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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.414 · 6 REVIEWS
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3.414 · 6 REVIEWS
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George Sanders,
Northern California,
Feb 16, 2009,

V.1.3 seems to deliver what it promises in the back testing I have done, though I did increase the Stop Loss to trade more aggressively. Going live with it soon. I haven't tried his bonuses, but who needs them with a robust system like this? How many things can you do well at one time? The developer is a very honest fellow--good tech support if you need it. If it does as well in live trading as it did in my back testing, I will give in 5 Stars. In March he will come out with updates on all three version, which he gives you for the price of one.
May 24, 2008,

Bought this a few weeks ago and so far it has been profitable. As others have mentioned, its basically a breakout EA with some added bells and whistles. Seems to work okay but drawdown can be a killer with these type of systems. The bonus trading systems are also decent and the entire package is worth the money in my opinion.
Garrett Francis,
Oklahoma City,
Feb 17, 2008,

I purchased Kiss Futures System recently and was very pleased with the information and system. My problem was I was personally not set up for it. Nothing against the system because it was fabulous, and the guy that ran it is top notch. He allowed me a refund with no questions asked and you couldn't ask for a better administrator. If you have the right platform and internet connection I would purchase this system immediately.
Lisboa, Portugal,
Dec 28, 2007,

It didnt work for me either, I dont believe EA's that cannot be backtested. I have several strong EA's that trade my live accounts and they all won in the backtests for the past 7 years. An EA that isnt stable for me over the past 7 years is no good. However I got my refund :)
Sara Linley,
Amherst, MA,
Dec 27, 2007,

All in all I would say this program is worth the money. Not 5 stars (I havent found a paid service yet that should be 5 stars) but its also better then 3 stars.

The main trading system he teaches is a simple breakout system that is probably not unique but I havent seen it anywhere else out there. As the other poster said, the EA is worth the price of this because you can configure it to trade many different breakout systems including the popular "power break challenge" that is all the rage on the internet right now.

The bonus systems are also interesting and I am convinced you can trade them all to make money which is a lot better then most of the crap that is out there.

My only advice is to use small leverage and small lot sizes because large drawdowns are expected. The seller tells you this in advance so nobody should risk their account on this. Trading with small lot sizes and compounding your pips each month I think you could make a steady 5-10% per month which is a nice addition to my current methods of trading.
California, U.S.,
Dec 17, 2007,

Bought the KissFutures system because he advertised it as "simple set and forget". Not true! The first thing he says in his locked and unprintable pdf document is that the settings have to be adjusted every few weeks. He provides an Expert Advisor software that expires every few weeks. So you constantly have to get a new version.

I started it up on a demo account and there was not a single positive trade. I tried to back test it and it failed miserably. When I tried to get support he finally responded by saying backtesting was not possible. He recommended just forward trading it. So any of the claims he makes on his web site can not be verified.

He provides additional bonus systems. One is a forex news event betting scheme that he even admits doesn't work anymore. One is a "cherry picking" service that he won't let you backtest until you've been with him for 3 months. One is a signal service which I didn't even get one signal the entire time before I got my refund.

I won't say it's a scam but it sure doesn't live up to the hype on his website. Beware!