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Updated: Jul 31, 2018
3.224 · 66 REVIEWS
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Formerly at ForexEASystems.com

Forex21 develops automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform. Forex21's MT4 EAs include ProFx 3.0, Fx Pulse 3.0, Forex Kinetics, EA Shark Ultimate for online currency trading. One of the forex robots from Forex21 have been forward tested on demo accounts by the Forex Peace Army™

Forex21.com (Formerly ForexEASystems.com)

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StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
EA Shark Ultimate-1.5312.1-16.989

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3.224 · 66 REVIEWS
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Willie Barnes,
Co.Antrim, United Kingdom,
Dec 21, 2017,

great system and support

very good system, very nice guy,
great forum and support.
just look at his profit.....its amazing.
Onyebuchim C. Obike,
Feb 6, 2017,
Registered user

I've been a partner (promoter/affiliate) with Forex21. I decided quitting the partnership due to unprofessional treatment from Forex21.

I've been a partner (promoter/affiliate) with Forex21. I decided quitting the partnership due to unprofessional treatment from Forex21.

I had generated some good amount of sales up to $200 plus excluding lots of pending commissions, which were hanging. The issue started when I observed that the pending commissions were hanging longer than usual. I informed them about it and they promised to sort it out. After a while it was sorted out. Later on more sales came in and were accumulating and pending again like before. I informed them about this on April 27, 2016 and they said Commission approval on my account has been changed from automatic to manual because I mainly reffered freebie users and had a high number of duplicates in the past. I told them that it is not in my power to decide users choice and that should not give room for lengthy delay in processing refereed sales. Even after their response nothing still was done. Weeks passed and going to month nothing was done.

This made me apprehensive and scared so I sent several emails on this issue to them and got no reply. Whn they are online on Skype I made calls and it was not picked. Later on 24th August, 2016 I sent a message to them on Skype informing them of the same issue and inquired if my partnership account can be closed and my pending and outstanding commissions paid to me due to the treatment I was getting from them.

Then I got a message from them that I was flooding their email and skype with spam. That not until I reached the minimum payout before my commissions can be paid to me. I explained to him that I was not spamming but rather as a result of the silence going to months I had to send several requests to get audience. In response he made unsavory statements against me - calling me a story teller and all that. Then he said my account will be closed and If there is any commission pending, it will be paid out to me that same day.

Few minutes later he wrote to me that the min. payout amount was not reached on my account. That's why he cannot close my account (otherwise the commission would be lost) but instead changed the status of my account from active to pending. I found this confusing and sent an email to get more understanding on the following:

1. Since the account is now on pending mode, will it disable referrals? He responded that the account is disabled, not in pending mode. Referrals will be still counted. This is different from what he said earlier on.

2. I noticed I could no longer get access to the affiliate panel. Is this because of the account status on pending mode? He responded that following my request, they disabled the account. CP panel is only reachable for active affiliate accounts. This means I will not be able to track sales and referrals.

3. Due to unforeseen circumstances can't I withdraw what's left (pending and outstanding) and close the account? He responded that commissions are automatically paid out when the min. withdrawal limit is reached.

The above response clearly showed that I was in a serious fix.

Despite the above, I never stopped promoting or marketing their products till date since they said my refferals will still count and I have to reach min payout though I had wanted to exit from the partnership. Weeks later I couldn't track sales and referrals again since I did not have access to the Affiliate Panel. I requested for reactivation of my account to enable me track my sales but no response. Since no response I requested to know from them my sales performance and no response. I tried calling and calling and no one picks the phone. I began to think of considering consulting legal assistance or other regulatory assistance. I sent direct messages on their facebook page and forum and no one answers.

Their deliberate silence appears to look like they have done away with my commissions unless I'm wrong. It is expected that a firm like Forex21 should not act this way as customers and partners should get audience at all times.

Jun 23, 2008 - No Rating I'm really suprised to hear people say their Griffin 3.0 Ultimate worked. Since I bought mine, it has never taken any trades at ALLLLL. I too have faced the same problems of No Reply or Very Slow reply to support needs. Has anyone ever gotten support through their Yahoo Messenger? Cos they're always offline. At the moment my issue is with the Scamming Investigation Panel bcos its been months since i bought it and it never took any trade. They have said they would fix it and gave me Griffin 3.0 Ultimate which ended up the same way NOT TAKING TRADES. I use to have a high regard for their products but now i'm 90% unsure.
Bangkok, Thailand,
Jan 4, 2017,
Registered user


The ProFX 4 seems like an average 30M time frame trend follow system, I tried it for a few days. Not the system I expect it to be, so i decide to get a refund. The vendor promise refund within 3 days. It's been almost 7 days, still no refund. I could say the vendor is SCAM.
London, United Kingdom,
Dec 14, 2016,
Registered user

Not what I hoped for

I tried the manual system and the automated system for a few months. The automated I never really got on with it. I tried it but in the end I didn't like letting the robot do everything for me. This isn't really anything against the system itself. I preferred using the manual system but overall I lost some money (not much but a bit). it isn't a terrible system but I have stopped using it.
Tim W,
Chiang Mai, Thailand,
Dec 1, 2016,
Registered user

Much better than the previous 3.0 version. A very good system, IF you follow the rules.

This review is for the ProFX 4.0 manual trading system. I'm a part-timer forex trader with several years of experience. I purchased this system directly from the Forex21.com website.

The trading rules are simple: Wait for an arrow to appear between the hours of 0900 - 1800 GMT on the 30-minute time frame. The template clearly shows the trading hours each day to avoid trading at the wrong times. When an arrow paints, check the trend of the 4-hour time frame. If the trend of the 4-hour chart agrees with the current arrow on the 30-minute time frame, then you can enter a trade. As with any trading system, be careful entering trades around the times of major news announcements. At the Forex21 website, you can download a FREE news calendar called FX Pulse 4.0 that supports eleven languages and can be customized to your chart. The exit rules for the ProFX 4.0 are simple, with an example given in the PDF manual. Most bad trades can be exited before hitting your stop loss, IF you follow the rules. The system works best with major pairs like the GBP / USD or EUR / USD, but is certainly not limited to only a couple pairs. I currently have the system loaded to four charts.

The system does NOT repaint the arrows, but you will only see the most recent UP and DOWN arrow on the chart. The expert adviser that comes with the system has a trailing stop parameter if you wish to use one. I prefer not to use a trailing stop.

My success using this system has been very good. The key to any good forex trading system is to risk no more than 3% of your account on each trade. Personally, I would suggest risking no more than 2%. If you keep your risk low, you can withstand the draw down of a few losses without blowing your account. Leveraging is the DEVIL and it's the downfall of many traders. A trader can become over-confident when several trades in a row are winners, but then lose it all back with just one losing trade when the risk is set too high.

The ProFX 4.0 has one PROBLEM: The risk for the system can be set under the Inputs Tab using a fixed lot size OR by using a percentage. Unfortunately, the percentage setting does not work. I contacted Andrew about this bug and he agreed that the percent risk setting is not working correctly. Andrew said that he would fix the problem in the near future. I removed a star because of this problem. After it is fixed, I will return here and post an update to my review.

The price is right for the system- only $149. There's a 7 -day refund policy if you don't like it. I've tested a lot of forex trading systems over the years, both free and paid, and the ProFX 4.0 is one of the best. I confess that I tried the old 3.0 version, but got a refund. The 4.0 version has several changes and is a much better trading system with a 'cleaner' template. Simple is best, when it comes to trading.
Osama Shaban,
Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,
Apr 23, 2015,

Very bad customer service. I sent to Mr. Andrew an email asking him if they accept Skrill payment as I can't pay using PayPal, he replied in few hours. This is ok at this point. But after they received the payment, I wait for 2 days and no response from them. Talk to them online on Skype, they are online as well but no answer at all. Sent them emails, again no response. After 9th day, I sent them skype message telling them I will write a bad review for them at FPA, then I got their reply in few hours.

According to my bad experience, I have no trust to use their EA or rely on their customer service in case if I need their urgent help during my live trading. This makes me to ask for refunding me what I have had pay, they told me Skrill payments are not refundable.

All proofs are available is anyone want to see they.

I believe they are not reliable at all, very bad customer service that you can't trust, and as I noticed that many of traders here are not happy at all. I wounder how they got 3.5/5 stars ...
Jim W,
New Mexico, USA,
Jan 21, 2015,

you can never love martingales. As with most martingales, it gives good results until it does not and when it does not it hearts an account. Ran for two months and was up 37%. Cad news came out and took that out and more. I think over all it will lose money.
Batumi, Georgia,
Aug 18, 2014,

I had a good experience with the previous version of their profx manual system. Waiting for the automated version.
Katowice, Poland,
Jun 23, 2014,

After the rebranding they became more solid - imho, especially with their product line of automated and semi automated systems
Berkeley , USA,
Apr 22, 2013,

I bought Shark 7 after reviewing the product and being suckered in by the profit or money back guarantee. After using the system I've noticed it's far less productive then other systems I have used and made few trades most of them barely break even. I expressed my dissatisfaction with the results to the support an sales emails given on the website and still have yet to receive response. At this point I just want a refund and I have emailed them 5 times in the last two weeks with no response. I refuse to be duped so I will find a way to recover what I invested in their trading software.