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Updated: Jan 27, 2017
4.392 · 121 REVIEWS
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4.392 · 121 REVIEWS
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Lagos, Nigeria,
Sep 29, 2014,

I have used the sniper indicator in my demo-account when Gary was still the owner then. It was an excellence customer service and prompt answer. This new guy is just so annoying in terms of customer service, he will neither acknowledge your e-mails nor respond to any mail. If he acts like this to a potential customer, i wonder how his action will be if i have paid for the system. I am not rating the system performance but the owners service and i will score him a negative mark.
John C,
North Carolina, USA,
Jul 4, 2014,

Hello Trader, This is a follow-up on my review form 6-20-1024. I received a reply from Tom at Sniper Forex. My e-mails were never received through the "contact" e-mail link on the website. I think Sniper is fantastic and as a last resort I sent an e-mail from my personal e-mail account to Sniperforex and it was received. His reply was very quick. He is validating the re-license guarantee!
Happy Trading,
John C.

2014-06-20 Not Rating Hello Traders,

I have contacted Sniper Forex four times to have the system activated for my new account. There has been no response from them. I also purchased the system when Gary was the owner. Customer service was excellent then. I would be wary.

Good Luck,
John C.
Nasser Faris,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Apr 7, 2014,


Dear Fellow Traders:
I have received a reply from Sniper Forex and we have rectified the new situation. If you notice, my filing was not against the system rather against the "new owners".

We have finally rectified the situation and they were very nice to send me my new files for free. I guess they are really good people and the error was due to emails not being monitored properly.

I am thankful that we have rectified the situation and I definitely recommend this system.

All the best,
Nasser F.

2014-04-04 1 Star Dear Fellow Traders,


My Story is as follows: I purchased the Sniper Forex system a long time ago when Mr. Gary Pavkovich was the owner of the system. When I purchased the system, i would get lifetime updates, etc. and the only other kind of payment I would have to make is a $25 if I wanted to change the account on my system. Mr. Gary provided the highest level of customer support possible and i'm not sure what happened with him as he is no longer the owner of the system..

It seems now that the current owners of the Sniper Forex System are a different entity as I received an email from them saying that Gary wasn't "there anymore". These new owners have provided the lowest standard of customer service possible. I have tried contacting them many times (through email as they don't have a phone number) in order to have my account number changed on my Sniper Forex System and my contact attempts have been constantly ignored. I have provided them with ample evidence that I had purchased the system and sent them many emails but they do not reply at all except for one reply that was meaningless.

Any purchaser of the Sniper Forex System gets lifetime service of updates and as mentioned above, a fee would only have to be paid. I am sure that when these new owners bought the Sniper Forex System that part of the agreement was to service the old customers. I am sure that Mr. Gary would have stipulated that condition as when he was the owner, he was giving a lifetime of updates, again with the only fee being for an account change. Mr. Gary was a true Gentleman and I am sure he would have stipulated this condition for the old/existing customers at the time.

I have received the lowest standard of customer service from these "new owners". It is not fair that I should have to purchase the system again.

I would like to mention that I had even paid Mr. Gary money in advance should I ever want to change the account number in the future (I can provide evidence of this). The reason I did this was in case I was not happy with my broker, I could just get the account changed immediately as i was using more than one broker at the time. I can prove all of this and have email receipts saved.

Since I am not being given the service that was promised at my time of purchase, then I believe that I have been scammed. The scam is not by Mr. Gary Pavkovich but by these "new owners". Therefore I ask you to beware when you purchase from these people.
, Australia,
Mar 25, 2014,

Great EA however support email is seems to be un-monitored? Customers are becoming increasingly concern that the successful EA developer has gone out business.

Shame is one of the profitable Forex Indicators I have used in a long time. With a little bit of common sense and managing risk I get around 78% sound trades.
Hawaii, USA,
Aug 15, 2013,

My account with their broker Smart Trade Forex is almost "0". This happened in only two weeks. I sent a e-mail to Blue Sea Forex and they still kept on trading the account! Do not use Blue Seas or Smart Trade!
Massachusetts, USA,
Feb 5, 2013,

I have used Sniper since 2009....It blows every other manual system I used away. Combined with expert4x FTP method it is simply my best money maker. To be totally honest I do believe a person would need a decent knowledge of forex trading to understand the nuances of Sniper. With that said...and after due diligents of common Forex trading experence,Sniper will give you an edege in the Market!!...I love it!!...Year after year after year!!!
Sydney, Australia,
Oct 25, 2012,

Gary please come back to sniper! I have been waiting weeks to be able to change my account number to a new MT4 account and have been promised time and time again that the payment link is imminent (and I know from experience I can send a paypal payment direct to them as I have done in the past many times to Gary).
I have even bought another full copy for my husband in the meantime and it was actioned very quickly but my request to change account numbers is still pending. I get an email response saying details will be forthcoming but I am still waiting.
Sorry to post on FPA guys. I love sniper, it's the only thing I trade with and I would LOVE To be trading with it again.
Denver, USA,
Sep 30, 2012,

Hi Chris,

We're here! I didn't get your email and just saw your post. Please email us at support@sniperforex.com and we'll get you your question answered ASAP. As you can see, we've recently updated our website and I wonder if your email went to SPAM?

Vancouver, Canada,
Sep 21, 2012,

Rather disappointed.

I sent a request to their support a few days ago and although it said 'Your message was sent successfully. Thanks.', I've heard nothing back.

Their website is working and will gladly take your money but it appears their support fled and left the lights on.

2012-09-18 No Rating There hasn't been a review for almost 5 months. How is this system working out for everyone?

I've seen a lot of good reviews (and some bad ones of course!).

This seems to be a 'sit in front of your PC all day' system. How tethered are you to your computer? Do you get much advance warning for trades? When is your most active time trading? (I'm on the west coast which often works out badly timewise for trading)

There's been talk of an EA that once existed and then was pulled with promises to bring it back. Any advances on this?
Ben Foster,
Wyoming, USA,
Apr 23, 2012,

I've had a very pleasant experience with Sniper Forex. I'm a new trader and they helped me get setup with my MT4 platform and also with FXCM as a suggested broker (gave me some options to choose from).

At first, I was very skeptical of their trading indicators because I've been burned by others before. But when I started using their demo and saw how the system traded over a period of time, I've switched over from a demo account to a real, live account. I'm currently trading with $25k in my account and have made over 10% in the past month.

Thanks Sniper Forex (worked with Tom)! I know you don't have an EA available with your current version of software, but remember to contact me when you do.