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Updated: May 30, 2016
2.969 · 13 REVIEWS
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2.969 · 13 REVIEWS
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Mar 16, 2012,

Investools is too expensive. Once you sign-up for classes you will be assigned an education couselor who will constantly try to sell you more products. Completing the classes does not guarantee you will be approved to do options trading above level I.
Get your investing education elsewhere.
Dec 22, 2009,

It is true that Investools is relatively costly; however, the school of hard knocks is much, much, much more expensive. I have an MBA and investing strategies aren't taught at school. The only place where I was fortunate to get an investor education was at Investools. After 1 year with Investools, I'm able to pay for my education month over month.
Oct 20, 2009,

Sooo disappointed...While there was some interesting information, it was nevertheless a glorified infomercial...i thought they would commit more time to teaching...it was 75% sales pitch and even a hard sell after lunch on the first day!!!!At the end of the day, they sent you home with a book that described the level of commitment you want to put in!!! The prices ranged from $4,000 to $15,000 to $22,000..and that was discounted...buyer beware..
Sep 21, 2008,

My experience has been excellent. Starting out as a beginner their online education is was perfect. They have two online FX courses, and then my favorite are their trading rooms. They are 45 min webinar lessons that have audio and video, feeling like an interactive lesson. They do a great job on teaching you principles that allow you to be successful. I was able to turn $200 into $2,000 in a weeks worth of time. Granted, I did a lot of paper trading first (as they recommend) and backtesting (they also recommend) multiple systems until I went live with real money. So yes, if you put in the hard study time and due diligence it is great.

Having said that, I was never exposed to their coaches, live seminars, upselling, or any live people from investools.

Apr 19, 2008,

The story all sounds good, in fact the theorey is sound.
The truth is, it's pretty much the same learning you can find from any number of sources...
The problem is that beyond course materials, which really are not worth more than a 2 or 3 typical 'dummies' book, essentially zero value is provided.
Especially true of the coaching, coaching only serves more to confuse you than anything else.
Which makes total sense, if you actually learn something, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO BE UP-SOLD ON ANYTHING ELSE???
(please realize if you got value, you'd practically follow to the end of the earth, here you are sold into starting at the end of the earth, and tricked into going beyond, do not be fooled )
20+ years experience in instructional design and delivery, 'never seen a training methodology so fundamentally inefficent and flawed.
It's well known most people tend to learn more effiecently from specifics to generalizations, here the instructional system is designed the opposite way around (general / discovery modes to specific, and that additional tendancy towards discovery learning only multiplies the ineffectiveness).
At least Look for something where you truely have the option to evaluate whether the program is for you or not, i.e. a reasonable refund period, not that upsell tactic pulled on you while you are all pumped up on what you are likely not to achieve (show odds in being successful better than 1 in 20 please).
Realistically, doing this alone may not have directly helped my situation.
However, if enough charges are disputed, the credit card company freezes the merchant's account....
And then the merchant is forced to be legitimate, or go away and stop over-selling everyone.
Charlotte, NC,
Oct 7, 2007,

I have been an Investools Forex student for 2 years. In my first year I lost about $2000.00. But, now in my second year I am up 100% (or $5000.00) for the year , so far.
There is definitely a commitment to the education that is needed. As stated in an earlier review, they do not give you a system, but help you to develop a system that goes best with your own personality. You will not make money right off the bat! But, you must realize that there has to be a long term commitment to forex trading & the continued education, in order to be successful. Investools is a great place to get that education.
I read on an earlier review that the instructors did not have much of a forex background. That is not entirely correct. There are instructors that have many years of experience like Eric Utely for example. In conclusion, I would highly recommend this education.
Sep 23, 2007,

I've had friends who have been using Investools for years for equities and derivatives, and they have a great curriculum for beginners who want to get to know the basics.

If you have the time, all the same information can be found online. But let's face facts, most of us are lazy. So that's what you're paying for, being force fed information that you couldn't learn on your own. Plus the experience that each instructor + coach brings to the table, emphasizing consistency and discipline can do wonders for trading strategies...

However, if you're already versed in equities and derivatives and are now interested in FOREX, the coaches and instructors have no prior currencies market experience other than retail dabbling.

Read what you can online and you'll be much better off, because in this case, the coaches and instructors are doing the exact same thing you are.
Colorado Springs,
Sep 19, 2007,

I have completed both Investools stock/option courses and their Forex courses. Their courses require a lot commitment and their emphasis is on teaching you about fundamentals, price action, volume,support/resistance and indicators. They do NOT just give you a system to use. If you make the commitment, you will know a lot about how to reach the charts. I felt they did a better job with their stock/option classes than they did with the Forex. They do spend a lot of time trying to sell you more classes which I actually complained about on several occasions. I still use their charts and have on occasion tried other charting services and have always gone back to their charts (Prophet Charts). They also recommended Refco in their forex classes and of course that was a bad choice...

Basically, you will learn how to trade on your own in the Investools classes. You are not given a system to blindly follow.
Whitby , Ontario [Canada, of course!!],
Aug 12, 2007,

I went to an Investools Forex seminar a couple of years ago, after going to a "4X Made Easy" seminar a few months before that. Because I was so interested in the latter, and I guess I looked ready to invest, they sent to an "all day" training session for 4X Made Easy. There was more information, and, of course, more "come-ons", more items that they wanted to sell you.

Good thing that I couldn't afford the software for either product at that time. What prompted this review was that I went back to an Investools seminar a few weeks ago, the one for their stock trading tools, their website. But I began thinking again about Forex. And because I will have enough cash to buy Forex software in about 3-4 weeks, I did something uncharacteristic. I began checking out Investools on the web. That led me to Felix's site [and coincidentally to these reviews]. Then I found the OANDA reviews and read over 100 of them, and visited their site. Then I found out about Tom Yeoman, and visited his site.

What is the point of all this writing, and what does it have to do with Investools?? I have realized that I was just about to make a big mistake - spending $2500 for software when I don't even know whether the software is effective, nor much about the market I am getting into.

Felix's site has made me realize that I can get a great deal of "unbiased" Forex information for free. I can educate myself and do experiments. Even should I lose $500 in trading mistakes, I will still be $2000 ahead.

Then if I re-evaluate Investools software, I WILL KNOW WHAT I AM LOOKING AT AND WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR. [Thanks Felix!!] So take a tip from my experience - learn as much as you can about Forex from the sites linked from this one, and then do some low-cost trading on a site such as OANDA and gain experience.

Good Luck!! Jim
Charleston, SC,
Aug 11, 2007,

I believe the software looks interesting and could be potentially very helpful for trading. At this time I am more interested in Forex so perhaps I will try investools in the future.