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Jon Levine
Updated: Feb 2, 2024

What is Strategic Trading Systems?

Strategic Trading Systems is a forex training company founded by Jon Levine, offering 4 trading program as following to help traders learn how to trade forex.

  • New Forex Personalized Mentoring Program
  • Forex Scalping Trading System and Mentoring Program
  • Forex Day Trading System and Mentoring Program
  • Forex Midterm and Long Term Trading Systems and Mentoring

Please read Strategic Trading Systems Reviews below and share your learning experiences with this forex coach.

4.624 • 121 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of Strategic Trading Systems

Ontario, Canada,
Jan 5, 2023,
Registered user

Did not provide what I signed up for

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
Bought the course in August with mentorship and daily emails and trading room.
I was told immediately after paying that trading room has been closed. I was okay with that but noticed that he would simply send daily email with couple of trade entries every day marking the bottom and top of the range. I bet he didn’t trade those himself. His screenshots of his MT4 always showed $300.
Then he stopped sending emails citing health issues again.
Since I didn’t receive any response, I asked for mentorship and was asked to pay again. I gave them the invoice and again no response.

Don’t fall for it.
Perth, Australia,
May 3, 2022,

If you don't mind staring at a computer screen.

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I got the sclaping and the FFE program. There is potential to make big profit's with a big lot-size and a tight stop loss using his system. Unfortunately you need to be at your computer for the European and New York Session's. Due to having to be at your computer it is high stress and possibly not for me.
Peter BH
São Paulo, Brazil,
Mar 9, 2020,
Registered user

A whole way of looking at price

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
I've started the FFE program in July 2019, then took Scalping and Midterm. Last month I took the Personalised Mentoring.

Each program builds on the other and are all very impressive.
I was skeptical to begin with, but got a nice surprise right form the start with all the great material I was getting.

In FFE, Scalping and Midterm you receive an initial e-book to study (plus a lot of other good stuff, you'll see) and when you are ready, Jon starts sending the daily charts with the valid entries.

The rules are relatively simple and the material is very complete but it is not just a "do this, check that box" kind of system is is a whole way of looking at price. So it really is like trying to learn a new language or how to play an instrument. It takes time for your brain to get used to all the information and start doing something consistently meaningful. Be patient.

The personalised mentoring takes it to a whole other level. It happens over 20 very intense trading days where Jon will review every single trade you take. It has made ALL the difference for me. Many doubts that you didn't even know you had and hidden psychological biases start showing up, and Jon goes out of his way using all his experience to figure out a way to help you solve these problems. During the program you also go deeper in the system details, the relationship between the techniques, and so much more.

I just advise you not to try the contest the entries on the charts in the beginning. There will be some entries/exits that will leave you wondering, but with time you'll understand the nuances of the system, and things will make sense.

Another thing worth mentioning is that, as the markets keep on changing (volatility, patterns etc.), Jon is always testing, adapting and improving the system while maintaining the initial sound base, so that it reflects the actual moment and not something invented long time ago that just stayed frozen in time.

If you can get FFE, Scalping and Midterm and specially the personalised mentoring, go for it! It will be a journey you won't regret. Best decision I've made!!
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Maidenhead, United Kingdom,
Aug 6, 2019,
Registered user

System works !

Service use: Demo Length of use: 3-6 Months
Not a fan of writing many reviews... but genuine credible courses needs honest feedback specially when majority of courses in market lack quality....

Been with Jon for around 3 months now.. I have been trading FFE regular since then. All I can say is that systen works. Its a pure price action based system and takes time to absorb and understand the system. Even the simple looking rules of system have indepth technical reasoning behind it which could only be understood over time. I am averaging 70-80 pips a week on FFE. This is including the mistakes I do to use my own rules, which I shouldnt.

Love Jon's dedication to answer all question within 24 hrs ( some silly & non sensical questions are addressed with patience too). He is an excellent mentor to be with. THANKS JON !

I am now learning scalping and mid-term strategies and plan to add it to bouquet soon.

I plan to be back here to write up a follow up review in another 4 months time. Hope it helps..
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Florida, USA,
Sep 18, 2018,

My 1st month review in the program...

I have a background in trading and the markets, so my learning curve is likely a bit faster than someone new to trading, or new to the Forex market for that matter. Here's my story with Jon's program...

About a month ago, I signed up for the FFE (Forex For Everyone) and Scalping programs, with mentoring for each. Jon recommended I start with FFE first, so I did that. Took a couple of weeks to read and re-read FFE a few times, watch video, as well as study/back-test the FFE strategy. Since then, have been demo trading FFE pretty much every day (New York AM session only) for the past 2 weeks.

Bottom-line, the system makes money, with a caveat...It works 'if', repeat 'if', you strictly follow Jon's rules. I didn't on a few trades, made up my own extra rule (or two) , forgot rules and winged it off memory rather than having written rules/plan/checklist in front of me. Nonetheless, errors on my part caused me losses and/or to not efficiently protect capital and/or missed getting more profits out of the trade. Moral of the story : Follow the rules exactly. DO NOT start to reinvent the wheel or 'add stuff', follow what Jon teaches and you'll be better off. Take your time, start to master Jon's rules, then discuss with Jon if you want to add/change something or look at it in a different perspective, of which Jon will give you honest candid feedback from his point of view.

For me, after 9 days of trading demo during the NY (8 am-12 noon EST) session, I'm up 8.29% (non-compounded) on equity , my max overall drawdown was 4.49% (silly mistakes, where I broke Jon's rules). Overall, 67% winners, or 2 out of 3 trades have been winners for me. My average winner is about the same size as the average loser, or an 1:1 ratio. My profit factor is 1.94. For me, these are solid results, considering I made some silly bone-headed mistakes, which is all a part of learning a new system I suppose.

So, after silly mistakes, system rookie errors and ego-issues on my part, I'm beginning to prove to myself that it works for me; and if I consistently follow Jon's rules my trading results should increase for the better. My ultimate goal is to rarely, if ever have a losing week with real money. Based on what I've seen from Jon, seen for myself, and personally done...I believe that it's quiet possible to be profitable almost every week. I cannot believe I am saying this, but if one truly masters the strategy(s), you may rarely have a losing day with REAL money. This is not an immediate, realistic goal, although eventually my emotions and mindset might allow that to happen in a living breathing market.

In closing, if you've been trading for any amount of time, during numerous market cycles and conditions, you know it's very rare to consistently be profitable on a weekly basis (or even monthly) with real money, or at least I'm yet to see evidence to dispute that fact. However, with what Jon teaches, this feat just might be possible. Remember, there's no such thing as a free lunch on the road to trading takes time, passion, commitment and patience on your you have that? If so, I say give Jon's program an honest and serious effort, you'll likely be glad you did.
Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom,
Dec 20, 2017,
Registered user

Highly recommend Strategic Trading systems.

I would like to leave this review in relation to the teaching methods used by Strategic Trading systems and also to help any prospective trader who is considering using Strategic Trading systems as a mentoring option.
I started trying to trade approximately 18 Months ago. I had prior to this read numerous books and participated in number of Forex trading training courses. The first 6 months of my trading were very unsuccessful and resulted in me losing money and becoming very despondent.
I by chance discovered Jon’s Strategic trading systems site and followed the recommend course approach which is completing the FFE course prior to the scalping and the personal mentoring course.
The documentation for the first two courses is very comprehensive. The Scalping course uses the techniques detailed in the FFE ebook which is why the FFE must be taken initially. Over the period course time trading Charts are sent to the students daily and Jon responds to any questions relating to the charts promptly answering any queries in detail.
The Personal Mentoring course which can be taken after completing the FFE and Scalping courses takes you to the next level of learning to trade successfully. Jon analyses the trades you have taken daily over the 4 week period and provides detailed feedback on why the trade went well or badly. Jon doesn’t pull any punches in his detailed feedback which initially you may think is harsh in relation to any loss making trades you have taken. However this approach really works and focuses your mind and helps eliminate any bad practices for future trades. Jon also helps to address any psychological issues which you will encounter and definitely impacted my trading initially. Jon is also quick to provide praise and positive feedback in relation to any well taken trades. The benefits of this approach taken are realised pretty quickly as you progress through the 4 weeks.
Over the 4 weeks that you participate in the Personal Mentoring course Jon provides a wealth of additional information, documentation and tips all of which help add to you becoming a better trader
I’ve taken the personal Mentoring course twice and I am now trading consistently in profit. The courses and mentoring provided are no Magic Bullet as the student will be required to put in a major amount of effort in relation to learning and following the system rules. Overcoming any psychological trading barriers requires a change of mind set by the student and will also be a definite challenge and require work.
I would highly recommend the courses and mentoring provided by Strategic Trading systems. The personal mentoring Course in particular is invaluable. If you are willing to put in the time and effort required there is no reason why you should not become a successful trader using the course material, comprehensive tools and mentoring provided by Strategic trading Systems

Good Luck in your trading
Kirkcaldy, Fife
Melbourne, Australia,
Jun 1, 2017,
Registered user

Well Spent - course fee return in first week ..

Hi All,
Just an update on my trading results after completed Personalized Mentoring course. I can confirm that I've already made profit in 1st week on my live trading more than I paid for the course , well spent, well worthy.. guys dont waste your time here and there.. Do the course with Jon.. I'm looking forward .. Regards JHasan

May 10, 2017 - 5 Stars Dear Jon and Readers,
Take my regards..
First of all “THANK YOU” so much for your kind time and mentoring me. This has been great experience and best Forex Journey which I was not able to find it anywhere in this world.

I remember you said wait for Setup to occur, it will show up when it is ready, I liked your comment on one your course text says "Market is your friend", I'm following that mindset.
“Market will give you when you respect the Market with patience and love.”

Jon will give you 100% of his effort to make sure you are learning and visualizing the Market as per his invented Rules and it work 100% if you follow.

I regret not to enrol with you last year when I first know about him from my Australian friend Zack who is now Professional trader.

Let me tell you something about me.
I’ve been Forex trading for 4 years now. I study for 1 year, subscribes to FXStreet, Forex Factory, Investing , Bloomberg, Babypips, you name it.
Probably I’ve browsed and read around 10,000 Forex Trading website in past 4 years, EURUSD, GBPUSD, GOLD, USDCAD, USDJPY.. analysis you name it.. I’ve spent lot of time on Forex Research..
I’ve spend lot of money to buy Forex EA , Robots, Automated Algorithmic trading, Forex Signal subscription, Forex Signal software like AbleSys now called WinTick ($2999 USD for 1 year license) Used PAMM service, given my Trading account to other traders to manage trade for me (eventually they wiped out my accounts) --- and guess what… these ALL FAILED in fast 4 years.

I took Forex training, watched Youtube video on Forex, tried “Learn to Trade” course which is like $10,000 USD course fee--- these all FAILED.. nothing worked.. mean time I’m broken, burden with Loans and eventual collapse with financial debts and I’m desperate to get success..

You will find any Talker just talk n talk . on Forex News Website and video, They call themselves Financial Analyst , Expert Forex Trader, Learn to Trade, You will see people writing Technical/Market/Fundamental Analysis on FXStreet, Investing .com, Bloomberg , Tradingview etc
Jon is the Master piece, you won’t see him talking ..He doesn’t earn from talking like others, he does real stuff, whats happening on the eye catching colorful Technical Charts, Indicators.

I tell you 1 thing, I found Jon and having “Personal Mentoring” with him for a minimum fee, which we would spend elsewhere in a week.

My journey started with a highly reliable experienced person I know is Forex world.
His brain worth millions of Dollar and he made it. I'm not exaggerating , it REAL

You will NEVER , EVER find a person like him in Forex world , who would walk you through a DEEPER Journey in this Trillion Dollar industry and He will teach you how to catch some Real GOOD trade to make $5000 per day or $500 per day..

You just need to Enroll with him and learn his rules and Get Personalized Training of 4 weeks.
He will give me books you will never find it in Bookshop, Amazon, Ebay, Goodreads or anywhere.
His books worth millions if you read it and follow the rules.. It hard reading around 4-6 weeks, like you do in Bachelor or Masters Degree and I’m Joking.

Take 5m FFE and 1m Scalping is BEST but do 5m FFE first which is foundation of 1m Scalping… and you are done..

PLEASE do not waste your time , shopping around all over Internet, No one will be able to TEACH you Forex like Jon, that what I’ve learned in a hard way after 4 years of research..

To Jon “You’ve opened my eyes to see Market, Price action behaviour and movement in a whole you way.” I wish you in best Health and Happy life”

Guys, I’ll give you some Live Account result in near future..

Good luck..
Thank you again..
Kind Regards
Jhasan, Melbourne, Australia
California, USA,
Dec 10, 2016,
Registered user

This System WORKS !

I wanted to leave my review of John's mentoring and his scalping trading system as I am very happy I chose him as my mentor .

I am new to Forex and have been learning to trade since April 2016. This is the second and LAST trading system I have tried . The other system was complicated and in 4 months I had gotten nowhere. I have been a student of John's for a little over 4 months now .

I am doing his scalping trading system . What I like is he has 4 different systems so you can chose the one that fits your personality or trading style . I like the scalping system since the risk is minimal and the trades are quick 30 min- 2 hour trades . There are no overnight open trades and you can work between 2-4 hours a day and make a great profit . This fits my needs as I am looking for a new career I can work part time so that I can dedicate my time to being a mother and wife .

His trading system is not automatic and unless you are just a natural , you will not be successful overnight . It took me about 1 month to start to grasp the concepts and start placing trades . Now 4 months in I am trading at 75% win ratio and every month I see improvement . Also the trades I lose , I can see where I made the mistake and can learn from it . The system even includes a very helpful excel sheet where you can track your trades and ratios . I am not where I need to be yet for certain but I am getting there . You will have to work hard but this system and John will provide the tools needed to be a success .

What attracted me to this system was the great reviews and low price . Now I can tell you John truly cared about his students . He answers every question and even goes out of his way to email you suggestions he can think of to help with any road blocks you may be facing. This trading system and Johns mentoring are going to change my life . I thought about waiting to be a successful trader before leaving my review but honesty I felt the need to leave a review now. I will update this review in a few months as well . If you want an inexpensive and easy system to learn , this is it . If you want a teacher who is dedicated to his students, you will find that in John!
California, USA,
Nov 20, 2016,
Registered user

Excellent, refreshing and REAL!

I wrote a testimonial here for Jon awhile ago, about some of his courses that I’ve taken over the years. My comments were positive then, and are even more positive now; I just finished his 4-week personal mentoring program, and feel that I’ve REALLY found my own trading power.

I chose to focus on his Scalping method as it made the most sense for me; it’s possible to trade even with limited time per day (fantastic results in 2 hours or less per day), has no ‘overnight trade’ worries, and usually gains the most pips out of all of his published methods!

I’ve studied his other written methods including Scalping, but he really had some nice surprises in store for me with his personal mentoring. For one, he shares tips and insights that are definitely NOT published in his eBook — they’re for personal mentoring students (don’t get me wrong — the book by itself is awesome and complete — he’s just refined a few things since it’s been published, and shares them in this more personal program) exclusively.

As great as that new information is (new insights and techniques allow me to gain even more pips AND give less pips back to the market!). for me it wasn’t the best part — I enjoy trading anyway but really got excited to turn my results in daily, and seeing what Jon had to say about them that could help me along.

And ‘help me along’ he did — I now consistently make between 50-100 pips per trading day, with the occasional 150+ days (yes, all in that little 2-hour window that I trade per his rules).

I made a decision to trade ‘Jon’s way’, without any other indicators or methods, for the 30 days that I study with him. “After that”, I told myself, “I’ll see what I want to add back to my charts”.

Ha! 3 tools that I never wanted to be without have now been shelved. Not ‘put out to pasture’ for good, necessarily, but it’s sure looking that way: I read market price action now using simple OHLC bars and moving averages, and found those other tools to be not only redundant but actually even (gasp!) irrelevant — the same information I used to ‘need’ from them is now easily seen by me in plain view on the charts, thanks to training with Jon.

My charts have never been simpler, yet my understanding of the market has never been greater.

Does it sound like I’m writing a commercial for Jon here? Sure - and why not? When you find information that you KNOW is real and beneficial, don’t you like to share it with others? To pretty much shout that news from the rooftops? Well, that is the type of ‘news’ I found here in Jon’s work (I’ve also never seen Jon misrepresent anything or use any sort of hype in his advertising — it isn’t his style, plus he simply doesn’t have to; the results speak quite clearly for themselves).

Jon has many different methods that work well over different time frames, so you can figure out your own preferred method and trading style using the written materials. Make a commitment to yourself to get as proficient as you can on your own, and then get into his personal mentoring program to really fine-tune things, and be able to take your trading to whatever height you want.

And again, to be clear, Jon’s methods WILL take time and commitment on your part — it certainly isn’t ‘magic’ or some special secret software that promises to do everything for you…it’s a skill that you’ll own and continue to sharpen forever.

Thank you, Jon — that plan has certainly worked well for me.

Dan S
Seattle, Washington, USA,
May 16, 2016,

Jon responded to me and has really gone the extra mile to take care of the issue. He confirmed his internet provider forced him to drop his email address at the time, and is allowing me to finish the courses and provided the most recent course in lieu of the older one. I will update my review after completing the mentor program.

2016-04-06 1 Star I purchased John's program about two years ago. I was in contact with him repeatedly by email and he was very responsive. I was working a lot of hours and attempted to set up my live consultation with him at the end of my course time period, and he had changed his email and I was unable to get a hold of him. I was frustrated at that point, because I never got value for the money I spent, and felt like he did not share his whole trading strategy in the written material. Because of this, I cannot give him a good rating. If he will allow me to finish the courses I bought, I will increase my rating. I should have left a review shortly after my course time ran out, but did not.