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Updated: Sep 15, 2016
3.296 · 20 REVIEWS
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3.296 · 20 REVIEWS
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Ottenburg, Belgium, E.U.,
Jan 4, 2008,

FXCM is just very professional, helpful, practical. The $20 8 day internet course (with question forum included), is just a bargain for $19.90: for those with a mini life account (US$500), the course is for FREE.
Highly recommended!
Manuel S ,
Nov 4, 2007,

The course of FXCM, is better than the 7000 dollar course I took.
They teacher care about you and follow up very nicely.
I'm going to take the day trading course later on.
I recommend these course.
Of course I discover baby pips, which are great how ever they use too much technical.
Felix Forex Trading system fit me like a glove

Sarasota, Florida,
Sep 21, 2007,

First of all, I do not work for FXCM or anyone else for that matter as I'm retired. I do not own stock in FXCM. In fact, I dont know if its a private or public company. Frankly, I dont care. What I would like to do is give it a fair evaluation based on what they provide for, in relation to what you pay. I think that for the cost of lunch for two, it's a great deal. Having worked in business for over 30 years, I'm sure they actually lose money on it since they limit their classes to something like 20 students at a time, and they have analysts monitor and ANSWER all of your questions while you take the course. Why do they do this you ask? They hope that after you take the course, you may actually open an account with them. For FXCM, its an investment. I took their 7 day course last winter. I went on and spent literally THOUSANDS more. All in all the best $20 bucks I have spent. Keep things in perspective when you rate something. Are you rating a $100 to $300 signal service? or a course anywhere from $300 to $5000? Rate accordingly.
Humberto Urrutia,
Daytona Beach,
Aug 13, 2007,

for $19 the training was OK, teach me the basic to understand it but lack the big point, simple how make money, them for me if your a new person looking how to trade it is OK but do not expect nothing else.
Scott ,
Jul 25, 2007,

I took the $19.99 power course from FXCM. I got a lot of great info from this course. It is well worth the price.
Irene Makris,
Houston, Texas,
Jul 8, 2007,

I was disappointed with the $19.00 FXCM course. If they had put even a little more information into it, I would have felt it was worth the
time and money. It was very basic and light weight. I would give that class a one star.
Jun 29, 2007,

i took FXCM power course sometime back.they teach technicle analysis as well as fundamental. I paid 500$ but good thing i got it back (because i opened accout there and put 10 trades that was their condition)As i was biginner i learnt few things there.but then i was not fully confedent put a trade.i wolud say fairly good.
Jim Stengel,
Vacaville, California,
Jun 4, 2007,

I signed up for and took the online course for $29.99. It has 8 modules and covers technical and fundamental analysis with the major technical tools described and used as well as market participants and correlation. As a novice trader, I thought it was well worth the money and learned a lot from taking the quizes after each module. A great way to learn but I wouldn't jump into trading without more perspective from different sources.
Hanno Finkeldey,
Cape Town South Africa,
May 28, 2007,

I did the FXCM introductory course some months ago. This was my second forex course, the first I did at a Share type of investment training school. However this sparked more interest and I was seeking more knowledge and hopefully success, so I tried FXCM as I am utilising them as my broker. I found the course very well presented and organised. Tasks feedback was swift and informative. The instructors friendly and supportive. However I kept on struggling with application of all the technical indicators and simply said the more knowledge I gathered the less I made money. I am trading live for 16 months now and and I am now just about successful in depleting my initial investment :-(...so no luck for me. I have in the meantime invested in many other ebooks and online courses, books, everything except a PC system, but still no turn arround in fortune!!!!!!!!!
Apr 23, 2007,

This one is easy . the FXCM courses are really not good. When I signed up, I had my hopes up, but that was fixes quickly. Most of the material was really on a la-la level, like "this is a moving average". The three strategies presented as backtested moneymaking strategies were hilarious, and totally worthless. I was really surprised that a large firm like FXCM would give out those things in the way they did, and charge for it. I find it hard not to label this SCAM, but I'll settle for one star.