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George C Smith

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4.514 · 81 REVIEWS
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Aug 28, 2009,

As i m not in South Africa at present,so it took sometime for me to decide whether i should buy this ebook or not.Infact,it happens when one is not trading for last few months.
Well,as i think,Ebook is some different and it seems that author really wants u to make money in Forex.But one more truth is that the manual is not complete and one has to discuss about the strategies given,with the author.Now,the problem is that the author doesn't reply ur emails..Then what to do? Infact,its too pity that most of the authors don't care about their customers after getting money..
I want to use FPA to convey my msg to other traders who r using this system that we all should share our experiences with eachother.By the way,most successful strategies can be followed by talking to other traders,not by reading any ebook.
Interested traders can mail me to-
John Johansen,
Swansea, UK,
Sep 14, 2009,

This system is well worthy of a purchase. It uses the Point And Figure technique. It's a well thought out scalping method. If you can't profit from this you shouldn't be trading in the Forex arena.You can't be following the system correctly. Unlike most system vendors this isn't a 'Take your money and run' purchase. George keeps in touch with his purchasers by sending them weekly videos of his trades and now a forum has been opened also. You get a lot more value for your purchase than you do with most system vendors.

When you purchase the system delve deeper into it. What is Point & Figure? Point'n'Figure charting was created by Charles Dow over 100 years ago. He made a fortune from it. It's a long forgotten art and not many people use it nowadays. The reason for it falling out of favour was simple: computers. Fancy pants charting with indicators that lag. Unbeknownst to most traders this method still works, and works well. Most fancy pants indicators lag behind the market. Point'n'Figure DOESN'T lag. It's based not on time, but upon price movement.Imagine a candlestick chart littered with small market moves, up down and sideways. Point'n'Figure throws these small, confusing and insignificant moves into the Dustbin of Hell and gives you a much clearer picture of where the market is heading. It removes the clutter from the candlestick screen and makes the charts easier to comprehend.

You can use Point'n'Figure charts on their own or use them in conjunction with candlestick charting. You can even use them with indicators. By not using Point'n'Figure at least as an aid leaves you at a considerable disadvantage, folks. Combine Point'n'Figure with the E-Z system and you become a formidable opponent. Next time you lose 10 pips it's because an E-Z system user has taken it. We're a Ninja force to be reckoned with thanks to George. Remember this next time you lose that 10 pips.

I've been so impressed by the Point'n'Figure method that I now have it automated on the Metatrader 4 platform. I can see instantly when a break is about to occur, and while all around me traders are scratching and losing their heads, I'm already in the trade taking their money, laughing all the way to the bank with my swag. I never leave home without it. My uncluttered screen pays dividends. What does your cluttered up screen tell you?

If you want to learn a different - and profitable - method of charting then purchase the E-Z system. It'll stand you in good stead for the next 100 years. George knows his business and is a high flyer in the Forex world, not just aboard a Jumbo jet. Well done, George, old chap.
Nicole French,
Atlanta, GA,
Sep 15, 2009,

Forex Made EZ is a great program for people to purchase if they want to learn Forex. I think the strategies help both novice traders, like myself, and provide more difficult strategies for the seasoned trader. George has always replied to my emails within 24 hours. In fact I was confused about something yesterday and emailed him and his assistant and they emailed me by the end of the day and gave me some pointers. Because of the email they sent I learned about a new indicator and I made my quota today without any stop losses. It was great. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to learn about Forex. It is the real deal.
Sep 22, 2009,

I would say again that the system is simple.And it makes u feel that u've got a very successful method to make u win every match.But,if u show this e-book to a much experienced trader,then he would be able to tell u atleast 101 strategies of same kind.I m not saying that those 101 strategies would be bogus.No,neither they would be,nor this E-book is.But a bitter truth of forex market is that such type of strategies can create profitable trades only few days.I tried it myself,made few starting trades with success.But then?The problem is that the market is not our slave,it would not get mercy on u and hit ur TP..Overall,the system is simple,can be used on demo and after that on live account too,but don't expect CONSISTENT positive results,as u see in the videos that every time,price is hitting the TP.
BUT the reason why i asked a refund,is not only bcoz i was not satisfied with the system,i could bear,but the main reason was the carelessness/laziness of the staff.Infact,i've read the same complaint from other traders too.Those,who've posted here good reviews about the great e-mail support,they r right in one sense.Infact,its like that.When George gets time and he is in good mood,he replies.Sometimes,even within few minutes(especially in weekends)But most of the times, u have to have a very good luck,to get ur mails replied.And bcoz of the nature of his strategies,u'll CERTAINLY need to contact him to understand the things better.But then,u'll not get any reply.

Anyways,u r surely going to get an email as soon as u contact Click bank to ask ur money back..George would,then,say-'Thanks' to u and surprisingly,would also be offering few new videos.
Terri G,
Scranton PA,
Sep 22, 2009,

Initially when I tried George's system, I had skimmed through the manual and jumped into scalping with his latitude line strategy. I didn't give it the time and attention it deserved. I consequently lost money.

I went back to his manual and read and reread it. I will admit initially, his manual seems a bit jumpy when you are reading through it, but once you read it a couple of times and study the videos it starts to make a lot more sense.

I found after really studying his videos that he sends out along with those in the manual, and studying how he moved his stops and exactly when and why he gets in and out, it really clicked for me.

I am not disciplined enough to trade for 5% a day. I don't have the discipline to wait for 5 or 6 good trades that are perfect for me. I also have a toddler at home, so I can't do all of the P&F tracking or Oscar tracking that he does. So I target 1-1.5% per day. I look for 1 solid trade of 6 pips with a 9 pip stop loss and I am aggressive with my stops. So if I don't do well on one trade, I may need to do 2 or 3 to get my 6 pips. I wait for the trading lines (his special indicator) to be lined up and going the same direction on the 5 and the 15, and once it rolls in that direction on the 1 min, that is my entry...I also use the Heikken Ashi candles as well on an additional 1 min chart, something new he has been working with lately, and it all works very well for me. I have, for the first time ever, been profitable with my forex trading. Using this method, I see no reason why I can't go on to make 25-30% ROI per month.

So for those who are saying George's system doesn't work, they haven't given it the opportunity it deserves. Also, George's videos that he sends out proves that he knows what he is doing (he is a genius at trading) and that his system works. I have also found a lot of success with his p1p2p3 setups when the market starts to chop me up while I am scalping.

The more I use his latitude system, the more successful I am, and the easier I find it to be. Lastly, George's customer service is unbelievable. He responds quickly, and is extremely nice and down to earth. If you have a question, he will answer it and quickly.

I am so happy to have found George's system after spending much more on systems that didn't work.
Coenraad Lubbe,
South Africa,
Oct 6, 2009,

A quick update, I have been fully refunded and recieved email support from George regarding this issue. I will buy george's next eBook (if he updates his) aswell and see if I feel the book is finnished to my satisfaction this time around. I think it is possible to make money using lattitude lines but if you sell a system like this it needs to be less discretionary and more black on white rules. I believe that 2 persons can use this system and put in totally differant trades. To me that is a sign that the system takes to much discretion on your own behalf. I hope George can improve his system or rather his eBook to be more clear and concise regarding entries and exits... Sorry for taking so long to update on my previous post George..

2009-09-09 2 Stars I bought this eBook a while back and I think it is incomplete, he does give a set of rules but a lot of his trading his videos contradict these rules. I emailed George for a refund but have not received any correspondance from him since that day.

Shawn C,
Gilmer, TX,
Oct 15, 2009,

My friend and I got this course back in the early part of the Summer. I didn't pay much attention to it and looked at more courses, indicators, robots. I focused my time on so much other stuff I was feeling frustrated. So I dusted off George's course and that is when I hit the "ah ha" moment. I always look forward to the weekly videos to learn more tips from George, Whats really great about the course is that you have the option to select one of the three methods George teaches. You can use Point & Figure or the P123 or just trade the latitude lines. Its simply up to you and that is whats great! And now they have added a members forum in which I am a part of. Its wonderful! I am helping other members with my ideas on the Mt4 section of the forum and making custom indicators with alerts so others will be able to benefit. If your looking for great support and members that will help you then look no further you will make the right choice with George Smith! I
Dec 10, 2009,

Hi all. I want to write about George C Smith and his team. This is a very understanding and kind people. I wrote to them that I want to buy the system, but I can not pay, because we do not have paypal. And expressed disappointment at the rise of system, because in our country is very low salary (about $ 200). And what do you think? They gave me a system without money. Pay then, if I can. Whow! Wow! Wow! I think that people can not do everyone. Moreover, they do not know me at all. I think that this case confirms that George C Smith did not a system, only to sell, how as many "traders" selling system. Regarding the system. Everything is very simply and clearly written, although I had some difficulties, because I'm not native English speaker. The system uses price action, and a couple of indicators to filter out false entry . In instructions no "water" - all of the case. I'm having some difficulties with the oscar, but I hope that face it.
For all the time I have tried many systems, including paid and I want to say that this deserves the highest rating.

Sorry for my English, as I wrote - I do not have them. I want to write a few words in the Cyrillic alphabet, so that the readers and the administration had no doubts that I do not shill.
Всем привет. Всем профитов!

P.S. For the administration. Excellent resource! About you know in our country (and the former ussr) You are one of the best:)
Greg G,
Dec 14, 2009,

I would like to start out by saying George is an amazing trader/teacher! Also the only reason you would not suceed at this method of trading is it's simplicity.It is simple and if your not prepared to trade in a evey simple manner every day making 2-5% profits a day (only risking 1-2%) per trade then this is not the system for you.But if you can over come that one obstacle and just put you trust in this method you will have sucess.You won't find a better staff than this team.Not to mention all this is topped off with a 60 day no risk period. Take control of your new career and join our community, Paco
Jan 21, 2010,

I bought this package after reading everyones reviews. i found the manual confusing and all higgigly piggily........there is no consistency at all....after 3 days of studying manual and getting nothing out of the system i wrote and asked for a refund. have written 4 e mails and have had no response at all. dont know what i'm doing wrong and why George wont answer my e mails. everyone else seems to rave about this company, but my experience has been terrible. i would not recommend this program at all.