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Out of business Tony Awunor
Updated: Apr 13, 2022

2008-05-22 Scam Confirmed!

This company is blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army. We recommend against doing business with this company.

Website is down.  Company seems to be out of business.  If the software had really worked, Tony Awunor would still be in business.  We are happy that there is now one less scammer selling overpriced repainting indicators.
2.418 • 7 REVIEWS

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May 21, 2008,

Issue escalated to Traders Court FPA Scam Confirmation against Tony Awunor and | GUILTY
This case has been confirmed as scam. is now blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.

2008-03-27 Hello, I've been scammed badly by They sell a forex software for 4,500 Euro and claimed, it is the worlds best forex software. Indeed, the screenshots on the site look awesome. I called the seller and asked a lot of questions, most importantly, if the indicators would repaint. He always said no.The mean thing is, I found good reviews about the software here on FB, also in another forum.But when I googled the reviewer names, noone is found. OK, I paid the seller, got the software promptly via email, installed everything, and already the first signal was a joke and went 200 pips against me.The indicator arrows in the software keep moving with every candle, when I found that out I almost fainted,because the software is absolutely useless. I called him, but he is a very unfriendly guy, insulted me and refuses to give my money back. In fact, the website claimes, that it is a "company", truth is, only he works there, Mr.Awunor, and keeps cheating people. The software is nothing like free indicators, fibo retracement, trend lines, that's it. He doesnt give demo, now I know why.
Mos. G
May 13, 2008,

Its suprise to see what people are saying about tradeoracle, its not true.
I first saw few reviews here in forexbastard about the product,and very confusing statements from Diff. individuals,some haven`t seen or know how the software first i was in doubt if the software will actually perform as claimed,Besides i felt if any thing goes wrong i can be able to pay them a visit in swiss
At the end of the day i made up my mind to buy the software,after all i have lost so much in prosignal, vantage point,pip boxer,e.t.c infact so many that i can`t keep track of. my first week of using the software covered the EUR4500 i bought the software with. Till date i am still making money with it,the only time i noticed that Arrow repaints was during News time(saw this Once),at the end it goes back to where it started to repaint,my observation is that since i got the software it repainted only once.
conclusively tradeoracle is great, am happy to be winning my trades now instead of lossing my hard earned money to brokers. Now that i apply MM i am making a killing with the software. tradeoracle Pro is etter than any signal system i have ever seen....was really happy that i did not believe so many reviews and opinion here in this forum, but not suprise,even isaac Newton was ignored and laughted at when he promugated law of gravity, e.t.c but today most of his formula and work

Moderation Team Note. Mos. G posted this using an anonymous proxy. This review could have come from anywhere, even Tony Awunor's desk.

If Tony Awunor's software had been any good, he'd still be in business. It was a scam and he's gone.
Sydney Australia,
May 9, 2008,

What an intellectual giant this fellow is from trade oracle. I was just on the verge of buying this software, but after seeing the "customer service" provided in the form of the posts to this discussion, that idea went down quicker than a 17th century helicopter.
Thank you trade oracle. All my questions have been answered in your post.
Thank you FPA for bringing such insects into the light where their worth can be determined.
Dallas, Texas,
May 7, 2008,

The right or wrong of this matter can be derived from one word:"repaint." Any indicator that repaints is invalid as a trading tool-- no different than buying a betting tip after the results are in. Any wannabe trader who would consider sending a penny to a low life who posts "...go **** your self lame loser....," and " stupidity lead you to trade...," has a lot to learn about the real world. Trading is a high stakes profession, not a hobby. Remember the old proverb: "Those who can do. Those who can't teach. Those who can do neither sell forex software on the internet for 4,500 Euros to those naive enough to buy it!"
Apr 16, 2008,

rating removed - companies are not allowed to rate themselves

It has come to my attention,And it infuriates me how you have dubiously tried to drag our name down for no reason.
You did ask for refund less than two seconds you got the system,which implys that you haven't even installed it on your platform. thereafter the screen shot you provided me was not the system i sent to you as in respect of having all the system i provided you to be installed on the same platform, i will provide proof to that effect......instead you stupidity lead you to trade on a time frame that was not specified on our trading manuals.
this was one of your responds thereafter.......

Dear Tony,

I got your tradeoracle, it looks impressive. Hope I don't make any mistakes and it works also in future.
But I am very very happy.
My bank told me, they can't make a very quick transfer to you. So it could take till Tuesday / Wednesday.
I am mad at them, because they told me otherwise.
Anyways, if till Wednesday your money is not there, tell me.

Have a great evening,


Even before you bought and after,you have tried to hack our site and system,well to h*** with you.
Honest people who have been using our system are satisfied except you bloody a** Liar.

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: Now that Tony Awunor has closed his little scam business, we hope that he's taking some time to work on his anger management issues.
Darell Shaffer
Apr 10, 2008,

This is an update of my previous review.

I am lowering my initial review from excellent to average. I want to address some of the concerns that have been raised in other posts. First of all, the indicators DO repaint. I did not ask if they did or not, but they do. On the other hand that fact alone does not invalidate trade oracle as a tool. Secondly, even if all the indicators can be found in other settings, that does not invalidate their value. It may make them ferociously over priced, depending on your budget. Finally, this collection of indicators is not a trading system that will make money in the hands of someone who has not bothered to learn Forex.
So for me personally I stand by my initial assessment: I like the system, I have been able to use it to make profitable trades, and I don't care about the price. But I recognize that it may be poorly suited to someone who is beginning, someone who wants more of a "buy here sell there" system, or someone who does not consider 4500 dollars to be disposable income.

2007-12-12 5 Stars TradeOracle is an extraordinary product. It is not cheap, the current price is $4500 US. The package consists of 7 indicators and 1 template for metatrader 4. Mine arrived for some reason with no users manual, and I have only had the product for a day, so the following observations are preliminary. However, I can say already that I consider this product well worth the price. The indicator called "pointer" paints up and down arrows on the chart, any pair, any time frame. And a preliminary review reveals that these arrows nail the reversals with about 98% accuracy. I really have never seen anything like this, and I have looked at anything and everything in the forex market that I could get my hands on. A second indicator, called "pip sweeper" draws intersecting lines in multiples of basic fibonacci distances. There are other features that I don't yet understand, but really, if you only had the up and down arrows and just bought on the up arrow and sell on the down, you would make money. A lot of it.

I am not connected in any way with the seller. I have no financial interest in this product. He does not offer a trial period or a demo. But look at the screen shots on the website. No BS, if you can't make money with this product, take up another career.
Lisboa, Portugal,
Mar 24, 2008,

Stay away from this illusionist. 4500 EUROS for a free FX system which repaints in order to produce fancy screenshots. Nothing more.
Feb 12, 2008,

hi guys,

after testing out many softwares and many losses i tried as a last chance tradeoracle as a software. first of all i need to say that the price of the software for me was to high, but then i recognized that i lost 10 times more money without having that software. so i decided to go with tradeoracle. i need really to say that i am so happy now with this software and i can recommend it to all of you guys. i want say many thanks to tradeoracle and its service.

Andrea Holfman
Feb 12, 2008,

I was very surprised to read here a comment about calling tradeoracle a scam.I think the person person who wrote it was clicking something wrong or the person is making false accusation.
Tradeoracle is a manual trading system I have been using this Manual System already 5 months and have just bought The updated version.These systems really works and brings money to me. Specially Tradeoracle Pro is real good!In a few weeks made 67 successful trades from 70 total $56k in profit.some times i place my trade and go away.
All this claims of scam is not true,for Example AJw claimed that they are using murray maths and other indicator which are freely available on the internet,the obviouse truth is that Tradeoracle people have all the screen shots freely available for any one to see on their website,so you actually saw what you bought before placing order,so you appear to be the scamer itself......beside`these guys are so nice that if I have any questions I get answers fast and clear to understand.Guys from Tradeoracle team works accurate and very honest.
I am so proud to say it loud and clear that i have made serious money with this software,that i think i will be donating some cash to them from my profits. to keep my pen short,no other software like tradeoracle period,beleieve it or not
South Africa,
Feb 3, 2008,

Unfortunately - I've paid the full amount to this SCAM artist before I received the "package". All the Indicators are freely available on (see Murrey Math Trading System) and the developer is "xard777". This Scam Artist blatently copied this guy's work and start selling it to the trading public. The Manual (3 pages) - by the way - is also copied from this same source. When I asked my money back - he - believe it or not - called me a scammer...! I don't know how to get my money back and if there is someone out there that can advise me in this matter, I will appreciate it very much. I don't think I will ever get my money back however.