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Updated: Nov 3, 2015
4.545 · 11 REVIEWS
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4.545 · 11 REVIEWS
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San Diego, USA,
Nov 2, 2015,

Not that good.. All about astrology trading.. if you talk about other types of trading you get banned by a guy named Stoxx. Used to be better two years ago.. but has gone downhill fast. I do not recommend unless you trade moon phazes. Hardly anybody talks on the chat anymore, for fear of being banned.
Toronto, Canada,
Feb 6, 2009,

Great place to chat live with experienced traders, spammers and advertiser get kicked really fast..

#forex is very active channel, there is a great irc client built right into there site, or just connect with your own irc client..

Dec 5, 2008,

ircForex is an affiliate-free IRC network specializing in forex discussion. It harbors a diverse and helpful community in a casual environment allowing for collaborative trading of all skill levels.
Nov 15, 2008,

Have you ever searched the internet looking for a live forex chat room, with lots of other traders, whom are all actually talking(it gets quiet though during weekends, since the markets are closed)? Well these guys are it. It has a nice personable experience and the community are very helpful.

Sep 5, 2008,

The best traders with experience always willing to help. The greatest community of Forex traders that I find on world wide web. I give them 5 stars.
Jun 1, 2008,

I enjoy the community, great place to meet other successful traders.
Oregon, USA,
Dec 26, 2007,

Great place to chat, and meet other traders from different backgrounds all over the world. wide variety of knowledge. they have user forums as well as video repository. the golden rule is always applied no matter what you trade/scalp or who you are. hope to see you all there!
Dec 26, 2007,

These guys have a great site and a great community. The best part is the irc chatroom where you can talk to people live.
Ontario Canada,
Dec 21, 2007,

Great site, a lot of experienced live traders to learn from. Most active forex chat on the net. Idles with over 50 users from all over the world. I have learned a lot since joining this site, people post there charts in chat and are willing to give opinions on your trades and setup.
Vancouver Canada,
Dec 4, 2007,

A good site, helpful people and nice community. It's mostly a chatroom but there is forums as well. The chat is a nice place to hang out or discuss trading details. Unlike other forex chat rooms I been to I'd say this is the most ACTIVE chat room I've been to. Maybe one day I will chat with YOU there..