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Updated: Jul 31, 2016
3.414 · 3 REVIEWS
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3.414 · 3 REVIEWS
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Chicago, USA,
Jul 29, 2016,

I had mentoring long ago and it would come to benefit me after the fact when I was able to obtain more experience and training elsewhere. Though long ago I remember Steve's training is basic support and resistance and fibonacci levels but his work on money management is spot on as well as his spreadhseets.

Although it was almost 10 years ago I would find a system I am "confident" in then run trades so you have some history. Steve's methods are very valuable in doublechecking your money managements and trade management procedures.

If you know how block out your trading zones for Asian session, London Session and US session then apply your trading strategy to each one of those sessions then that would be a step up. News drivers defintiely can't be ignored.

If your too advanced maybe this might not be for you if your looking for another system. I've worked with different mentors and was able to take away best strategies for range bound or trending instruments. With Steve I would say money management is what I was able to take out of his training and still using it today.

You guys might want to read up on an article about turtletraders free on the net. Interesting read on how an old firm ran their trading operations and perhaps you can incorporate it into your daily trading activities.
Jul 15, 2011,

Hi Jorge,

Thank you for opening a review. Although I did not receive Steve's mentoring (but I am receiving mentoring by another trader and used to work for a bank as forex sales), I can tell Steve is probably not a good mentor from his response alone on this thread. Also, this Shaun who put a review, "I have to give Steve Pickering 5 out of 5. Why? Well, if you want to make money in Forex listen to Steve. He can understand and explain past and present markets. Fundamental and technical ideas are explored very in-depth. profit and loss ratios, money management and the tools to make easy well informed trading decisions are all included." sounds totally ridiculous. This comment basically higlight the fact that Steve's course will be about nothing specific (ie for beginners). My mentor, along with a lot of great traders I know, will always tell you they don't know where the markets are going, they just follow the flow, the market is random, there are a lot more things to learn etc etc...
Dec 18, 2007,

I haven't check this website in a long time, so just for curiosity i decide to check back if i've had a comment about my reviews to response back, what i didn't expect was a response from the owner of the website that is being reviewed(scare of people will find this service is useless?).
I will response back and i will probe that what i said is truth.
First, you stand by your education because it is the only thing that works?. If it was the only thing that works you would be the biggest trader/investor in the world, bigger than George Soros, Jim Rogers, you would be more successful than Goldman Sachs. I didn't ask you for my money back? i will show proof that i did ask you for a refund, which i never got, at the end of the review, liar. I had received valuable information? when we talk the first time i told you that i been trading forex for about a year, is very obvious that i know the basics, but you never asked me what i knew about forex, you just start "teaching me" what i knew. Do you think that i randomly clicked a link that send me to a broker where i started reading where says to open an account i needed to send my personal information and money and i did it for some weird reason, and they send me some weird software with letters, weird words, colorful sticks, cool buttons, whit news that were constantly coming out, and numbers that were constantly moving, and for some weird reason i decide to click in one of this buttons to see what would happen? Come on men, use your brain(if you have one) for once, is very obvious that i know what a pair is, what pip is and means, that to trade forex i got to do it through a broker, what technical and fundamental analysis is, i even knew about money management, is every where.
Now i want you to answer me this question, don't change the subject and don't go around this question.
And no, i don't want a casino experience, i've got fool many times by scammers claiming they worked for banks and they will teach how the big banks trade the markets, like you, that's why i asked you if you where going to teach me how the banks trade, because you claimed that you worked for a bank(which i don't believe) and i will post your answer at the bottom, where shows part of our conversations and proof of me asking you for a refund. And yes, i admit that you are right if i want to be a successful trader i got trade like fund manager do it, and again, that's why i asked you if you where going to teach me how the banks trade?(your answer at the bottom).
But with a lot of searching, i found a book that have interviews with the biggest hedge fund managers, most successful traders that worked for goldman sachs. And thanks to this book, now i know what this big banks and big successful traders technology they use, what kind people they hire, what platforms they use, what news sources they use, what analysis they do to enter a trade, the mistake they have done, and many more things that probably you don't even know, and know i now what to study to be a successful trader like them, and is far away and a lot more than your stupid money management course. And the best of all, i only pay $20 USD for this book, which is like been pay compare with your $250/month but really is $500/month for your useless course.
I hope this open the eyes to the people that are thinking in taking your course.
Now i will prove what i just said is truth, sadly i can't post a picture of my email inbox where shows the conversations that i had with Steve Pickering in this website but i will pasted.
P.S. If you are as honest and that you are not a liar as you claim, REFUND ME MY MONEY, i want back my money that i pay you for nothing.
To the people that are going to read this, read it from bottom up.
Stay away from this thieve liar.
Our conversation. I changed my real email with XXXXX@yahoo.com

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This message is not flagged. [ Flag Message - Mark as Unread ] Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 12:47:20 -0800 (PST)
From: "Jorge Alvarado" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: RE: Forex Progress
To: info@forextradermentor.com

Hi Steve
I was hoping this course to be more advance than just
technical and fundamental analysis, which they don't
work all the time, and i can get that type of
information anywhere, that is like gamble your money
in the casino, and Banks don't gamble their money,
they know where the price will go next and i was
hoping to be teach that by somebody that work at a
Bank, but i guest you are not giving that kind of
Sorry didn't work out, i was expecting something else
from this course.
And i don't know what type of person are you, but if
you are an honest and fair person, you will know that
is unfair to be charge for teaching me something that
i all ready knew about, that is why i will like to
have a refund of the money that i pay to you.
I hope you are a reasonable person.

--- Forex Trader Mentor

> Hi Jorge
> Thank you for your mail. I appreciate that what I
> have taught you, you
> already knew about, but do you know how to put it
> into practice?
> The banks are higher up the chain and invest huge
> amounts in trying to
> predict market movements. They have access to the
> best brains, computer
> technology and news sources. A private investor has
> no chance to compete.
> Yet, you or I or even the banks can predict the
> short term movements of
> forex rates. Therefore, at best, a private investor
> needs a trigger to get
> in and out of the market, either for a loss or a
> profit. The trigger needs
> to produce a consistent proportion of wins to losses
> at a certain risk
> reward ratio. That is what I was teaching. It is the
> ONLY way in the long
> term to make money trading forex. If I have not got
> that point over to you,
> I am sorry.
> If your aim is not consistent better-than-average
> profits with low risk over
> the long term, then I am not sure what exactly you
> are looking for. Can you
> explain what you are hoping to achieve, please?
> Regards
> Steve Pickering
> Forex Trader Mentor
> www.forextradermentor.com
> steve@forextradermentor.com
> tel:+45 40864113
> Skype:steve0412
> your trading success is our passion
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jorge Alvarado
> [mailto:XXXXX@yahoo.com]
> Sent: 16 December 2006 03:42
> To: info@forextradermentor.com
> Subject: RE: Forex Progress
> Hi Steve, i been very busy lately and i have not
> been available to respond
> to you any sooner. About the course i was specting
> something more advance,
> because you worked for banks trading the forex for
> them, as you claim, i
> though that you were going to teach how the banks
> trade, what information
> they look to make trading decisions, what platform
> they used to trade, where
> they got information from to know where the price is
> moving, i know from a
> source that they used a very advanced platform to
> know where the price will
> be heading to and is not about fibonacci levels or
> other technical
> indicator. I been trading a while now and i know
> about technical and
> fundamental analysis but they are not very acquired,
> and what you have
> "teach me" i all ready knew about. I'll be waiting
> for you comments.
> --- Forex Trader Mentor
> wrote:
> > Hi Jorge
> >
> > Thanks for your mail and voice mail and I
> apologize
> > for not getting back
> > sooner.
> >
> > The system is about finding a trigger point for
> > entry with a pre-defined
> > exit in the case of a loss or a profit. I don't
> know
> > how many others use it,
> > but it is based on Fibonacci numbers and many
> people
> > have written about it.
> > I can soon offer an automatic execution system
> based
> > on the trading system
> > and I am preparing some lessons on it now. This
> will
> > make it easier for you
> > to enter trades.
> >
> > Regards
> >
> > Steve Pickering
> > Forex Trader Mentor
> > www.forextradermentor.com
> > steve@forextradermentor.com
> > tel:+45 40864113
> > Skype:steve0412
> > your trading success is our passion
> >
> >
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Jorge Alvarado
> > [mailto:XXXXX@yahoo.com]
> > Sent: 30 November 2006 10:41
> > To: info@forextradermentor.com
> > Subject: Re: Forex Progress
> >
> >
> > Hi Steve, sorry i haven't let you know about my
> > trades
> > but i been busy and i just move and i didn't have
> > internet acces and i have not make enough trades.
> > Also
> > i want to ask you about the system, What is the
> > system
> > about?, is just money management? Is a system that
> > banks use? I should you ask about it before we
> start
> > with the lessons. Is something i need to know.
> > Thanks
> > --- Forex Trader Mentor
> > wrote:
> >
> > > Hi Jorge
> > >
> > > It is been some time since I heard from you. How
> > is
> > > the trading going?
> > >
> > > Will you be in a position to send me some
> results
> > > for review soon?
> > >
> > > Looking forward to hearing from you
> > >
> > > regards
> > >
> > > Steve Pickering
> > > Forex Trader Mentor
> > > www.forextradermentor.com
> > > steve@forextradermentor.com
> > > tel:+45 40864113
> > > Skype:steve0412
> > > your trading success is our passion

I will wait for a response in around 15 days, and if i don't see any, i will email him letting him know about my response to him.

2007-05-01 1 Star I was very excited for the reviews and the fact that Felix talked to this guy, so i wanted to try it because i though that he was going to teach me how the big banks trade, because he claims he was in charge of the trading department in some big bank. Well, i got in contact with him, i said to him that i've been trading for about a year, that means that i know the basics of forex, what a pip is, what technical/fundamental analysis is, what a pair is, etc., first lesson free, then 250 per month as he told me. The free lesson is about the very basics of forex(why in the hell he is "teaching" me something that i allready know), ok, i give him a chance, maybe next lesson is going to "teach" me something more advance. Next lesson, THE SAME F***ING THING, the basics of forex(what the f***), i let it go. Next lessons, the emotions that i've been through tradeing forex(what the f***?), money managament(free info all over the internet), profit/loss ratio, this ratio is in an annual basis, according to him you can make money even if you only have 50% winners with good money managament. Let's see, you open a mini account with 400 USD. %50 of 400 is 200, so you can make 200 annualy, you make 3 times that money in a week working at McDonals with a partime. The lessons are every other day, so is 3 to 4 time a week, and is not 250 a month, is 250 every course, whish means, every 2 weeks, 6 to 7 lessons, so i start wondering about this course so i ask him about the system and he said, the system is about money managament, and that i have to find my own system and it was going to start teaching in how to enter and exit the market from fibonacci retracements (WHAT THE F***), this f***er is a LIAR LIAR LIAR, i was mad, so i email him letting know that i didn't learn anything from him because all what he told me about the forex market i knew allready and i ask him for a refund of my money, and after unmost a year, i'm still waitning for the refund or an ansewr from him. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS LIAR.
Steve Pickering,
Nov 11, 2007,

I would really like to know why I am being slandered as a liar (Jorge). I stand by my education because it is the only thing that works. Jorge has never asked for his money back and what is more, has received valuable information. If he cannot see the point, I am very sorry for him. But I take offence at being called a liar. If you want to be sold all the c*** about systems, guaranteed stops, tight spreads, etc. then go ahead, find a providor - you asked for a casino experience and you will get one for which you will pay dearly. However, if you want to make a decent return, then follow what the professional fund managers do. That is the message I am trying to get across, and it is not learnt in one day.(Why do you think professionals have Masters degrees or even PhDs?).
Alberta Canada,
Mar 30, 2006,

I have to give Steve Pickering 5 out of 5. Why? Well, if you want to make money in Forex listen to Steve. He can understand and explain past and present markets. Fundamental and technical ideas are explored very in-depth. profit and loss ratios, money management and the tools to make easy well informed trading decisions are all included. I have not regretted any of the money I spent to get some mentoring. If you want to know if Forex is for you or solve a problem that stands in the way of success, Steve will not disappoint. He wont tell you what or when to trade so if you are looking for an easy way to make money try some of the scams listed!!