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Updated: Apr 12, 2019
1.954 · 188 REVIEWS
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1.954 · 188 REVIEWS
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United Kingdom,
Sep 27, 2018,
Registered user

Avoid EToro at all cost!!

Avoid EToro at all cost!! cant withdraw money back to the same account the fund was deposited from... they asked me to goto my bank and confirm the account belongs to me! I have the card/statements, online login etc.. I have also sent proof of my passport/bank account (2 of them), credit card account, council tax account...

from the evidence I gave, I would have no problem proving my id to a tier 1 bank!
Etor takes your money in seconds but it will take months to try to get it back...
Amman, Jordan,
Sep 2, 2018,
Registered user

Etoro make you poor

My experience was bad with Etoro and there are many reasons.
Great manipulation of market price differentials.
The platform stops working in case of profit and the inability to close profitable trades.
Price mismatch with real market prices.
The business manager works on losing you in every way.
When the payment is withdrawn, the account is suspended due to violation of Etoro's terms.
A professional company to loss your money.
Apr 29, 2018,
Registered user

I found it very very useful

I really don't understand why so hateful towards eToro. I see a lot of people complaining about things caused by their deep inexperience, the same complaints about things written clearly in the broker's contract.
As far as I'm concerned, the broker is one of the best I've tried. I've never had big problems or received damages, and even open tickets (on unnecessary things caused by my inexperience and misunderstanding) have been worked on. The social trading function is very important and innovative because it allows you to see and understand what other investors do in the world. You can exchange opinions, articles, intentions, ask for help ... you are not alone but you have continuous support due to the network of people you create.
As for the withdrawals on the large amounts take very little, on small sums like $ 200 employ more. The fact of receiving payment elsewhere is due to a specific clause of the contract that explicitly states that the payment will be received on the last account or card with which you made the deposit ... that's why if you make the last deposit with the credit card then the withdrawal is credited back there instead of to the bank account.
But I have to admit that the site suffered from delays in some occasions, it logs you out sporadically or it happened to read for a few seconds an error in carrying out a operation and make the page refresh necessary. Things that in my case have not damaged me and often resolved with a reloading of the site.
For conversion fees and spreads applied the contract is very clear in this regard but you have to read it very very carefully.
Zagreb, Croatia,
Feb 23, 2018,
Registered user

Steer clear!

Probably the worst customer support I've ever experienced in my life. With all the bad things they've done to their clients I'm just wondering why is it not yet flagged as SCAM? Anyway, would suggest y'all to stay away from this broker
singapore, Singapore,
Feb 5, 2018,
Registered user

Cannot even withdrawn using bank deposit.

Cannot even withdrawn using bank deposit. When i received email that the withdrawn was approved, but to my NOT ALREADY IN USE Credit card, in their reply is they will refund to the original methods of deposit, then the rest to the method preferred. . just know few guys also from singapore facing the same issues.
Jan 28, 2018,

We should sue these scamming thieves, as soon as i get my money out!

Hi. I have been suckered in.
I put thousands of hours and $$ in already and they are just ripping me off left right and centre.
The list is huge! I am getting bored of repeating my story. I just want to sue these sons of bitches!
A quick rundown on how they are currently scamming:

Charts can become scrambled and sometimes hide patterns.
Spreads can slip as you are trading.

The site will not always let you close trades claiming an error, and this is usually as you are loosing large amounts of money.

The site will sometimes sign you out and the same happens as described above. You can't access your trades and it's always either when you are loosing money or could be making money.
Same story on both my home and mobile internet network.

Candlesticks sometimes ghost and the last two candles move strangely not just the last one.

Sometimes Portfolio shows trades in profit in green but when you close them they turn red and were never in the profit zone.

Sometimes when you try to add funds it says the process failed so you try again and again. I ended up transferring 4 or 5 times the amount i wanted to.

Trades vanish from the portfolio or change into other asset classes. Usually at the most inconvenient moments. $ at stake.

Customer service and chat either do not work or are unresponsive.

I left my phone number in a customer service ticket and started to receive scam calls from Tunisia.

The site is full of charlatans posing as customers but they have no time for customer service.

To be honest the list go's on and i would like to try to get my money back including what they cost me when the site was bugging and tricking me.

Unfortunately the USD has dropped heaps since opening my account and they required all money to be converted into USD.

On a side note i used my virtual portfolio to copy some of they top investors (through their copy trading feature). I did this because i was suspicious of these traders after looking at their portfolios which did not resemble anything a top investor would do. Like buying alt coins continuously through the crash for a whole month.

Sometimes the crypto coins would be hidden amongst a large portfolio. Almost all of the suspicious traders turned out losses this month.

This is not to mention the fees and spreads. the above is all scam worthy or simply put. It's criminal.

I am interested in suing these freaks to put a stop to this.

I have had a few run in's in the comments sections and i am sure they were with people working for eToro as the way they bullied me and belittled me was always the same story whenever i believe i met the etorians through their chat rooms. Another thing they will do is to always recommend that if things are not working out then you should try to copy someone. Which i was already suspicious of.
To be honest it was the copy feature that brought me to eToro.
Now i am wishing i had found a more honest platform.

Does anyone know what chances i stand of suing them? If not for me then for everyone else.

I am beyond angry and tired.
Dublin , Ireland,
Jan 18, 2018,

Lodgement Problems and no customer service

I made a lodgement to my account on 17th January and it still hasn't been credited to my account. My credit card company confirm there is no problem with the transaction from their side. They said the fund's "need to be claimed" by eToro but this hasn't happened yet. What are they doing with my money in the meantime. The situation is becoming very worrying at this stage

I emailed my account manager Simon Peters and still no reply.

I rang eToro reception on 3 occasions to date and on each occasion nobody was available to discuss the problem. I left a message for someone to return my call. Still no reply

I will wait until the end of the day before making a complaint to the regulator to investigate what eToro is doing with my money
Jakarta, Indonesia,
Jan 8, 2018,
Registered user

Suspect of Ponzi Scheme, long time withdrawal period and crazy spike of minimal deposit in a month

I have requesting withdrawal from 3rd Jan 2018 and up to now, the process is under review, even though my account is verified . There is no explanation why they taking so much time in processing my withdrawal, while the T&C said 1-2 business days, except the excuse of backlog problem. They have contacted me in Saturday to verify my Skrill account as it is my withdrawal target, however until today, there is no update regarding when I will get my money, they only said it might takes 3-8 business day since the money left eToro to come to my account depending on withdrawal type. The problem is, they doesn't tell me when it will be left eToro. In their own forum, there are many thread regarding withdrawal problem, and it's keep increasing.

The second problem is their significant increase in minimum deposit, which by 20th December, it was 200USD (the time I started to use their service), and by the next week it increased to 500USD, and the recent news it is 1000USD. This increase on minimum deposit is without any proper explanation or sound argument, and the only one I can think of is this company have serious cash flow problem and start to use Ponzi Scheme to raise the fund. While in the short term it might solve the withdrawal problem, in the long run people will suspect something is not right and more will take out all their money and get away from eToro, such as what happen now, and in the end of the day the problem will getting worse.

So, I would advise you who have invest in here that would be better to change the platform, and for the one who haven't invest, stay away, especially if you trying to come to crypto trading, you can find another platform which gives better assurance and less headache in withdrawing money, such as Binance (as they start to open registration again on limited time period and random time), or other exchange.
Jan 5, 2018,

10,000$ MInimum deposit - Insane

Ridiculous 10,000$ minimum first deposit, terrible support, lose all your money within a blink
Europe, Portugal,
Dec 27, 2017,
Registered user

Etoro no transfering back my money to my Paypal

Attention: read this!

I payed with paypal to put money in Etoro account
Everything was super fast
Buyed some of the stuff they are selling there

I requested my money back to my paypal account.
They say: 24h to make this
ok, i was thinking probably someone need to look
35h later no transfer in my paypal
2 payments are pending to my Paypal Account:
Transaction ID: 727944
Transaction ID: 731561

Like the rest of the reviews here, Etoro looks to be a scam.
Already asked help to Paypal since Etoro stole my money.

I'll keep this updated once i get more information.