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2.374 · 30 REVIEWS
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Nephi, USA,
Sep 16, 2013,

If throwing your hard earned money down the toilet extremely quickly is for you, then SlimForex is the place for you. He COMPLETELY blew out my LIVE $5000+ account in less than 2 weeks. Risk control is almost non-existent. The only good thing here is that if you can lose money that fast, then you can make it that fast too, just not with SlimForex.
Merlyn Barth,
Missouri, USA,
Sep 13, 2013,

SlimForex has been a disaster! In one month lost 90% of $1500 in his PAMM account. Alex of Expert4x was instrumental in putting me on to SlimForex, now he has thrown Slim under the bus and started his own PAMM account, just don' trust Alex, or his crew anymore!
UK, United Kingdom,
Sep 5, 2013,

Cant believe I fell for slim forex recomendation from Alex at Expert4x. In drawdown of over - 1100 pips and still no sign of closing trades almost 400 pips down along with non farm pay roll tomorrow. My kid could trade better than this guy. Never again!! Lost almost all my money
Perth, Australia,
Aug 21, 2013,

Expert4x won't let you post the truth on there forum. They have blocked all mine, so, I'll post them here, so they have to be accountable.

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By Jacko August 21, 2013 - 9:26 pm

Slim Forex is a scam. The bonus is a scam & a lie! If there was NO bonus, when Slim went into Margin call, I only would have lost 50% of my account, not 100%, as Slim took the bonus back, kept it and stole the real money, MY money.

Expert 4x, your being investigated by the appropriate authorities.

2013-08-20 1Star Expert 4x & their Slim forex bonus scam! What a blatant LIE! Give $1000 to their managed slim forex pamm account, Slim Forex give a "$1000" Bonus, Slim Forex goes into margin call, account halved, so you think you still have $1000 in your account, but guess what? They take back the $1000 loss from YOUR REAL Money! So you wind up with ZERO!Many people lost vasts amounts of money with Expert4X/Slim Forex. Currently, they are still in huge drawdown with those stupid & gullable enough to be still with them. BTW, Slim Forex account is a DEMO acct, not real. Get Real, McCarthur, Duploy, we are all so sick of the Lies & False promises!

2013-07-24 1 Star Expert4X boast their enormous gains with Slim Forex. They don't boast the huge, no stop loss drawdowns.Most gamblers boast about their winnings, QT about their losses. Expert4X is one of these. Never again
Jerome Reynolds,
Twin Cities, USA,
Aug 1, 2013,

I have been a customer of Alex and Mary for several years and have purchased several of there products and services. They are strong communicators with excellent customer service. They explain 98% of how everything they sell works, it's strengths, and it's weaknesses. I love the fact that they offer so many free services and products. They really try to provide education.

All that said, I have not found a system that works for me until they introduced SlimForex. I have been running it on two accounts since June and it was profitable in June and July. July was a difficult month with considerable draw down but if you follow their trading plan, you will be okay.
Nov 9, 2010,

I would recommend this to part time traders who want to learn Forex and not lost their bank account. They give three session of live analysis a day and I found it to be useful in looking long term position trades. They are genuine people with lots of experience and do not make ouragous claims.
Oct 29, 2010,

These guys are getting tore up in the market. For the last 10 weeks they have done nothing but loose money and still charge their customers for the lousy alert service, Sure they have good customer service but the markets have changed and they have not been able to adapt, JOIN IF YOU Want to Loose money. They have not been doing well for a long time.
Dec 25, 2009,

Ive been dabbling in forex for about a year now with nothing to show. Ive used many EAs and manual trading systems. After seeing the impressive performance of the trading system called With All The Odds (90%-100% success rate), I decided to give myself some chance. Alas it didnt workout for me (I traded on a very small account for testing. Consecutive losing trades. Success rate was far from it, with a TP of 5 pips and SL of 14 it can be really bad if you dont have really good success rates). Trades were few and far in between despite the potential of 10-20 trades a day. From what I see people are getting it but not me. I reckon that even if I had the Holy Grail it would just die on me because either it "doesnt suit me" or Im really that bad (maybe God Himself has decided so).
Ive already lost >USD 3,000 in this forex game and I think its high time to quit (high chance of losing whole account I know Im one of the lucky ones to realise now compared to those who lost much more).
As we all know 95% of people lose in the game. So please dont be like me and think you wont be part of it even of you follow the rules (Food for thought: Most people are not stupid, they are not gamblers and they also think they would succeed they followed the rules). The statistic is not just there for fun.
To be part of the 5%, you truly need Gods blessing (Ever wondered why some trade like crack crazy and they made lots of money and people who are conservative and follow rules still cannot make it? Thats statistics at work, its fair to everybody and the 5% cannot be in there forever (lose Gods favour?) because Forex is a zero sum game). For those who say they have decades of experience AND making money, good for you! You are in the 5% are very blessed (at the moment). Beware as you never know when you will "revert to the mean". And never assume you deserve to be in the 5%.
Charlotte, NC,
Jan 26, 2009,

I subscribed to this service last month. It's a grid system where you open up a number of positions in a hedging scheme. There's better signaling services out there. I was one of the fortunate ones who got a refund. For that I give them 2 stars. Don't waste your money with this confusing system.
Mary McArthur,
Jan 11, 2009,

COMMENT FROM EXPERT4X: We pride ourselves with good customer service. I have just read as few of the negative reviews posted. It sounds like these traders are confusing Expert4x with GainfX. We are not related to Gainfx in any way. Some of the comments make sense as GainFX charges a $80 one time fee. We charge a monthly and quarterly subscription. We issue Hedged alerts every trading day and New York alerts 4 days a week. This is not consistent with the comments below at all.

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