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Updated: Apr 6, 2018
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Apr 3, 2018,
Registered user


Does not respond to emails. Does not honor refunds. Software is riddled with bugs and does not work as advertised.

Mar 11, 2010,

Ok David, so version 2 is out - finally. About 9 months late. Wouldn't be so bad if i'd had updates about what was going on - but nothing.

Part of a 'great product' is at least acceptable customer service. The only reason i found a new version had come out is that i noticed a different look to VTS when, by chance, i went to the iexpertadvisor home page.

That's right, even though i'm an existing customer and should have received the upgrade, it wasn't sent out. But not only that, to add insult, you dropped the price of version 2 and offered bonuses with it!

So i paid $60 more money for a half-baked first version - ie it didn't work properly - waited months in limbo without a decent working version, and didn't get the new version when it was released.

I'm not going to contact you directly - let's see how long it takes - if ever - for you to send me the current version. (I wouldn't be surprised if you lost my email address.)

If i get it and it actually works i may update this review to reflect that, but until then you have one unhappy customer.

w009-07-05 2 stars Great to see your response David, and that you apparently want to provide a great product.

However it's now more than a month after you wrote your post and i still haven't seen version 2 or the revised help files.

If the revised version exists, it needs a higher level of customer support. And if not, there's a real problem given that email i received from you in February said that VTS2 would be coming out 'in about 2 months'!

2009-05-11 2 stars This review relates only to version 1 of iExpertAdvisor's Visual Traders Studio (VTS), which lets you build expert advisors without programming knowledge.

The product has tremendous potential, but it falls down in big ways. Using the templates provided, you can build an ea within minutes, however the quality of them is dubious. One template for a price driven ea, for example, has a foundation of the ask being higher than the last high before opening a buy. If you watch it while it runs, though, you can see it open several buys where the ask is below the last high.

Given VTS is directed in large part to people who don't program, the documentation is thin. While it clearly explains what you need to do to build an advisor, it doesn't go over the many options for variables you can add in. So you either have to have some knowledge of MetaQuotes Language (MQL) or work it out for yourself. The email support is largely woeful in that you typically don't get a reply. When you do, though, it's usually helpful.

The system doesn't look very good and is clunky to boot, with various bugs in the way it works. It loses window focus, so that you can be working on it one minute, then unexpectedly out of it the next, so you have to bring it back to work on it again.

All in all, great potential, but poorly realised - so far. Maybe version 2 will go at least some way to fixing that.
David Williams,
Mar 2, 2010,

It's David here again. I apologize for not responding sooner. I released version 2.0 of Visual Traders Studio for MetaTrader in January 2010.
VTS 2.0 is completely redesigned. I've addresses all know bugs, windows losing focus, etc. Furthermore the templates have been upgraded to control such things as how many trades an EA opens.
VTS is a living product, I continue to listen to the feedback from customers and provide updates. I am truly interested in creating a great product.
David Williams,
May 26, 2009,

Hi, this is David Williams, the creator of Visual Traders Studio.

I think the above review of VTS, version 1.0, is generally fair, and I'd like to respond to the review.

I have updated the version 1 templates to address any quality issues.

The version 2.0 user interface has been completely rebuilt addressing any loss of focus.

Likewise, the help files have been rewritten to coincide with the improved user interface.

I am absolutely dedicated to providing a great product, As we all know, there are many scams in this industry - VTS is not one of them.