,
London UK,
Jun 13, 2010,

I have been using Capital Spreads since November 2009. Their customer service is as good as it can be their platform very easy to use and the spreads relatively tide - $ / € only 1 pip. I compared my results with the results of www.fxmaster.net, the company, which I get the signals from, and they are identical so I do not agree that CS is moving the prices artificially to close stops as some people mentioned on this forum. I give them 5 stars without hesitation.
Nov 12, 2008,

The most dishonest spreadbetting company by FAR. They consistently steal client funds by artificially moving their prices, with no corresponding movement in the real market, to knock out stops of their gullible clients. They are, quite simply, thieves. Use them at your own risk.
Paul Stephenson,
Sep 8, 2008,

been with CS for around 5 months now. I have found them to be ace most of the time other than sometimes when there is a data release in the underlying market causing a spike or slip. Then the execution of trades may be delayed or rejected and this is frustrating. However, I know that stops/orders are not guaranteed however due to market movements BUT almost all of my stops/orders have to date been executed at my requested level which is ace, and you don't have to pay for them like other brokers!

When contacting Customer Support I find them to be very knowledgable, efficient, friendly and happy to help as much as possible including offering full refunds and re-instatement into trades if they are at fault!!

I have an IG and CMC account which although perhaps more robust have poorer spreads, average customer support and because of this I only now really use my CS account.

Defo give them ago!
Vips & Man,
Jun 20, 2008,

I'm with capital spreads since 2 yrs.This platform format is very easy to understand but while trading it will show an error saying check your position it may open also geting hang or breakdown while trading and the big hit is last week when i made 1500 pound on one trade they took it off that money from my account saying i entered in the trade on wrong price.i couldn't understand the reason they give me that i enetered at wrong price? i gave up from my side after following several times as there is no anaswer from this company.its big cheating with me,like robbery in day light.this company is c*** with no good customer services.i closed my account now.you guys be aware
Graham Cad,
Jan 18, 2008,

I have been using capitail spreads for just over a year, most of the negative reviews I do agree with noteably breakdowns do occur quite frequently I mainly use the site for it's simplicity and the spreads do seem to be one of the lowest. A word OF WARNING though do not use the open postions page to CLOSE your positions as their is a descrepancy that always goes against you,use the buy and sell to close any open postions.
John Burford,
Jan 15, 2008,

CSpreads confirmed a reduced stop loss level with me on screen and then in email.Then they closed me out at a higher position.
They admitted that their system was at fault but then hid behind their terms & conditions and said market had moved before I changed my level.All very nice on the phone but I cannot have any confidence in a company that treats its customers like this and hides behind T&C.
Their mistake my loss...Fair?
If my experience becomes the norm CSpreads won't be in business too long........