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2.374 · 30 REVIEWS
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Miller, Netherlands,
May 15, 2017,

Skilled marketeers with new manipulative material

In addition to what I wrote before:

Now Alex is sharing so-called live trades. Many are falling for this marketing manipulation.

Just recently several trades for the Double in a Day trading technique were shown.
Alex was promoting it as a live trade as there's been plenty of criticism of him not being able to have had a single successful account in the maaaaaany years he's trying to sell educational material an EA's.

So, what solution did Alex find? Opening many accounts with little money. Than entering trades on many accounts and recording the one that is near TP. Not showing the failing accounts.
At least that's how everything look like currently. Why not show it at entry? Well, my guess is that it will be difficult to pick the right account and share that one upfront. So now he's only sharing it afterwards.

All of this is in line with many failed investment accounts of the past that were provided by expert4x. Neither were they ever able to provide a consistent profitable signal service. What happened to the myfxbook or FXBlue accounts of the investment account?

I suggest Alex DuPloay slows down on the aggressive marketing and starts showing some real evidence (at the time it is happening). Not hours after trades are entered on one of the many accounts that are set up.
That should not be difficult for someone who's teaching forex for 15 years or so.

Apr 3, 2017 - 1 Star I wrote a very detailed review before but it never got posted on FPA.
I'm writing this out of frustration to the way Alex deals with posts on their forum.

All the time that I've been with Expert4x I noticed on their forum that when a user wrote something negative it was deleted within 12 hours. Negative posts I would see would suddenly be gone. I've experienced this myself as well, which got me quite pissed off. I wrote a fact-based reply to an amateur. The amateur got pissed, without being able to argue against my facts and started making it personal. I got back at him with facts. To my surprise a few hours later my reply was taken down, while the post of the angry guy telling me it was only my attempt to discredit him etc etc was left on the forum.

It has come to a point that it is sickening. The lack of integrity is just unbelievable. Alex could have been man enough and argue against my facts, but that would be impossible.

Also, never in its history has Alex nor Expert4x been able to provide a long-term successful trading account. All PAMM investment accounts I watched pass by failed. Which makes me wonder. If he can't run a single succesful PAMM throughout the years, than how succesful can his products be? Or his education?
Not a single succesful account of Alex throughout all those years.

Another issue, their EA's collect data from their clients' accounts. Your private trading account information is sent to Alex for analyses. Every detail about your account is in their hands. Which is why I never went further than a few small live tests. You have zero privacy. They have zero integrity.

They work with one of the greatest coders around from a 3rd party company, but since expert4x does not have proper trading skills, they tell the coder to build things that actually don't work well. This is why expert4x always tells their EA's are just tools that need to be managed all the time.

Some of the tools will be good money makers in the hand of the very skilled trader, I have to say that. But the majority of tools are made to fail. And the sole reason is Alex his lack of understanding of the markets. He is a marketeer, not a trader.

I have 18 of their products at this moment of writing. Many I got for a few bucks through their eBay page, while on discount. I have studied many of their products. There is educational value in playing/testing the EA's and the educational material, but don't expect to make money. Only if you are a seasoned and skilled trader will you be able to improve upon the failing products.

My advice to anyone. DON'T buy any trading product that has no double verified myfxbook on a live account for at least a 9 month period. I know serveral legitimate services that show the myfxbook of their clients. Only consider them. This industry is 99.9% full of marketeers.

I might get expert4x products in the future for educational purposes, to study and improve the failing products and to build my own improved EA's.

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gold coast, Australia,
Apr 12, 2017,
Registered user

The EA is totally poor. They did not work as what they described. It is over-fit and over-optimize. You can not make money on Expert4x Alex du Plooy 's EAs
David Thomas`,
Narrabeen, Australia,
Nov 24, 2015,

Don't do it. Don't do it. Whatever you do, don't do it. Trust me. I have learned the hard way. You're better off learning on your own. This is absolute rubbish. Alex is not a pro trader.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
carlow, Ireland,
Apr 13, 2014,

I also fell for the slim Forex linked account and lost$500.
Expert 4x sell basic trading ideas with no long-term trading possibilities unless you put in hard work yourself which is the same result you would get if you apply yourself to many good free strategies found in the internet.
Utah, USA,
Apr 5, 2014,

Unfortunately, I too like so many others was affected by the slimforex / alex duplooy scam and had my account blown up within a few short months. Although it was the summer of 2013 it still makes me sick. This is my first review, but felt compelled to submit as it's important for people to be warned from those that through sad experience learned the hard way. Carnivorouse Kangaroo- what's the update on the proceedings??
seattle, USA,
Oct 27, 2013,

Would like to join the class action suit against expert4x. Slimforex blew out my aggressive as well as my regular PAMM totaling $5000.
I mistakenly thought Alex duPlooy could do better and joined his PAMM accountRight now He has 50% in open positions and says he is now going to close down.
Help Carnivorouse Kangaroo!!

Review Moderation Team Note: People who want to get in touch can use the forums thread linked to the review page.
seoul, Korea, Republic of,
Oct 18, 2013,

i would advise everyone to do not ever invest any money and avoid expert4x as they have caused thousands of dollars worth of losses to their customers.... whats also bad is that they block your comments if you say anything bad or try to expose the truth... slimforex was set up to lose all your money FAST and he was very good at it i must say because he totally blew my account in less than 2 weeks...
Jon Barry,
Perth, Australia,
Oct 3, 2013,

Expert4x promoted a trading system by Slim Forex, over 100% P.A.Slim Forex also paid expert4X a 20% commission on profits above the high water mark. Tallinex (the broker) also matched the investors deposits $1 for $1.Slim Forex blew all the clients Money .Slim Forex blew all the clients accounts, but if you had say $1000 of your own money in, then Tallinex (the broker)added their $1000 bonus, yet when slim had wiped out yours (the clients) $1000 real money, they withdrew their bonus, as the account went into Margin call. many people lost huge amounts of money due this fictitious, fraudulant scheme run by Expert 4x. Expert 4x are now under investigation by Australian authorities, as they have no license to offer financial services in Australia.
Middle Earth, United Kingdom,
Sep 18, 2013,

It took Slim Forex a little under 3 months to blow my account (just a regular account, not the super-risky rubbish that Expert4X also offer). I have a cat with better trading skills.
Just about all the rules of good trade selection and management appeared to be broken.
Pieter Marchant,
Melbourne, Australia,
Sep 18, 2013,

What a total disaster! Virtually all investors in this investment (dare I say scam) have lost their money. All wiped out with a margin call. Thousands and thousands of dollars down the toilet. I strongly recommend to keep well clear of slimforex, alex du plooy, expert4x and any combination of them ... give your money to charity instead!

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