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George C Smith

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4.514 · 81 REVIEWS
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George Smith,
Seattle, Washington,
Jan 27, 2010,

I'm George Smith, creator of Forex Trading Made E-Z.
I believe Kaye certainly deserves a reply to her concern
over her experience with our program. I believe my four
emails to her were either blocked or trashed by her ISP.
1/16 - Thank you for your purchase, Kaye. Please
email us if you have any problems or questions.
1/17 - Not to worry, Kaye. We will help you all we can.
1/24 - Hello Kaye. I've received notice from ClickBank
about your refund. That's no problem, but I'm sorry to
hear you are having trouble with the program. I take a
lot of interest in helping my students to succeed. I would
like to see you get ahead with Forex despite your unhappiness
with my program. Is there anything I can do or questions I
can answer that could help you in this regard? Please email
me with your concerns. Kind regards, George.
Feb 23, 2010,

I bought the system a few days ago but it did not fit in my schedule so I asked for a refund which was refunded within a couple of hours. The system might work very good if you have some background and know forex to some extent. Anyway, thank you George.
Feb 24, 2010,

George has a good method that will result in profits. It is not simple. It involves P& F charting, Oscar and 1-2-3 calculations, multiple indicators on multiple timeframes, and lattitude lines. Put all of that together and you have a complex system. However, if you diligently apply his methods, you will get a feel for the market that will make you a more successful trader. His attitude and desire to make every student successful is second to none.
Mar 19, 2010,

I signed up this week and they are still at $250 starting...maybe lost it all but the page doesn't say they are starting over every week, it says they are working towards making $500 a day...turning a 250acc to a 10000acc. The post are all in hindsight so you really don't know how many trades he wins or looses or money made or lost. Also i have been trying to contact him for 3 days now and cannot get a reply. I know it is not my spam blocker...i get all his marketing emails and i have no mail in my spam folder. The system is basic and fitting for the 4.95 14day trial put not a penny more because the system has no edge over the 500+ free systems with indicators, examples, and people you can get in contact with listed on forexfactory, forextsd, and fxfishermen.
David A.,
North Carolina,
May 3, 2010,

I can only say, that I see the simplicity of the system and for the price, it's far better than the one's wanting thousands just to get started! Demond, George's partner, has been most helpful and having talked with him on the phone, is in earnest in helping you becoming successful. I'm a complete newbie, but have gone up and down with their methods for the few days, win, lose, win..It is only because of my lack of experience and fear of losing. One, thing that you have to get over. They have a daily video of their trades showing when they win and lose. Also, George shows all the individual trades for the day. Quite honest fellows if you ask me!! Hope I can do you proud guys!
May 7, 2010,

First off, I would like to state that I am so sick and tired of hearing all of the whining that goes on about how disappointed some of you are with George Smith's system, Forex-Made-EZ. Why is society willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars, and a minimum of 4 years in college, as an investment towards a future? Even with this level of investment there is no guarantee of success. You spent a whopping $77! What do you expect?

And then, you gripe and complain because you don't get all of your questions answered in an email, or because customer service is not manned by a call center that can take your call. Give me a break! How much luck do you think you would have if you called up one of your professors after you;ve failed in your business a few years later? Wouldn't you think having spent a minimum of $40,000 on a degree would warrant that the institution would come to your house and hold your hand? Not on your life!

Let's do some math, like some like to taunt George with: four years, 40 grand, maybe if you're lucky in today's economy you can find a job the first year making 40 grand. Not likely, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Now, let's look at a Forex education. Most all of you who write these negative reviews have only been in Forex for less than a year. Granted, some for a few longer, but just stop and consider the amount of investment you're complaining about.

Let's make this more realistic. Most newbies read George's manual in one or two days. Opening a live account takes about a month to get up and running. (We won't even talk about demo accounts because they are no where near the same emotional dynamic.) Let's see, where were we? Oh yeah, you're expecting to make that 40 grand the first year after finishing your two day $77 education! Now wait a sec, you're expecting to grow your account by 5% a day. Let's say you open a minimal account for $250. Do the math! At the end of one year of trading at this rate your account would be worth over 84 million dollars, and all for a cost of $77 and two days of college. Give me another break!

Don't get me wrong here. I'm not going negative on George Smith. I'm going negative on you naysayers. How can you possible expect something that you only invested a couple of days in, along with the $77, to net you 84 million in the first year when four years and 40 grand only gets you 40 grand a year? Oh yeah, your beef is because George say's that making 5% a day will make you bunches of bucks, and you can't do it, you're all bent out of shape. It's all about POTENTIAL!

George is not giving you a guarantee of income, he's telling a math fact. Sure, he's using it in a marketing technique. But it's not a lie! Reaching potential is extremely hard to do. In your lifetime, you will never reach your full potential because it's an ongoing growth experience. Why do you think you will reach this 5% potential in your lifetime? Be real! You can not, and will not want to, trade every trading day of the year in order to make this happen. Besides, when your account gets to be sizable, you will find it emotionally impossible to risk the level necessary to make the 5%.

What George does with this 5% thing is to give you a GOAL which is very reachable on a daily basis. But can you trade everyday to make it possible to double your account every three weeks? Remember, this is what's possible, not what's probable. I am a full time trader. Sometimes I spend 40-60 hours a week watching the market and trading. Other times, I won't trade for weeks on end. There is no way I can double my account in three weeks, every three weeks.

Some of you people think this Forex thing is like winning the lottery, where you don't have to lift a finger, or put in any time. I spent a year and a half just trading the market, with real money, and losing almost ten thousand dollars before I learned how to trade. The method I trade is a compilation of all of George's techniques. This week I averaged better than 9% per day. What is my point? I PAID MY DUES! In essence, I went to college, put in the time and spent the money. Now I'm reaping the benefits. Why do some of you expect to make this happen in only a few days? And then to boot, you knock a guy's reputation and system because it's not the Holy Grail.

What about "Mea's"
Mark C.,
Denver, CO,
May 7, 2010,

I am reading the below reviews, and I have used George's product for the last few months. There is a lot of BS out there, and George's product is very good. For less than $100 it is well worth the investment. He seems to be a good guy that cares, and has always answered my questions. No one has all the answers, but I have incorporated some of his suggestions/methods successfully. I wonder if the less than good comments below are from individuals that are not either taking not responsibility for themselves or poorly incorporating his suggestions. Thanks George!
Sydney, Australia,
May 7, 2010,

Hi George,
Thanks for your emails and videos. I am still very bad at trading because I don't have enough time to study all the methods you told me to do. Sometimes or most of the times I forgot the strategy, etc, etc,.....
I am still learning, but I think I will get it.
I believe in your system.
Thanks again to you and your partner Desmond.

Ari paddyd.
Jeff Noyes,
Sooke BC ,
May 7, 2010,

I believe some of the comments I'm reading here are strictly
" pot-shots " at two of the most honest business men I have met on the internet.
I am in internet marketing myself, so I can totally relate to this issue.
A vast majority of the time, people will purchase a " business kit " or " trading system " hoping to get rich tomorrow.
These type of people see " pie in the sky " and expect a miricle to land on their lap.... all for just $50 !

Come on people ! let's get serious here.

The people making complaints here are clearly those type of people that gave it a go for less than ONE day, and then wanted their money back because they didn't make $500 off their tiny investment in 24hrs.

I have this same problem with my marketing kits.

People that have NO CLUE what they're even getting into buy things, then find out
" oh, there's work involved ? I have to make my OWN business successful ? but I thought this $50 system would make me rich by tomorrow ? "
Then they bail, ask for refunds, never follow through on ANY of the layed out material, and then go as far as to BASH YOU on a public forum.
I have learned the hard way in this business that you CAN NOT please everyone, and there will ALWAYS be one or five idiots that are so frustrated with their own
FAILURE ( usually attitude related )
that they take it out on the good people that were just trying to help them, and make a living too.
If anyone here expects to pay $50 for a trading system and see $500 per day start rolling in, with NO experience... GET REAL !

George and Demond have WAY MORE then a $50 value to their membership site. They give you access to SO MUCH information and videos and good tips, that it's almost overwhelming !

This leads me to believe there is NO POSSIBLE WAY these complaints I'm reading below are valid.
It means they are one of those people that gave it a try for 9 hours, didn't make any money, asked for a refund, then came here to bash a company that doesn't deserve the abuse.

Any of you fools in here think you can provide better service and a better system for $50 per month ?

I didn't think so.

Anyone complaining in here is a washed up plumber trying to become an expert trader over-night, with failure written all over them, and has probably followed them around their whole miserable lives.

I have learned so much from George and Demond about Forex Trading, I can't imagine anyone here complaining has REALLY talked to George or Demond personally at all.

George and Demond ALWAYS answer emails promptly.

There is NO WAY anyone here saying George and Demond don't reply is correct.
My guess is that George and Demond NEVER RECIEVED those emails in question... and then of course they wouldn't reply. THEY DIDN'T GET IT !

I have this issue too. Email marketing and communication is getting more and more crappy everyday.
More filters, more " spam " buttons. ISP block emails without even mentioning it to the sender or reciever.
I just personally spent a WHOLE DAY dealing with gmail.

They were blockin ANY emails that had a link to one of my domains in it. After a ton of complaints I looked into it.
Turns out Gmail was blocking emails to and from me, with that link in it. They couldn't even tell me WHY they started blocking it. It took some MAJOR arm twisting to get them to remove the block.
This is PROOF that ISP's are regularly blocking emails with NO MENTION to the sender or reciever.

If George or Demond didn't reply, it's because they never got your orriginal email.

I don't know George or Demond personally, and have never met either of them.

I do know that I have compared their system to MANY others.
Their's is not only the most reasonabley priced,
but is the EASIEST to follow, and they give you access to 10 times the information as other sites I looked into.

Apart from that George and Demond have to be the most honest two business guys I've met on the net.

All I ever see in their newsletters is TRUTHFULL information about their trading, and ABOVE BOARD sales techniques.

All the complaints below are void in my opinion, because they are from those " bad attitude " people that never gave it a go, or gave George or Demond a chance to REALLY help.

Again, NO $50 system will make you rich.

Only give you the education neccessary to BECOME an expert trader OVER TIME ! NOT TOMORROW.

It makes me sick to think people can come in here and take shots at a SOLID companies reputation, with NO consequences for their actions.

These people are washed up no-bodys that couldn't make a trade or even READ if their lives depended on it. They are the SAME slacker punks that I deal with.

These people sit around, hoping that a $50 investment in some
" magic software " is going to replace their plumbing job by tomorrow.

Get Real People.

There is no other more honest and/or better system out there for getting into forex tradiing then
Forex make EZ

And you will NEVER find two more honest guys in the biz.

Even in the comlaints below you can read for yourself.
One guy claims he looked through it ( first day ) then asked for a refund !

This is a business ! it takes time to grow !

The people complaining here have NO BUSINESS making such claims. They know NOTHING and are willing to blame others for their poor finances.

These type of people are also the same people that buy things on ebay, break it, then try to say it was broken when they got it, and DEMAND A FULL REFUND !

ANYONE here that has done ANY online selling has delt with these type of clowns.

All I see in here are a few angry fools trying to blame a Solid company for their pathetic failures in life.


Stop trying to ruin the reputation of two of the most honest people on the net.
George and Demond at Forex Trading Made EZ are the ONLY guys I would trust in the forex business, and I read far too many success stories dealing with Forex Trading Made EZ to believe a word of the crap I'm reading below.

Why don't you complainers post a link to YOUR website so we can bash it ?
sorry, what's that ?

OH !

you don't have a website !?
OH, you don't sell anything online !?
So, you have no idea what you're talking about and don't know what it's like to spend YEARS building a SOLID business online and then having some two-bit morron come into a public forum to bash your hard work and try to ruin sales for you ?

Thought so !

I wouldn't at ALL be suprised if the negative comments below were posted by George and Demond's COMPETITORS trying to take their rating down.

If you're SERIOUS about getting into forex trading,
Forex Trading Made EZ with George and Demond is where you need to go.
Look no further. You'd be wasting your own time.


David Brawner,
Marietta, GA,
May 7, 2010,

I have used George's methods as the basis for my forex trading for well over two years now. I especially appreciate the time he puts into keeping his customers updated with weekly and sometimes daily charts of his own trades.

He's a far cry from the junk pushers out there with strategies that can't even be executed in real life because their signals are based on indicators that aren't confirmed until a bar closes.

George, and his assistant Demond, have always been quickly responsive to my questions and comments.

We differ on how we set stops and position sizes, but his system remains the core of my trading strategy.