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Forex-24-7.com (Rick Kraai) Review

Updated: Sep 19, 2016
3.228 · 19 REVIEWS
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Website is down.  Company seems to be out of business.

Forex-24-7.com (Rick Kraai)

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3.228 · 19 REVIEWS
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Nov 11, 2010,

Stay away from this scam. He charged my credit card, never sent me any signals and responded a few days before my paypal complaint expired promising to refund me. As soon as the paypal complaint was over (Paypal do not accept a second complaint on the same issue after the time as expired) I never heard of him again. He knows the scaming tricks for sure.
burned trader,
Sep 16, 2010,

Rick Kraai is a very accomplished SCAM ARTIST. He will smooth talk anyone into believing he is an honest trader. I have lost THOUSANDS of dollars and I hope he burns in hell.
Sep 5, 2010,

It has been well over 30 days since Rick Kraai has last been in contact with anyone associated with his trading group. He is making no effort to contact anyone in the group. Rick Kraai is a thief and a liar. His website is still active for the time being. It maybe shutting down shortly. Any one needing information from this site may want to get it now for filing a complaint with the FBI so you can claim a loss for income tax purposes.
Toast Trader,
Aug 24, 2010,

I have put money into this managed account and they have stopped sending statements and stopped responding to e-mails and phone calls.
I have e-mails from others who are experiencing the same problem. There is no sign of our money or the people who run Forex 24-7, LLC.
Jun 16, 2009,

Rick is a good scalper. His goal is 30 pips daily and he often exceeds that. Moreover he's a very kind and patient person who treats his clients with respect and care. The room is a small but tight-knit trading community with members enjoying making pip and having fun at the same time. Rick has a unique system whereby he does not use stop loss but hedge losing trade and somehow always ends up in making profit, sometime a lot of it. Beware though that at time he may not provide the hedge straight away but will watch the market to wait for certain level to break and meanwhile your position can fluctuate wildly causing you much anxiety. I have talked to him regarding this issue and he has promised to do his best to never let a similar situation happen again. Let's hope he will keep to his words.

Now to the statistic, there's only one word to describe it and that is excelent. In 19 days of trading with him I have made exactly 1,237 pips and the most important thing is there has been no losing day. That's right every day has been a winner and I have made more than 40% of my original investment trading with very low leverage. My open drawdown has been about 10% which is acceptable to me. So all in all a very good trading experience with the occasional fright. For these frights I can only give him 4 stars.
Mar 11, 2009,

Great new strategy working great 100 pips per day in 1 OR 2 hours a day. Hes definetly good
Dec 16, 2008,

I want to comment the 3 guys's comments below:
DaKine: fair and balanced trader
My comment: Rick opens multiple positions and doesn't close the losing trade. He just let the losing position getting worse. Fair and Balanced?
Strauss:serious enough to trade properly
My comment: Maybe, but I see he doesn't report the losing position in his daily report. Honest?
Aleman:three days you will see how this problem is handled
My comment: My experience is the problem can last for a month and even longer. You need a deep pocket to hope it will be solved some day.
Jul 1, 2008,

I need to rebutt some of what Al of USA had to say. I recommended him to the room, and sorry I did so. He is not only disgruntled with the room, but also in his personal life. I will appologize for his attitude and demeanor.

As for trading with Rick, he is a dynamic trader, and will continue to recommend his site to all individuals I know who are interested in trading the FX. He is a fair and balanced trader, and very willing to share his time with all who wish to maintain.

2008-03-14 4 Stars i signed up with rick the first week in March, and now have two weeks of trading with him. First off, I find the room as most any other rooms, nice, and mostly polite.
Now, as for trading. I think that the complaints below are from those that did not stick it out and give ita fair chance, OR they are amature traders who have very little concept as to what trading is about. THe majority of the time, trading is over in 3 hours. Two days out of the week, I had to come back to close trades SUCCESSFULLY. Drawdown was there, however if using the room moneymanagement system, there was NEVER any danger of a margin call. All trading is up to the individual in the room, but following Rick's directions, and in TWO WEEKS, now have a GAIN of over 60% on investment. Wise Trading, Following Directions, Paying Attention, and being willing to scalp-trade... i give it two-thumbs-up.
Jun 24, 2008,

I have traded with Rick now for several months. I am very satisified with his calls, market knowledge, and the return on my investment. The atmosphere in the room is very friendly and light, but serious enough to trade properly. Rick is always generous with his time to explain the markets, brokerage, and any other germain topic. Rick is also generous as he has a very nice rebate program for all members. I highly recommend his site and hope to trade with him long term.
Jun 4, 2008,

I have been with Rick for many years; he genuinely cares about the success of people that trade forex. I would like to apologies to any one that I may have offended on the site, as I am the lead