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Updated: Aug 21, 2018
2.496 · 226 REVIEWS
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StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
Steinitz HAS MTF-0.8567.7-43.794
Fractal Pterodactyl Robot-4.9717.2-58.406

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2.496 · 226 REVIEWS
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Aug 8, 2018,
Registered user

FRT Bots Review 2018

Hello all,

I recently purchased Odin, Ganon, and Vader EA's and then received 3 free (HAS MTF, HAS Directional, and Fractal Indicator<not running yet.)

I've run all 5 robots for 2 weeks on pairs with low spreads and I'm having mixed results, but some noticeable profit. I've been in contact with customer support and they have actually sent me 5 sets designed for my specific setup, which is nice of them, but may just be stringing me along, guess we'll see...

Based on a recent post here on FPA about using Odin to scalp, I'm running that EA with 14 pairs with the lowest spreads on a 5M with 5SL and 5TP. I've actually had mostly all little winners the past couple days when I started this strategy.

I'm curious to hear any "CURRENT" feedback from the FRT users out there on what strategies/bots you're using and your feedback overall as there hasn't been much talk about these guys lately. I'm completely aware these are not perfects bots, Don is deceased, and the account statements are probably false (given they have all winners on their website LOL). Does anyone have any custom sets they are willing to share? Any tips or would you just like to connect and talk FRT? Let me know - PM me!

Texas, USA,
Aug 7, 2018,
Registered user

trying it out live

Been utilizing the free robot for some time now and just moved up to the premium Ganon ea in June. Modified with two settings: 1) "hyper" mode is turned on; 2) running on 1 hour time frame. Last 14 days are a +$850 NET gain after losses which I expected TBH from a .5 lot size. The bigger picture:

Working and profitable for 36 days
Good documentation - manual is spotless with pictures and full setting breakdown
Good assistance & no extra charges yet
Worked with my US broker forex.com out of the box (you know, fifo)
Templates, indicatiors, and ea files came with it

License - I have 3 live accounts but each purchase allows for only ONE!!!!
Install - botched this up and put files in the wrong place, but support helped fix it
Site - I never get the license email messages to change my accounts. Support has to send me a connection

Before my purchase I talked with a rep over 4-5 days with questions and got help with the free robot. big factor in my purchase!
Mississuaga, Canada,
Aug 4, 2018,
Registered user

I just bought ODIN and back tested it ... it actually loses money over a period of time ....

i am wondering is any setting in mt4 i have to do in EA o ....

over all experience on performance of EA .. i am very disapointment .... even though result/profile at the website shown at pretty awome .....dont think the search is over yet/.. i would request for money back
indiana usa, USA,
Aug 2, 2018,

odin successes as scalper

they dont offcialy have a scalper ea but we using odin as a sclaper on 5 minute with a 5 pip tp and sl. we have low spreads ecn and since six weeks running live i see profits each week. only trading majors no oil or gold. i had broker error and these folks helped on a weekend at 9 at night! good ea software to use
Jul 26, 2018,
Registered user

This EA just doesn't work.
I try many broker on VPS with recommanded five pairs:

don't work !

Don't loose your money !
California, USA,
Jun 28, 2018,
Registered user

The smoking gun of fake orders

I bought the Vader. Of course, it is not profitable consistently as shown on website. I followed the supposed trades published by vendor on website. Then, I was able to see the exact nature of this scam. I got screenprints that show vendor closes supposed trades in profit even though the real market price was very far (over 30 pips away).

I wrote to vendor and received emails with a lot of blah-blah-blah. The truth is that vendor opens trades on a dumb terminal and can close them at will for fake profit.
Reply by FRT Support submitted Jun 30, 2018:
Hi Joao! We're sorry you feel that way. As mentioned previously, server time zones are different from broker to broker. Some brokers server time is GMT, others are GMT-5, etc. These differences are in hours and need to be accounted for when you try and line up prices on your own charts. What you refer to as "blah-blah-blah" is simply the concept of timezones and server offset.

It should be noted you also did not believe an order's SL could surpass its open price. This is called a protective stop (i.e. jumping stop, trailing stop) and is used by professionals to protect pips when an order is still open and progressing profitably.

Regardless, we are still dedicated to each and every customer and would be happy to help you with any issues you are having. Please reply to any of the unanswered emails we sent you last month whenever you have a chance!

Newark, New Jersey, USA,
Mar 21, 2018,

The only person that answered to my inquiries

I am the sort of fellow that still goes to physical stores for the customer service. Having somebody who can help me with questions or a buy choice is important to me. Most brokers and ea creatorss have horrendous help or no help at all. Trust me I was purchasing from the meta trader store for but most robots in there was either a trick, a copy of an old software, or there was no help offered.

I don't know how I discovered Don's site. A Youtibe video perhaps. I was awed with the expert feel of their site and the interface. You can very quickly tell there is care, thought, and time put into it. So I utilized their get in touch with us to make my inquiries about Vader versus Odin and see what I got. Amazingly I got an answer following day! Remember I hadn't purchased yet.

Several emails later I am currently running Vader and HAS on Forex.com broker. I have received FRT free help to fix a bunch of problems that were the result of my inexperience. I was overtrading. In my emails they cautioned about overtrading, starting small, helping me choose a lot size, and a virtual server.

Both experts are making consistent profit weekly. HASMTF does have some draw down sometimes but it is a brilliant piece of software.

In short: Happy customer
Oklahoma City, USA,
Feb 28, 2018,

its working well at traders choice

odin is loaded up and running profit on trader choice broker installed on vps, up about $900 using minis for two weeks so i am happy!!! have not used the free hedge robot i got with it yet but i am looking forward to that - A++++ EA so far guys
Gujarat, India,
Feb 17, 2018,
Registered user

Vijay Pate

He Odin Robot is Big Scam it Please do not buy any one
it not working it loosing out account
I have buy these and not working from last 19 day
even not earn 1$
Reply by FRT Support submitted Jun 30, 2018:
Hi Vijay! Unfortunately I couldn't locate any purchases based on your username shown here. If you did purchase our software, you know that support is always free and we'd be happy to look into any issues you had! We look forward to hearing from you.

Feb 1, 2018,
Registered user

Ganon Forex Robot Trader is the bad EA.I have draw down more than 80% of use Ganon EA Forex Robot Trader.EA of Forex Robot Trader not make money and not makes profit but makes loss.

Dec 10, 2017 - 1 Star Bad EA I loss more than 20% in 5 day and more than 50 % loss in 5 day EA not makes profit but makes loss 50% in 5 day not same http://www.forexrobottrader.com/results/Ganon%20Robot/2017/12-2017.htm is very scam
Reply by FRT Support submitted Jun 30, 2018:
Hi Jomopon! I'm sorry but I couldn't find a purchase from you based on your username. If you have purchased our software please contact us at support so we can resolve the issues you mention in your review. Support is always free and we're standing by. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

FRT support