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Updated: Jun 11, 2018
4.58 · 53 REVIEWS
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4.58 · 53 REVIEWS
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jakarta, Indonesia,
Jun 9, 2013,

Not independence review about forex brokers. Tool of economy impact is bad. too different economy calendar with forex factory or forexpros. but good contest demo.

we hope you fix Tool of economy impact .
, Philippines,
Jun 7, 2013,

I found about this great company through cashbackforex and i didn't thought of a fantastic group such as them is immerging on E-forex realm. Its like they are creating a one stop site for forex traders of all levels for absolutely free. From lesson, news, reviews, mt4 data stats hosting, discussions, contests, wide variety of tools are just a few to mention. But what makes them outstanding among the others is their indubitable dedication to provide the best solution for traders whether by resources, request, or inquiries. They graciously respond to every questions/request as if you have paid them for the service but fact it's totally free. There are a few free sites that pretentiously offer similar service but behind the intention is to offer a paid service. At Forex Razor, its completely different. They are the one who thinks of great ways how you could benefit from them without spending a penny and that even includes creating contest which you could get cash prize without hidden agendas. If you follow the rules and win the contest, you get the prize, thats it. How did i know this? i was a winner of consolation prize in their past contest and they were very true to their word. There were ways of claiming the prize but i preferred mine through bank wire. it took just more than 18 hours before the money got into my bank account. I donot have a copy of the transfer form to support my claim but should they decide to email me a copy, i'll be more than willing to update my post for its selected details to make this review concrete.

There was also a time when my brokers' server was not included on the selection on their mt4 stats hosting, i just sent them email if they can put it in the list, they immediately acted on my request and emailed me back to confirm that it was added. im amazed with how they coordinate with their members. i did not pay for anything but the manner they help and communicate with everyone is like they are valuable clients who are subscribed for a paid service.

I do not have experience with the old forex razor but as to my experience with them right now(new forex razor) they are truly respectable company with mission of providing absolute transparency in the forex world. knowing that they were established by the same people who created cashbackforex, i believe on the same pure intention and discipline of imparting genuine service that would exceed every members expectation.

Thanks to every forexrazor staff and goodluck to your future projects
Apr 18, 2009,

Forexrazor is a great place to learn the basics of news trading. There is a strong emphasis placed on money / risk management which are essential skills for a trader to learn! The people are freindly, knowledgeable and polite and I would have no hesitation in reccomending this group to anyone wanting to learn how to trade news releases.

In the end I decided it was not for me because my other commitments meant I could rarely get to the trading room at the scheduled times.
Apr 1, 2009,

Yes, read the reviews, http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/public/review/www.fapturbo.com scam scam scam. Marcus Leary's real name is Doug, he is an actor not even a trader https://www.livefaceonweb.com/order.aspx . If you don't own the company, which I highly doubt, you should do your research and know that your promoting a product that has lost A LOT of people money. In my opinion if you're promoting that product it makes you a Scam artist as well as you are definitely making money off of promoting the product. Nice try though.

Review Moderation Team Note: We are aware that the face of Marcus Leary on the various FAPS sites belongs to an actor. We find this a little odd, but don't consider using an actor to push a product to be a scam.

As for the effectiveness of FapTurbo, we're reserving judgment until we've done more performance testing.
Jason @ Forexrazor,
Chicago, IL,
Mar 31, 2009,

@Mark - Hi this is Jason (I sent you the email), sorry but a couple assumptions on my part - a) you did not read the email thoroughly b) you have preconceived notions about something you do not have experience with (FapTurbo) c) you may not yet have had a read of the demo results for this EA from Forexpeacearmy - http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/metatrader_expert_adviser/fap_turbo/demo.

If you want to call forexrazor a scam that is your prerogative, I will not get in the way of that. Still, facts are facts. 1) I have not used FAP Turbo and am partial to manual trading over full automation 2) Many of our users do use it 3) For the time being at least, we have users with consistent profits using FAP Turbo 4) Market makers seemingly do not like the EA for obvious reasons and are giving clients difficulties over it's use. In consideration of the above facts, I sent an email about PFG likely being a decent ECN brokerage choice for FAP Turbo users. The above summary is what I laid out in the email you received, not an FAP Turbo pitch. I also obtained a clickbank link in case users were interested in trying FAP Turbo. Based on live account statements we have seen, I also would like to try the product, as time permits.

@AZE - Appreciate the feedback, and we do currently offer services/signals apart from news trading. Feel free to check those out.

Happy Trading,
Mark ,
Mar 24, 2009,

I have come to the conclusion that Forex Razor is just another scam site. I just received an email from them with an offer to buy FAP Turbo. I am assuming its from the same scam artist who has created FAP Turbo (http://www.fapturbo.com) as well as Forex Killer. If you notice all his sites are the same with the same one page pitch and scam reviews. His sites are up for a few months then gone. Tired of this guy. Stay far far away.
Mar 5, 2009,

WHAT? I ask you all what? 5 star reviews ? kidding?

DUDE, i dont you if those are blind or what... look at their website:

Current year:

Profit & Loss: -19.83%
Average Win: 1.27%
Average Loss: -0.58%
Largest Win: 8.30%
Largest Loss: -2.20%
Win/Loss Ratio: 0.40
Number of Trades: 427

Over last 7-8 months, u are in the red....


I am getting suspicious how they are getting all those reviews....
Jan 14, 2009,

I've been using ForexRazor for 6 months. In summary, these are the main things that come into my mind when I think about it:
-very good money/risk management skills
-consistent results
-great education

The site has many things to offer but, although good, they more or less can be found elsewhere. Therefore, the live trading room is definitely one of the best assets.

This pretty much says everything and my review could end right here. However, in case you
Jan 10, 2009,

i don't have experience with them, but after reading the reviews I am going to at least check out the website. I am a little concerned that these reviews can be written with out having to register and log in at forexpeacearmy.com. i never realized that was the case until just this moment.

Review Moderation Team Note: We do have an assortment of methods for checking for fake reviews. There are plans to further improve the verification process for reviews that should be implemented over the next few months.
Dec 16, 2008,

the best by far,honest people.i tell every body i know go to Razor for a SAFE PLACE to learn . emphisis on money management