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J.J. Glenellis

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1.843 · 9 REVIEWS
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san francisco, Ca,
Nov 18, 2007,

No rating yet, Looked to check out this guy, and thought add to the list. I did request a screen shot of his account to prove to me that He's was not blowing smoke,(2 times) and got no response.Good luck.
rob ,
Dec 5, 2007,

looking into this but only get emails every two days with a new reason why i should buy it...

will not respond to my emails...
Dec 14, 2007,

Never ever answer my emails, and I have sent at least 10 over a period of 3 months.

Selling a product promising money back guarantee then cannot be contacted shouldn't it be rated SCAM?
Jan 4, 2008,

Why Jeff Glenellis says that no one has been getting responses:

I have seen several reviews of Simple4xSystem in the last months of the year (2007) all agreeing with my own personal experience. Which was that I got all the automated emails telling me about the signals service, but no signals and no responses to my emails.

In addition to the main email box, I had sent messages to other email box names at the same domain, just on the chance I would pick a name that existed. 18 of them, it turns out I sent! One of those got re-routed to another email Jeff has, and he got that one.

Yesterday (January 2, 2008) I got an email from Jeff. Here is an excerpt from what he wrote to me:

. . . sorry for the informational blackout these past few months. One of my assistants should have sent you an email right after you made your purchase letting you know what was going on around here. In short, I am recovering from a heart attack back in August, and just now returning to work full time. . . . Apparently my body will not withstand repeated days of 2-3 hours sleep while the markets are open.

. . . As for any calls in the next week or so, I don't anticipate making many, if any. A combination of slower market conditions (not withstanding todays collapse of all the majors against the Yen) and a trip I am making next week for a couple of days will probably keep me away from my station until the 10th or 11th of January.

One last thing: for now, to contact me do so at cundwinnerscircle at hotmail dot com . I hired a gal to do a bunch of work on my website a couple of months ago. She changed the password on my account (said mine was too easy to figure out) and then promptly disappeared without telling me the new passcode. So I am having a hell of a time getting into my main email account. Your emails got through to me because I set up a default system a long time ago that any emails sent to a non-existent mailbox would be forwarded to my hotmail account. So I got 18 copies of your letter in my junk mail folder (which I just noticed today).

I hope this addresses the concerns you raised in your letter. I look forward to working with you on trading this upcoming year. I think we are all in a position right now to make obscene amounts of money if we just keep our heads about us.

I am not rating it here, just posting the info so that others who see these ratings will have the info.

I will say that I have found it to be quite informative, particularly the trading plan information is VERY detailed. And while it has not worked well for me in December, one of the scalping systems he describes I really like if it will work in the coming months.
Feb 17, 2008,

Don't waste your hard earned cash on this. It's just another MA system, not worth the money. Customers care is nonexistant. All my emails remained unanswered, so it is impossible to get your money back.
Mar 18, 2008,

Every couple months or so he puts out a nice email saying how he's going to start sending out free signals to those who purchased his course but will start charging for these soon for non-members so better buy his course now. This is clearly now just another attempt to get more sales with no intention on sending signals/alerts. He never replied to the multiple emails I sent him over these past 8 months nor gives any kind of updates. I would rate this a scam except his ebook is what got me interested in forex. His total lack of customer service is truly a shame as he seemed like a decent guy.
Sep 2, 2008,

Have received his non-member trades in the past. Purchased the book very recently. His 6 weeks trading log is a very good example and is very encouraging.

Have made more with his scalp technique in a day than the book cost. He now provides calls via email included in cost of the ebook. I received 2 today.

He has responded promptly to every email I have sent him.
Mar 2, 2009,

I contacted the author and he gave me a sample of the first two chapters. From that i figured that it probably it is not worth the purchase. The first two chapters are full of stories, tells you that he is going to show you a trade, but never does only fills the two chapters with filler paragraphs of platitutes and irrelevant stories. I cannot say whether or not the book is good, but i don't trust this type of hype. The author should give us a chapter with an example of an actual trade to demonstrate his strategy; instead he gives us his life story and the around the corner promise to show how to trade.
vancouver bc,
Sep 20, 2009,

Save your money ! simple breakout and moving averages. Best part is he will not respond to any emails. I have tried for at least 6 months to no avail. HE TAKES YOUR MONEY AND RUNS. JEFF IS A BUM.
Jay Bond,
Dec 20, 2009,

This guy is a Ringer, he will give you all the excuses in the world and is always working on something new to get your money. He also started a Hedge Fund for Forex and charges 20% commission daily whether you make money or not. His website is now under repair.