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Updated: Dec 11, 2018
2.403 · 241 REVIEWS
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StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
Steinitz HAS MTF-0.8567.7-43.794
Fractal Pterodactyl Robot-4.9717.2-58.406

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2.403 · 241 REVIEWS
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Jose gutierrez,
Iowa, USA,
Nov 21, 2018,


pleasant service and great experience to date. i am impressed with the effectiveness of their suggestion to switch from my old broker to an ecn - it has been night and day even for manual trades. vader and odin running solid for 3.5 weeks now

do urself a favor - ditch that shady broker for green pastures
Washington St, USA,
Nov 21, 2018,
Registered user

No SUCCESS from this company

I have not seen a single benefit of anything this company offers.

I have bought and ran robots in demo accounts and not seen any benefit other than wasted time and money.

Only thing I have learned is how a company can sell products -- even bad ones
ohio, USA,
Nov 12, 2018,
Registered user

Very grateful

It seems like each time I interact with them I learn new things. I was very green as they come when I found dons site. No idea about meta trader and brokers. That feels so long ago now and I am much more confident thanks to him and his staff and his bots.

Right now I own four ea and an looking to eventually get more. Seeing profit in demo and live using a mix of currencies with the equity bot playing manager to the other three. I wanted to give them a shout out on here and say thanks
Aaron Green,
Nov 10, 2018,

repeat customer -

bought hedge some years ago, maybe 2010. got burned by a bad broker so i left forex in total. i'm back now with odin and have had very good trades so far with my broker forex.com in the usa.

i email with don's support crew at least two maybe three times a week because i'm transitioning into a dedicated vps and moving things over. no problems or long delays. i plan to buy more next week
Vienna, Austria,
Nov 8, 2018,

Odin is May be Scam !!!!

I bought the Odin EA yesterday and tried on back test, it is complete failure by using default setting, tried many ways to adjust setting but same losing result.
I send them help request to provide working setting, request ID (1802). they answer that request is received but no further helpful respond, sent several reminder not reaction from them.
I am waiting for their respond ;-(
for now not Recommended
Sydney, Australia,
Nov 8, 2018,
Registered user

Honest advise and review: Horrible EA

Experience in demo on Odin (if I've spelt the name correct, else I don't care):
1. Doesn't live upto any of the expectations that's being advertised. More losses than profits.
2. Hopeless customer care service; basically no one cares what your problems are. I've been chasing them to ask them why it's not living upto the expectations but bloody no one responds.
Honestly I feel cheated of my money.
I advise anyone reading my post they are better off not falling into trap.
gabriel calhoun,
texas, USA,
Nov 7, 2018,

time will tell all

7 days into my reall account journey and no bad experience to mention. i did have a problem downloading my software byt it was because my emails was going to spam on my end... waiting for more time to pass before making a final judgemant but i do see upshoots of growth
Craig Herron,
Colorado, USA,
Oct 21, 2018,

Not as bad as some led me to believe

Lots of very strong opinions on these guys I see! I speak only for myself because I insist on trying things out firsthand.... which I have done. In mid September we got odin and ran it with a forex.com live account. It has gained profits and the software is a win so far. They have averaged about 1 day for help desk requests - very timely. No regrets whatsoever.
Ron Hegg,
Illinois, USA,
Oct 14, 2018,

when you need someone they are there

i buy all of these over summer:

i start with small mini account and use all of them on all pairs - bad idea i use all my margin and get margin called. we adjusted everything and much better result. only 10 currency split up between bots. showing positive trades. satisfied and thank to them - especially from me a total new guy!
Oct 12, 2018,
Registered user

FRT = 100% SCAM

You smell that? Smells like ****!


If you read nothing more than this sentence, please stop and reevaluate your need to give money to his scam company. DON'T DO IT! I have nothing positive to say about FRT but hopefully I can convince you to save your hard earned money after reading this honest and very blunt review.

Remember traders, money saved is money earned!


1. The positive reviews below are all fake and probably written by the poorly paid FRT goons in their mother's basement. If these robots really performed the way they claim on their website, we'd all be rich and retired. Just check out the grammar, spelling, logical use of words, ideas, etc..

2. FRT "Tech Support" has been a complete waste of my time. They responded back (days/weeks later) with the most illogical and beat around the bush responses they could possibly fathom. Obviously, they copy and paste from client to client as I had a family member who purchased the same bots, had the same negative experience with the same miserable results, and also the same BS tech support responses.

3. None of these robots (6 in all) were profitable over the course of 2-3 months, forward testing on demo accounts (Oanda) as well as backtesting. Very poor results - absolutely pathetic! I used every recommendation and "custom set" (LOL, sorry it's just funny now) they sent me, but with no avail, I had generated no profit, mostly all losses and crazy drawdown.

4. The fractal indicator is also complete trash as the signals it generates are misleading and 99% useless.


6. NO UPDATED MANUALS, VIDEOS, TUTORIALS, REAL PEOPLE TEACHING YOU HOW TO RUN THESE BOTS, NOTHING BUT TOTAL ****. Steinitz apparently has passed away or maybe just fled to some rural beach town living out his wildest dreams with the money he made from selling this bogus ****.

In summary: I'm a total skeptic now when it comes to trading using robots that you can buy online. However, after much research, googling, and review reading, I was able to find another (real) robot that actually works and is profitable! I also ramped up my manual trading style, simplified my edge, and now make way more per day than any robot I've seen. Oh yeah, and I developed a custom template that beats Stenitz all day like a little bitch!

I'd like to close with a special message to FRT, Don Steinitz, whoever the **** reads this from their miserable company: KARMA IS A ***** AND THAT ***** DON'T LOVE YA!

Happy trading,

Aug 8, 2018 - 3 Stars Hello all,

I recently purchased Odin, Ganon, and Vader EA's and then received 3 free (HAS MTF, HAS Directional, and Fractal Indicator<not running yet.)

I've run all 5 robots for 2 weeks on pairs with low spreads and I'm having mixed results, but some noticeable profit. I've been in contact with customer support and they have actually sent me 5 sets designed for my specific setup, which is nice of them, but may just be stringing me along, guess we'll see...

Based on a recent post here on FPA about using Odin to scalp, I'm running that EA with 14 pairs with the lowest spreads on a 5M with 5SL and 5TP. I've actually had mostly all little winners the past couple days when I started this strategy.

I'm curious to hear any "CURRENT" feedback from the FRT users out there on what strategies/bots you're using and your feedback overall as there hasn't been much talk about these guys lately. I'm completely aware these are not perfects bots, Don is deceased, and the account statements are probably false (given they have all winners on their website LOL). Does anyone have any custom sets they are willing to share? Any tips or would you just like to connect and talk FRT? Let me know - PM me!