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Updated: Jun 17, 2018
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MyFXTA.com (Peter Dalal)

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Napoleao P.,
Santa Catarina, Brazil ,
Feb 23, 2009,

I am involved with Peter Dalal ( inventor and Co-developer of FXTA) for about 3 years. When I began using his software and on his class rooms I didn't know anything. Today I am a CTA and I feel very lucky for still being on his classes learning and what is better trading live and making pips every day. I really recommend A ++++++++++ .
Phoenix, AZ,
Jan 28, 2008,

My involvement with FXTA and its’ rooms started in December of 2006 and had wonderful experiences. The FXTA Plug in for MetaStock works and many traders trained by Peter Dalal (inventor and Co-developer of FXTA) truly have an advantage in reading the market. Peter is a disciplined trader with a paramount focus on capital preservation and risk management. He pushes and solidifies his practice on all of us involved with him. Peter is molding all of us to be professionals (Licensed and practices) and the road was not easy. We as a group meet in an online room a couple times per day at least 5 to 6 days a week discussing current condition of the market and how to trade it. Peter's Program is not a get rich quick scam. I am grateful and privileged to be involved with Peter because it gives me a clear sense that I am learning to trade the right way. Peter Dalal’s FXTA is a good, solid, truthful and no non-sense program. Recommended A+++
San Diego,
Jan 27, 2008,

From day one I realized that the FXTA was different – multiple time frames with proprietary programming designed to inform the trader with a multitude of information concerning price action, entry points, support and resistance, rate of change and much more.

As a student of technical trading, I thought I had a reasonable background in the subject. What I have since learned with my time with Peter Dalal is that, although I may have some book smarts, I really had no idea of trading and market psychology. I am still learning today. Without the technical background, and an understanding of FXTA, its power and flexibility, understanding the markets would be somewhat meaningless. A trader should have mastery of all areas – the technical’s and understanding the platform being used (in this case FXTA on MetaStock), market and trader psychology and third, being competent in the trading platform a trader chooses to use. These are the three legs of the stool that will allow a trader successful. Without one of these legs, the stool will not stand up.

I know that without the work that Peter has done, I would not be in this business. His technical background, real life trading experience, integrity and coaching has been invaluable and irreplaceable. Peter’s foundation is capital preservation. Given the market events since the outset of 2008, such an approach to doing this type of work is priceless – literally. And I know there is much more to come – the future looks very bright from my perspective.
Perth Western Australia,
Jan 26, 2008,

I have been with Peter Dalal now for about 2 years and have attended all the classes and group meetings we have. Im a CTA and going back to resit for my series 3 soon. Peter is a real professional and he has tried to install that in all of us.I find his classes really great theres a no nonsense approach and the material is always educational, honest and to the point. I have no regrets becoming involved and have learnt the real power of Fxta and so many other things from Peter i could write a book, its being a great journey so far looking forward to lot more
New Brunswick, Canada,
Jan 25, 2008,

I have been a user of FXTA since it's release and have nothing but praise for it. I am a CTA, series 3 licensed and a member of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts.

FXTA is a plug-in consisting of proprietary indicators that run on top of Metastock, but the real power of FXTA is in the training. The standard product training contains many gems of classic technical analysis on top of lessons on how to use the product. The diamond is the daily live-in-the-market analysis class, where Peter's insights into the inner workings of Wall Street are shared with the group and where the techniques and concepts taught are not found in any book. While the focus of the product and the classes are forex, Peter routinely uses the product and his knowledge to analyze stock index futures, commodities and even single stocks. Time after time I have witnessed his forecasts become reality. Peter is a true market technician but what really impresses me about him is his passion for trading, improving the science of trading and helping others. This one deserves 6 stars out of 5.
Jan 14, 2008,

I got started with another software and after having nothing but loose after loose. I heard about FXTA. This was clear back in NOV of 2005, when the FXTA software first came on the market. I have used this software and the training that metastock had. The buy and sell arrows are there to tell a person what positions are being taken by the instituitions ( big boys), the diamonds tell you the pressure of the move. I dont know if pressure is the correct term to use but when you see those diamonds fly and you look at the candle stick below, you will have wished you were in a trade, I can assure you that. With those diamonds I have learned to be able to predict the amount of the move in each time frame. With this knowledge I can be on the correct side of a trade. A few months a go Peter Dahal asked me if I was interested in learning more of what the software was telling me and if I was interested in knowing how other markets effect the forex market. I was: so I joined his morning training sessions and have had my eye's opened to a whole new process of trading the forex. And a new thought process of thinking when it comes to trading. Now I can look at other markets and know how they effect the forex market. I have learned how to see through the games that are played by the big boys in the market. All this was done with Peter Dahal's help. With his help I have been able to place trades that have had less than a 10 pip draw down. Yes I still have some bad trades but with Peter Dahal helps I have learned to do correct capital preservation. Now that I have my series 3 brokers license I am able to discuss with peter and I recieve emails from him on forcasts in all of the markets. His forcasts have been correct. If you wonder about some of what he has said and the accruancy than go to the fxta yahoo board site and read back, you will be amazed at the forcasts and the date at which he posted them. I can say that I have benefited from those forcasts as has others. Am I happy with fxta and the training I have recieved from Peter Dahal?? YES a resounding YES. Would I recomend this YES. Do you want to be in a group of traders that act and trade like the Professionals? Peter Dahal was a professional trader, go to MYFXTA web site and read about him. He is a professional teaching those that are willing to listen, and want to trade like a professional. If you think FXTA is good just wait until you see the new version coming out soon.
JoAnn Becht,
New Hyde Park, N.Y.,
Jan 13, 2008,

I have been very fortunate to be part of Peter Dalal's trainings and groups rooms for about 2 years. I have known Peter for more than 2 years before his trainings and group rooms started.
Before meeting Peter I was completely lost in understand forex. Since Peter's trainings and groups rooms you are amazed at the levels of understanding that can be achieved. That is only though Peter's efforts. He is an excellent teacher, no nonsense. He is always there to help you. He knows all aspects of tradings in all markets. FXTA software is unique in design,one of a kind, It is complete,gives you a road map to trading. It has many indicators and you can get early alerts and entries. Peter's methodology is based on technical analysis.
He preaches capitol preservation. His is completely honest. His approach and teachings are like no other. You are most forutnate to be part of it. It is the best that you can get.
The teachings are complete and thorough.
Portland Ore,
Jan 6, 2008,

I have known Mr Dalal for about a year and a half. I am also part of his training and groups. His classes and training are always informative, educational,honest, above all top notch. He is very good about warning you about issues with brokers, about management of capital, and other issues that you do not know that affect the forex market.
He is not a person who gives a seminar, takes your money and dissappears. He goes the second mile for those who want to learn to trade.
Dec 29, 2007,

I have been involved with Mr.Dalal and this group since November 2005. I am a registered CTA, and Series 3 Licensed. He is a technician and his methodology is based technical analysis and the indicators and software that he developed. This is a no non-sense group for serious traders. He is brutally honest and tells it like he sees it, like it or not. It is also my opinion that this unregulated Forex market provides a breading ground for misinformation, false promises, and in some cases Fraud. You will find none of that hear.