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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
4.6 · 15 REVIEWS
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4.6 · 15 REVIEWS
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New Jersey, USA,
Sep 13, 2010,

Mr. Ponsi gave an excellent seminar, it was the best that I have attended. Very clear, calculated strategies that offered exact points of entry and exit, and he was very personable and answered every question. I was very pleased, he helped clear up some misconceptions and helped me correct my trading mistakes.
Black Bird,
London UK,
Sep 11, 2010,

I've learnt Forex trading by reading Ed's book "Forex Patterns and Probabilities". 10 months since and I'm still above water but I could have done much better had I have the discipline to stick to his strategies. I have tried so many strategies but I found Ed's to be the best on the long run. However, only the fact that he is trading and making money for companies it is a proof that he is successful; obviously if he wasn't they wouldn't have kept him. His book is very pleasant and easy to read; definitely worth 5 stars!
New Jersey,
Apr 13, 2009,

I am familiar with Mr. Ponsi's books and his DVD training workshop. At first I thought the DVD was waaaaaay overpriced at $250. But after seeing the whole thing, I think it is fair when compared to what other experts are charging. And there are some other sites that focus on selling training materials where his DVDs can be purchased for less than $150. THAT IS A BARGAIN.

This set is mainly for the new trader and the moderate/intermediate. I felt his information and opinion on Forex trading, use of indicators, entries, exits, etc. was excellent. He agreed with and supported things I have watched and read other top experts teach.

The first DVD is Forex 101 basics.
Forex Foundation
Forex Basics
Market Structure
Interest Rates
Economic Indicators
Currency Characteristics
Fundamental Strategies
The Chinese Market

DVD #2 is where the meat of trading and techniques are brought out and what proves to you that your money was well spent. Ed goes into
Multiple Time Frames
FXEd Fibonacci Method
FXEd Trend Method
Volatility Breakout
The Elevator
The Detective
Pivot Point Technique
The Carry Trade

Then there are some special sections that attempt to round you out further.

Risk Management
Putting it All Together
Stop Placement
Q&A With Ed Ponsi: Ed Answers 20 Frequently Asked Questions!

Ed is not about hyping you up and promising lean, mean dollars busting out of your pockets. He is all about reality and he tells it to you well.

I suggest buying and reading his book Forex Patterns and Probabilities first. It is basically the same exact thing, it is just not visual. If it impresses or excites you, then go ahead and buy the DVD workshop. I have read and reread his book 6 or 7 times and each time I pull something from it that I missed before. Now, I do this with all good books on trading because you cannot possibly grasp everything the first time.

Many of you might be bored or impatient with his 1st DVD and want to rush to the 2nd one and dive in. DON'T DO IT! Even Ed warns you against this. Take your time, enjoy the process and slowly digest what he has to offer. Then when you are done with his book and DVD...read and watch them all over again and be amazed at how much more you pull from it.

Overall, I think Ed Ponsi offers a solid, affordable package for the beginner to learn from. (and MAYBE even the intermediate trader)

I certainly wish Ed would produce another book or DVD that is more current and maybe delves into what is happening today. I believe he has a lot more to offer his audience.

Oct 11, 2008,

I completed Ed's personal in-class FX course. It was 6 days long and very thorough and informative. I didn't review his DVD's but just read his book. I give Ed 5 stars for his class and his book though. One thing I noticed from other students in his class was that they came expecting some extremely unusual system in terms of TA, and seem to be feeling slightly let down by Ed's precise yet simple approach to TA. I can tell you all from being an equities trader for many years that complicated TA strategy is usually uneccessary and inhibitive often-times. Ed has developed a balanced approach to FX trading that works on all levels from TA to fundamental, risk management baked into a handful of highly effective strategies that work better than anything else I have seen or used to date. I'm sure the DVD's are worth every penny and the some.
Pierce ,
San Jose,
Apr 9, 2008,

Hey, Ed Ponsi wrote a really good book, I mean the best book on trading out there. I haven't seen his DVDs but on the strength of the book alone, I'd give him five stars. I also heard him speak at an expo in Vegas, he has a great technique and explains himself very well.
Mike G,
Chicago, USA,
Mar 27, 2008,

Absolutely the best DVD I have seen on forex trading, or on any type of trading. FXEducator is very clear, shows exactly how to make money in the forex trading markets. This is for serious traders. Ed Ponsi is one of the best
Dec 23, 2007,

I just finished Ed Ponsi's excellent book and DVD. I am feeling prepared to enter the markets with great tools to make a success.I feel that I now have some excellent strategies to work with under my belt with which to approach the market (in many conditions) and hopefully start making some consistant gains! I highly recommend Ed's work to anyone who is serious about forex trading.
sameer nana,
Dec 14, 2007,

his good with in his own sphere.theres certainly better out there.his too concerntrated in book sales and signing ceremonies-exceptionally successful traders dont need to focus all there attention on book sales.basically good but not great.i think its time he enters hollywood.
lal safi,
Nov 10, 2007,

I had personally taken his course, He is the best. He is very personable and always ready to help. He is very honest and transparent in his dealing. I just finished his latest book on FOREX Patterns & Probabilities, and I will have to say It is the best book I have read so far. His book clearly show the When, The Why and the How and the why of trading|
Oct 31, 2007,

All I can say, Ed Ponsi is really one of the best. He is very clear about his technical strategies, enter and exit and stop, this is the weakness with most of the others. My understanding of technicals and risk management are now much stronger, I have been applying Ed's strategies and doing well. His book is also very good. Nice work Ed!