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FxPro is a regulated by FCA (UK), CySEC, FSCA, and  SCB cfd broker founded in 2006 . FxPro offers over 70 forex pairs, cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, stocks, indexes, gold, silver and other commodities.

FxPro Trading platforms include Metatrader 4 and 5, cTrader. This broker supports all trading styles including EAs, scalping, and spike trading.  FxPro offers its traders access to Trading Central technical analysis, VPS service, Economic and Earnings Calendar, Daily Market review by in-house team.

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WARNING:  The FPA has seen evidence indicating that non-clients are being paid to leave fake positive reviews for FxPro.

The FPA notified FxPro of this situation in December of 2013 and requested contact with the CEO to end FxPro's issues with fake reviews and to make certain that the issue would not repeat.  Initially, there were replies from FxPro, but those ended in January 2014.  Another message came in April 2014.  The FPA replied, FxPro did not.  The next message from FxPro wasn't sent until December 2015.  FxPro was remided that the FPA wanted to hear from the CEO.  The last message the FPA sent was on January 5th, 2016.  FxPro's representative waited until October 2016 to reply.  The company is now refusing to further cooperation unless the FPA signs a non-disclosure agreement and refuses to allow the FPA to have an email exchange with the CEO.

The only reason the FPA can think of for requiring an NDA is that any report on the incident will incriminate someone in upper management who is still working for the company.  There are 2 reasons we can think of for denying contact with the CEO.  Either the CEO has not been made aware of the incident, or else the CEO does not care that the company has a history of using unethical methods to try to manipulate the reviews.

The FPA recommends 
AGAINST dealing with FxPro until the CEO steps in to resolve this situation.

August 2013-January 2014:  Multiple highly suspicious positive reviews submitted.
August 2013: The FPA would appreciate it if FXPro employees stop pretending to be clients when leaving reviews.

Other websites of this company include http://www.fxpro.co.uk/, fxpro-vn.com, fxpro.es.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 500:1
Minimum to Open Live: $100
Established: 2006
Address: 13-14 Basinghall str., City of London, EC2V 5BQ, United Kingdom
Contact: support@fxpro.com, +44 (0) 203 151 5550
Regional offices:
Regulators: SCB #SIA-F184, CySEC #078/07, FSCA #45052, FCA #509956
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
Currencies: (70+)
Cryptocurrencies: (5+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD: (195+) Gold, Silver, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
MAM: Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, Transfer from Existing Broker, UnionPay
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, Transfer from Existing Broker, UnionPay

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FxPro.com profile provided by FxPro, Dec 27, 2015

FxPro is an award-winning online broker, offering CFDs on forex, futures, indices, shares, spot metals and energies, serving clients in more than 150 countries worldwide.

FxPro offers no-dealing-desk execution with no conflicts of interest between the company and its clients. Our acquisition of leading spot FX aggregator, Quotix, enables us to offer access to a deep pool of liquidity, as well as top-class order-matching and some of the most competitive spreads in the market.

FxPro is one of only few brokers offering Negative Balance Protection, ensuring that clients cannot lose more than their overall investment.

FxPro UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (registration number: 509956). FxPro Financial Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (licence number: 078/07) and by the South Africa Financial Services Board (authorisation number 45052).

Risk Warning: Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss.

Risk Disclosure: www.fxpro.co.uk/documents/risk-disclosure


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2.657 · 257 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Kiev, Ukraine,
Feb 12, 2018,
Registered user

Sure trusted broker. Recommended.

More than 1 year trading, have no problem, fast withdrawing profit to bank account (usually next day), to neteller/skrill accounts (fast upto 20 minutes!)
Also several of my friends from Russia, Ukraina, Baltic republics, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Israel - trading with profit and make enough money, withdrawing more than deposited.

Its all about FxPro.com licenced and regulated by CySec.

(I am more than 10 years on forex and I know to recognize scam)
South Africa,
Feb 6, 2018,

I had thought that this Broker was reliable, but find success, and you will see other wise after a short time.a

From what I experience, if they see that you are successful they will invalidate your account. I do not trust this outfit at all

United Kingdom,
Jan 25, 2018,
Registered user

FxPro very poor market maker if you win they lose and they don't like that.

I have irrefutable evidence that FXpro are nothing more than a bucket shop that manipulates your trading to their advantage. They slowed my execution times down so I could no longer trade news events with buy or sell orders so I would miss trades when the market moved quickly. The platform became unusable and this was down to me making money plain and simple. They are a market maker and any money you make comes out of their pocket. They say you are allowed to scalp but forget it. If you do scalp and make profits they hit you with the latency arbitrage allegation and then refuse to give you any winnings. They market themselves as the honest broker but they will run an A and B book and hedge clients against one another. I have that in writing from an online support chat I had with their support department. You may be able to make paltry sums with these people but no more than pocket money. They have a highly sophisticated risk management system where your money is used to balance the books and line their pockets. Stay away from this broker they just want you to lose.
Oct 28, 2017,
Registered user

I've been using them for about a year. Account set up was straightforward. Deposits and withdrawals are straightforward. I use MT4 with my account. I don't use any of their news or education services, there are better places to go for that, I think. I don't much like their trading platform either. On the whole, a fairly boring and functional experience which suits me just fine.
Tan Guay Choo,
Malaysia, Malaysia,
Aug 4, 2017,

No matter what is the complaint, you have to make your clients/customers know that you are paying and investigating their complaints, and they need to

Poor Customer/Client services! Complaint sent to compliance@fxpro.com is being ignored. No response whatsoever. There is a well described procedure for complaint but FxPro is not following it. Complaint sent is supposed to receive a response (at least an acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint) within 5 days and a special number. This is NATO (No Action Talk Only). Have chat on your Live Discussion, answer is sorry, we cannot give you an answer right now. Will let you know as soon as possible. This has been carried on for the last 4 months. What do you think I can do? Please advise.
Leeds, United Kingdom,
Jun 17, 2017,

FX Pro is a scam broker, plain & simple.

If you see anyone defending this scam broker, you should know that they probably work there.

No winning trader wastes their time & energy defending their broker online.
What does a trader have to lose if other traders complain about their broker??

I make money with some brokers but I dont defend them or even try to, simply because its not my problem.

I am a very profitable good trader with multiple brokers.
One of them is FX Pro which I have used for the last 3 years.
I have seen & experienced all their scams.

One test I have done on several occasions is to open similar small positions with FX Pro & two other brokers at the same open. The FX Pro trades usually result in losses while those with other brokers make profits.

I have seen Re-quotes, Platform freezing & I have seen "No Connection" windows popping up when I try to close winning positions or make a winning entry.

Spreads can sometimes be 3 times my profit target. I have seen 3500 pip spreads on my winning trades meaning some trades never move far enough for both the "ask & bid line" to cross the profit target.

Remember that it is the "bid line" which hits the Stop Loss & Take Profit lines. The bid & ask line difference is the spread but the bid line comes hidden on their platform's default setting.
So you dont see it until you actually go into the platform's settings to enable it.

This is actually a good way to identify Market Makers because their platforms usually do not show the bid line on the charts & you have to manually enable it.

I finally stopped trading with them when they started playing games with my withdraw requests.

At first I did not have any problem withdrawing my money but as I became more consistently profitable, I started seeing delays in my money getting to my bank account.

The last request was never processed for almost a month & they kept telling me that they had a problem with their card processing company.

So I asked them why they were not sending emails to all their clients about this problem as they usually send out emails about any little changes.
Considering not being able to withdraw money was a big issue, I would've seen other clients complaining & panicking about it on forums.
I told them they were clearly lying to me & I got my money the very next day.

Traders need to be aware that FX Pro pretend to be a real broker but they are not.
They are a Market Maker & they are not connected to any external exchange.

They admit in their contract.
The problem is, most traders dont read contracts from brokers.


And remember again that anyone you see defending this scam broker, is probably employed by them.

They have a huge marketing & PR department which employs people to make them look genuine & legit.
It is all a big professional scam.
Tirana, Albania,
May 30, 2017,
Registered user

Beware of FxPro and do not trust them anytime.


My name is Florian and I am a LIVE account holder with FxPro since October 2016.

What I use for trading is a self-made robot, which was extensively forward tested through DEMO accounts, on multiple brokers, as well as back-tested "A LOT", in order to optimize settings and find the right balance.
The robot is built in full compliance with any specifications given by FxPro and/or Spotware, which are the providers of the cTrader/cAlgo platform.

On 21/03/2017 02:37:33.403 , my account suffered an unexpected and totally unjustified loss of 2113.22 USD. Immediately I raised a ticket with FxPro, which dismissed the case due to the fact that actions were initiated by my robot!

I analyzed and over-analyzed every aspect of the trades, and I couldn't find any reason on earth why my robot started the closure of the orders. Up to then I had trusted the broker to be a serious one and above all one that treated clients fairly and responsibly.

I understood the hard way this was not he case!!!

So I started working on my robot in order to log a snapshot of the open orders status(es) prior to closure in order to better understand why this was happening. While I was still working on the robot, it happened again on 07/04/2017 01:15:08.787. This time, due to the fact that I started limiting my new trades, the loss was of 187.04 USD. My robot works on ticks, and its closure actions are based on the reported net/gross profit values of the open orders.

It happened again on 10/04/2017 04:04:59.136, with a loss of 275.95 USD, but this time I had my own logs, and was not relying on FxPro analysis and total will to get rid of paying clients. Total loss to date 2,576.21 USD (DO NOT TRUST YOUR BROKER AND TRY TO PRODUCE YOUR OWN LOGS).

What my logs showed was that the reported NET/GROSS profit values on the platform, for specific orders were reported as 0 (zero), and as such my robot acted based on INCORRECT/FALSE information received from FxPro.

I took my case up to the Compliance department of FxPro (Ticket #1638242 and Ticket #1686856 , Ref. No.: EU20170013 Account No.: 8102298 Platform: cTrader), but again they dismissed the case as unable to reproduce it and they didn't have other similar reports. Furthermore, by mistake they forwarded me some of their internal communications, showing a total lack of respect for paying customers and a total stance of negligence towards issues being raised, quoting - "Client replied again insisting it is. What should we do now with this, you think we should tell him Spotware confirmed its not from their side, we have no responsibility etc etc and if he pushes he can be escalated to compliance?".

My robot code, excluding orders opening strategy, is available for review too.

Beware of FxPro and do not trust them anytime. Take extra care to have your own set of proof for any issues, although as in my case it will not be considered.

I have gone through all of the available escalations with FxPro, and now its time to see how the regulators will behave. Moving forward to CySEC.

All the best
VN, Viet Nam,
May 22, 2017,
Registered user

Good speads on demo a/c but bad spreads on real a/c

I tried a small a/c with Fxpro UK recently and I feel dissapointed. The spreads on real a/c are higher than those on demo one. What is more, you can see good spreads on real a/c but you can hardly trade them because they appear in only 0.25 second or so. For instance, you see the spread 0.8 on eurusd and you click the sell or buy button, but right at that moment that spread 0.8 is already replaced by the next that is usually double or even triple, and as a result the actual spread you get is 1.6 or 2.4 or so!. Because of these, I don't trade regularly with them but give priority to my other broker that offers better spreads stably. However I still hope they will soon improve their spreads otherwise I fear they will gradually lose their current clients to their competitors.
P.S: I will feedback if they do improve as expected.
Athens, Greece,
Apr 25, 2017,
Registered user

Fake movements via spread widening

Those guys are thieves with the mask of a reputable broker.
During the night before the Turkish referendum, they widened the spread of USD/TRY from 12 units, to 20, 50,80, 150, 200 and finally 350 units (!!!) causing a fake movement even 4 hours BEFORE market close!!
I am client on more than TEN other brokers and the maximum offset between BUY and SELL prices was 25 up to 115 units the same time for the same pair.
Same thing is happening with many more instruments. And when they receive mails about this, they Block your accounts.
Athens, Greece,
Apr 23, 2017,
Registered user

Fxpro is now an untrustworthy broker. Stay away

Once I thought that Fxpro is a reputable and trustworthy broker.
I had even left a five star review.

This broker turned to one of the most tricky and BAD brokers ever.
1) Their servers (maybe intentionally) got slower and slower during critical times for trading (like news or near market close), inflicting huge slippages with silly requotes, leading the trades to a catastrophe.
2) They use a very sinister spread widening strategy (BEYOND any logic), inflicting fake movements to specific trading instruments on certain times (I can present very analytical evidence). One example: they widen the SELL and BUY prices of natural gas, from 7 units -which is already a relatively high spread - to 10,20 or even 30 (!), every night, making it to go up AND down by almost 0,40 %, with no other broker doing the same thing!
3) They are lowering the leverage or even block the accounts of the clients who are profitable finding ridiculous excuses like night trading, NBP abuses etc.
4) when they notice that one client understand all the above, they block his accounts and stop responding to emails.

DON'T trust Fxpro.
From a client who someday trusted this company!

Aug 9, 2016 - 5 Stars Really maybe one of the most trustworthy brokers out there.
Extremely FAST withdrawals, real negative balance protection and many offered instruments.
They are always keeping you informed for every single change.
I have only good experience with FXPRO, blindly recommended!

Ps. The only issue: sometimes in very volatile moments, they could have better server response, but this is happening with many brokers who don't offer anything from the above in a decent way.
Maia, Portugal,
Mar 30, 2017,
Registered user

Update to my review on January 8:

One withdrawal made up to now, it was smooth and fast (bank transfer), accompanied with confirmation emails. Efficient.

One area that merits attention is the fact that US indices do not trade 24/24 hours like futures. This is not good for risk management. This should be improved.

Overall I agree with the all review below written by 'fx1mil'. So, agree on that - FxPro could make a training section available for beginners.

I think the recent changes in leverage rule (on offer) will not affect my trading style, as I work with 'cTrader' platform and leverage is always used responsibly.

In the final account, considering that I have been a customer for only 4 months, I would give them 4.5 stars if that were possible.

Jan 8, 2017 - 5 Stars I have been a client of FxPRO for a month, through the 'cTrader' platform. So far no anomalies have occurred, the spreads are very low (interbank rates), the execution is good, the slippage has been bidirectional. The platform is professional-class, with good order and position management tools. I have not made any withdrawals yet, so I can not evaluate them. In a while I will update this aspect.
Oslo, Norway,
Mar 4, 2017,
Registered user

4 stars well earnt for a good broker

First off, let me point out that I am reviewing FxPro UK Limited and NOT FxPro Financial Services Limited in Cyprus.

Yes they are both part of the FX Pro Group, but my understanding is the two brokers have different policies (from reading both), in the conflicts policy and order execution policy. I assume the customer service people are also different.

This may result in different experiences depending on which Fx Pro your broker is. Let me be clear, there is nothing concerning here...it's up to you to read the disclosures and understand them!

I've been trading for about 4 years now. I tried 3 different brokers from the top rated selection, and was left very unhappy from the experience.

I then decided to ignore the negativity from posters and reviewers on various websites (including this one) about FX Pro and give them a try.

I use Ctrader and find it to be excellent. I have nothing but positive comments for the platform. Literally never had a problem. My suspicion about people complaining about slippage and server hang ups etc is that they do not have a stable or fast enough internet connection. Perhaps it is also an Metatrader problem...I don't know. What I can say is FxPro UK and Ctrader has performed without flaw for me for years now.

Account setup:
Perfect. Fast. Good communication and helpful staff.

Customer service:
Excellent. Response times are quick. Live chat is helpful if there is a problem. I had one delay in my deposit showing up in my trading account, but this was just 20 mins compared to the usual 5 mins. I checked in live chat and they said it was a slight delay due to higher than normal processing and apologised. No problem. 90% of the time they have been perfect.

Excellent. Deposits are usually in place and ready to trade within 5 mins, with the odd exception in high volume times. Withdrawals occur same day for me on FXPro side, and showed up within 3 days. Generally, I expect 3 days for processing...5 days max. FxPro perfomed as expected.

In my initial period of trading, my stops got hit quite often, sometimes with 1 pip, and it created suspicion for me. Instead of blaming the broker like many seem to do...I educated myself a bit. It turns out my stops were being set in areas that the whole market is 'hunting' before a turn in the opposite direction. An amatuer mistake. After adjusting my trading strategy for this, I haven't had a problem. Again, I hear people complain about brokers for this reason, and in some cases it may be true, but I'd wager most of the time it is just inexperience and trader error to blame.

Another gripe many traders have is that their stops get hit during low liquidity periods. Well, what do you expect...don't trade during these times. I haven't experienced any of these problems with Fx Pro, even when trading at the start of the Sydney session when liquidity is very low.

Range of markets:
Excellent. I stick to the major pairs, but dable occassionly in Gold and cross pairs. The range is more than enough for me.

Tools and information:
A good economic calendar with filters. Market updates with good live commentary on movements from FXPro Squawk. Access to autocharist and trading central for trade setups.

Education resources:
This area is lacking a bit compared to other brokers. However, all the information new traders need can be accessed online for free. So I don't see this as a negative really. It would be an unneccassary duplication. If you don't know all of that stuff already, eg how to do proper technical analysis, then you probably shouldn't be opening a live account.

Overall, I can't fault FXPro UK. I gave 4 stars because giving 5 would require something above and beyond expectations. What I expect is transperancy, trusworthiness, good customer service, a stable platform, fast execution, and hassle free trading. I got exactly this, and thus 4 stars well earnt.

I can recommend FX Pro UK to new traders and those with several years of experience.
ist, Turkey,
Feb 14, 2017,
Registered user

i am waiting waiting

they so slow. at the terns they say your job is done at 1 workday. it is a big lie. i am waiting for nothing. the live chat has nothing to do. they just say hello' we will work on it but nothings happens.
Kiev, Ukraine,
Jan 8, 2017,

Worthwhile broker! No technical problems, no questions to execution. Spreads are good enough. Withdrawal occurs on the same day of request. But keep in mind that the bank may hold funds at up to three days. In general, I am satisfied and recommend this broker.
Jan 2, 2017,

Trading with them since last 2 years. Execution is pretty fast, withdrawals are faster than expected. So far didn't face any problem. Recommended :)
Lahore, Pakistan,
Dec 2, 2016,
Registered user

High spread, too many re quotes

A lot of times I missed perfect opportunities to enter trade in fast moving price because of re-quote. They don't charge commission but their spread is so high as compared to ECN/STP brokers that they actually charge a lot more. I moved to an ECN broker who charges commission but I'm paying half in spread+commission than what I paid to Fxpro just in spread.
Also, after reading a lot of horror stories about Fxpro not paying up profits, I'm glad I left this bucket shop.
Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Nov 2, 2016,
Registered user

Very serious broker. Their execution is very good IMO.

The most fastest withdrawals that i have experienced, i requested a withdrawal and less than an hour i had received it through Paypal.

The spreads could be a bit better, but overall the service is very good.
Tel Aviv, Israel,
Oct 27, 2016,
Registered user

Very reliable + fast Withdrawals

I'm a client from 2009 - FxPro.com are very reliable and most of the withdrawals
went to my account very fast - even some took 15 minutes !
I recommand FxPro.com and the do stand behind their promises !
Germany, Germany,
Aug 22, 2016,

When you profitable they scam you and give requotes

FX Pro is a scam broker. When you are profitable they give you requotes all the time.

Dont trust them. That is only good marketing and good telephone service but the trading quality is very poor.
Aug 11, 2016,

FxPro Scam

I will never trust in FXPro, I traded with FxPro for long time, I have fixed account, after long time of traiding, I found that, the positions closing not in the same price which I requested, specially in SL, if the price was near of SL, don't be surprise if you see the price move up/down or the spread move wider more just to close your positions, and if you ask the company by chat or send email about the reason, the answers always same, there was some news or abnormal moving in the market and the spread is coming more wide. NO way to return anything from their side. I informed them that the account is Fixed spread, they answer that the fixed spread is working only in normal condition of the market, and anywhere / anytime, if you see the spread is wider, they have answer, the market was in abnormal condition. (they only do copy/paste of the answer) Also, if I opened many orders during news, all orders closed in negative side, even if my orders was LONG and the price moved up, it closed because I put SL, and they make the spread MORE wider just to close the orders with HUGE loses. It was really bad for me to trust in that broker. My advice for everyone, be carful from FxPro.
chukwuma junior odoyi,
port harcourt, Nigeria,
Aug 3, 2016,

FXpro.com is been delaying my withdrawal I made on the 8/07/2016. They give some card payment processor issue as the reason but for how long. The card payment processor is company’s problem why should investor suffer for it. Why should I wait for the process? I have sent couple of emails to their account department, they keep on assuring the payment has been resolved and I will receive my money soon, I also chat with their customers agents on a weekly basis and they will assure me I will receive my payment before the end of the week, the week will end and I will not receive my payment, I will still chat with them the next week and they will still give me the same story. I am tired of hearing the same stories and excuses; all I need is my money.
Kenya, Kenya,
Jul 26, 2016,

FX Pro is al scam. I withdrew my funds they issued me fake ARN nos and my bank could not locate such transaction but their deposits are swift . Unless you are 100m away from their headquarters don't deal with broker.
Simon Daniel,
london, United Kingdom,
Jun 28, 2016,

HORRIBLE experience! FXPRO is misleading customers with their marketing strategy creating the impression of a real ECN/TCP. They are MARKET MAKERS and they are hedging the customers bucket with their prime broker after they match customers internally.
After months of trading with fxpro i had the feeling something is wrong for each position opened my stop losses we re been chased .After a while i traded with no stop loss .Again after brexit every time i opened a position the chart moved instantly on the opposite position. i opened at many position to see the behavior and was the same. all my positon end up being stopped out. after the chat conversation with customer service everthing was clear to me. read the transcription below and have your own opinion ,im very dissapointed.i really loved ctrader platform.

hat Transcript
info: Thank you for contacting FxPro Live-support. The next available operator will be assigned to you.
info: You are now chatting with 'Danielle '
Danielle : Hello, how may I assist you?
simon paun: hi
Danielle : Hello
simon paun: i want to know if fxpro is a true ECN broker. could you please tell me if fxpro transmits execution orders to liqudity providers on an exchange market?
Danielle : Post the CHF events, market conditions dictated that the 100% Agency Model is no longer commercially viable. FxPro’s execution model works in the following manner: the flow of trades is internalised before any positions/trades are hedged with our Prime Broker. The internalisation process is based on very rigorous and detailed risk management techniques centred on many risk parameters, which are continuously evaluated and monitored by the senior management. What has not changed post the CHF events, is the No Dealing Desk intervention offered to all of our clients. We pride ourselves for the best execution in the market.
simon paun: so you are hedging your customers positions with your liqusity provider(broker)
simon paun: yes?
Danielle : Customers positions are hedged against one another
simon paun: so its not STP service is it
simon paun: hello
Danielle : No, we are not an STP broker
simon paun: and why ctrader fxpro is marketing true ecn/stp broker?
Danielle : ECN refers to the type of execution the platform follows. An ECN platform follows market execution
simon paun: yes but customers are misleaded by marketing leaving the impression all orders are placed on the real market which is not true. bassically fxpro trades on the real exchange market against customers position
simon paun: is this true?
Danielle : We do not trade against our clients
simon paun: hedging is the same thing
Danielle : ECN, again, refers to the type of order execution.
Danielle : Clients are hedging against one another, the broker does not trade against the clients.
Danielle : This is not the same thing at all
simon paun: yes but you just said fxpro is edging with the prime broker
simon paun: which is the same
simon paun: am i right?
simon paun: could you please answer
Danielle : No, I did not say that
Danielle : We internalise positions first, before hedging any client's positions with the Prime Broker
simon paun: im quoting : xPro’s execution model works in the following manner: the flow of trades is internalised before any positions/trades are hedged with our Prime Broker.
Danielle : Please read above
Danielle : This means clients' positions are matched against each other. This is done as a risk management procedure
simon paun: yes internalised first and then hedged position with your prime broker
simon paun: yes buy hedging is the same as taking different position of your customers
Danielle : Some trades are internalized, others are sent to the market. Which on which depends on our in-house risk assessment set by our top management
simon paun: so if everthing is in house how im i supposed to trust this broker . you finally admmited at least
Danielle : Have you read what I have written above?
Danielle : Risk management is done in-house
simon paun: some trades are internalised ..( 99%)
simon paun: and the rest ... goes on the real market
Danielle : Which orders orders are internalized and which are sent to the market depend on this risk management.
Danielle : We are a fully regulated broker under the FCA and CySec. We abide by these regulations and requirements.
simon paun: risk management translated means : this executions dont go on the real market because is opposite with our forecast
simon paun: doens mean anything regulations as long the broker misleading the potential customer that is a real ecn stp broker
simon paun: im very unhappy
Danielle : I am certain that regulations mean a lot, especially considering we are one of the leading brokers in the world with many successful clients. We have an excellent name amongst traders and we offer transparency in the model we use.
Danielle : Nowhere on our website does it mention that we are an STP broker. As explained previously, ECN platforms simply refer to the type of order execution you receive, this is referring to market execution and VWAP.
simon paun: please you just told me your hedging customers positions
simon paun: as a whole a bucket
Danielle : Can you please clarify your statement?
Danielle : Yes, customers positions are hedged against each other.
simon paun: internalising positions means market maker/inhouse the only execution venue . right?
simon paun: hedging means fxpro is taking a opposite position of the customers bucket on the real market
Danielle : No, trading against clients means market maker.
Danielle : Hedging simply means when one clients trade is winning, there is another clients trade in the opposite direction to cover
simon paun: because what real moves the market is the postiion you open(hedging) with your broker
Danielle : Hedging simply means when one clients trade is winning, there is another clients trade in the opposite direction to cover
Danielle : You are actually trading against other traders in the market
simon paun: the only thing that can move the market is placing real trades
simon paun: yess but after that the fxpro place real trades on the real market as hedging
simon paun: which means opposite postion
Danielle : No, this is not it works, you are misunderstanding
Danielle : One client opens a buy, another opens a sell. These positions are hedged against one another. That is it. The majority of clients trades are naturally hedged against each other
simon paun: yes i got that part ! but .... as you said early then fxpro is hedging with your prime broker
simon paun: if you need the definition of hedging i can give you straight from investopedia
Danielle : Please read the statement from our website, perhaps this will make things a bit more clear
Danielle : Due to the volume and direction of our clients trading we are able to internally match a great deal of our order flow, minimising our risk while not intervening in any way. Not all of the clients positions are hedged, thus a residual exposure remains in house up to our market risk limit. Excess exposure is hedged externally
simon paun: oh now youre telling me not all the postions are hedged only some of them
Danielle : Yes, this is why I said before, Sir.
simon paun: i lost 1000 pounds with fxpro and it didnt make sense to me why
simon paun: now i know
simon paun: ive been misleaded my your marketing
simon paun: and within this conversation you clarified what actually happens
Danielle : I am sorry to hear you feel that way. We are a very transparent broker, which is why we have an excellent reputation amongst serious retail traders.
simon paun: im sorry but ive been misleaded and that caused me a loss
simon paun: i will talk with my solicitor and we seek to open a claim procedure
simon paun: thank you for your honesty
simon paun: youve been very helpful
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to dani3lsimon@gmail.com at the end of your chat.
Danielle : Have you requested your trade be checked & confirmed by the Execution Department?
Danielle : Okay
simon paun: the only thing that im about to ask is if they can give me a the logs with the postiions placed on the real market
simon paun: but after our conversation is more then clear the havent placed anything
Danielle : I can see you received an email from us regarding your account back in May. Please reply directly to that email in writing and we will check with the Execution Department and send whatever information we have available.
simon paun: im very dissapointed
simon paun: i dont know hou much can change this
simon paun: as a retail customer i have rights and trully believe ive been misleaded by your marketing strategy
simon paun: thank you for your time
Danielle : Our marketing is very transparent, as is our brokerage.
Danielle : You're welcome
Danielle : Have a nice day.
Emad Kirolus,
Egypt, Egypt,
Jun 11, 2016,

I have been with this broker for A month ,
1- execution is really fast
2- withdrawal within 2 days
3- pending orders been executed at time and price which is setting
4-I had connection problem with them then I complain , (Ibrahim (one of Arabic support) explained to me that maybe it's the 3G of my country , I didn't accept it but when I was at my home WiFi see myself that he was right , both my pc and Android working great via my low speed home WiFi .
5- when I close any order it closed at less lose or more profit (not much points)
6- I treated with both (Arabic and General) support team , I can say they were good enough .
7- they have great option called FxPro Vault , any money in or out go to this Vault so you can withdrawal or deposit Account any time in minutes even you have many orders .
8- I read that the most Brokers have problems during high liquidity but honestly I could execute order when it was clear trend and high liquidity .
9- what is bad : I had connection problem with MT5 account (only with Mobile) I had with their long Issue about it and they couldn't solve it so I decided to open MT4 Account and so on I'm still working with MT4 .
10- I need more time to test this broker but till now it's very good .
best wishes to all ......

, United Kingdom,
Jun 4, 2016,

As I am a trader for long enough now, tested many brokers with live accounts I can say what was my fault and what is/was brokers. There might be even unethical behavior involved. I have stayed only with two brokers for more than 10 years and FxPro is not one of them although I was trading with them for 2-3 years.

At the beginnig execution was lightning fast and the spreads were great also (they were quite new in the scene and I guess were making effort to be great and they really were great)

Things changed over the years. Especially big change happend when I became consistently profitable and started withdrawing money almost every single day. This was the option at that time, you could withdraw it for free no matter the size. I took advantage of that and everything above 50EUR profit I simply withdraw. Great psycological surplus.
They didn't like that - AT ALL.
Stop hunting - i can't say there was any of it nor crazy spread widening. So no problems here.
But execution became terrible. My orders were delayed and delayed and delayed. Even when markets were quiet. Sometimes with constant requotes, sometimes orders were just floating in the air. Sometimes my orders opened 5 even 10 min after I pushed the sell/buy button and cancel it because of delays. You can imagine frustrations, when you have opportunities in front and you can't enter at all or you enter at much worst price just because the broker is messing up with you.
My fault was that I got so annoyed after a while I started to trade too big. Too big risks with frustraded revenge focused mind and unreliable execution was sure way to accounts graveyard. Big psychological minus.

About 90EUR was left. Money stayed there for years. I decided to withdraw. They said it is not possible. You need 100EUR on your trading account to withdraw.
Few months later I came back to check account and my account was not there anymore. They have closed my account but didn't transfer money to my bank account.
Is that stealing clients money? Or what is the legal reason for money lost?

And one more story. There was a guy an introducing broker who was offering rebates. I was his client and I had on average 200-300eur/ month cashback. He had a lot more than 100 clients. Literally for no reason they have shut him down and ended his contract with them. They kept the clients.

I am really grateful that much better alternatives exists.
It is just me and the market. I am more than happy paying commision to my broker for that experience.

All the best.

, Japan,
Jun 2, 2016,

Extremely Caution! Its been more than a week since I gave them my IDs but no reply even I sent couple mails to both support and back office.I cannot believe that they are not replying this simple questions.

Also they have JUST added market execution...Live chat never available...Only good thing about them is that they have lot of shares and free Ransquawk or shall I say Talking Forex.
Their business is way way too slow.I say you just open for free account with them and do not trade.I can see why they have bad reputation.
LOSS CUT this company is the way.
Trondheim, Norway,
May 25, 2016,

Everything with this broker has worked perfectly so far for me.

Support has been top noche

Always fast execution

I really liked and made use lf ther ea-builder(quant) until I started coding from the ground.

Everything has really been perfect with them for real, no fake review..
But I'm also one or them who hasn't been profitable trading my first year.

Things are about to change now, and I will continue with them, but if the turn to the dark side, I'll make sure everyone here knows. And everyone in the mql5 forum aswell.

But so far all good!
Philip Wells,
Enland, United Kingdom,
Apr 12, 2016,


Never use this company,

After complaining as what i could only class as suspicious activity on my supposed ECN trades (of which i have proof with screenshots & records).

I was informed that sometimes slippage happens and the trades where dealt with correctly.

one trade, with a slippage of 26 pips, you might think is bad enough.... the second of 150.... yes, that's 150 pips was considered by them as normal.

I have currently reported this company to the FCA as i believe them to be nothing but Market making stop hunters (and i use that term sparingly!).
fx avatar,
, Canada,
Mar 21, 2016,

I am with FxPro for some time and happy to found a decent broker, friendly with EAs but today they announced to me that they no longer accept traders from Canada (like Hot Forex)! What a sad news. US and CDN governments interfere with traders probably directed by Wall Street!
Taiwan, Taiwan, China,
Mar 14, 2016,

Helps you “Trade Like a Pro”

I would like to share my positive experience with FxPro. I know and I am aware of many bad reviews on FPA. Here is my basic information just to help my review perspective; I had been with FxPro Financial Services Ltd. (Cysec), and I have recently changed my account to FxPro UK (FCA) for regulation reasons; I personally prefer FCA regulation when trading a large amount of money. I am a day trader using cTrader. Please note that I do not work for them, neither am I their IB. Therefore, I do not really care if people open accounts with them or not.

Good things about FxPro:
Very fast and good order execution
News tools
Wide range of trading support tools
Not bad customer support
Safety of client fund

The order execution with their cTrader is extraordinary fast. I use double-click trading function so as soon as I double-click, order will be filled within milliseconds. It does not eve take a second. This really helps if you are a scalper or day trader who deals with very sensitive price changes. Even during busy time on important news announcements (heads up news traders!), I have never had any problem filling orders just as normal market condition even though spreads might be widening. Absolutely NO requotes and cancellation of orders.

Having news solutions are critical for a day trader. FxPro offers two types of news tools. One is DJ news for their platforms, both cTrader and Meta Trader; this will keep you updated with market information without having another software or browser open. Another one is Forex Talk audio news feed, which is available FREE OF CHARGE on their client portal. Forex Talk is a paid news feed with audio (which announces important breaking news real time) for all sessions. To trade like a pro, a trader has to be on top of the world news. Therefore, those news tools will be your best friends.

As talking about trading tools, FxPro also offers a powerful mobile tool available on iPhone/Android. FxPro Forex Tools will help giving you market information such as economic calendar and currency trading conditions. Also, your mobile device can become a handy forex calculator to check your trading money management. Regardless to say, this little yet powerful tool is something you want to keep in your pocket.

Have you ever had some quick questions you do not want to bother calling or emailing a broker? PxPro offers 24 x 5 live supports. Most of their support staff is acceptable, not a god who knows everything; however, they would help you with general questions relatively fast. Even if they cannot have immediate-answers, they would email you back within a day or two most of the cases. They are open to questions, and importantly, they do their jobs.

Having a broker that treats your funds in good condition is as essential as having a good trading strategy. FxPro is a regulated broker; FxPro Financial Services Ltd. (Cysec) and FxPro UK (FCA). Also, they are member of compensation schemes for both entities. Furthermore, you may choose the bank when depositing, meaning that you would actually know where your money is going to be, giving you transparency that they are segregating your funds in top level banks.

Most importantly, FxPro offers negative balance protection; this should be noted because not many brokers offer this service. Even the event of Swiss shock, the nightmare of many traders, they cleared all the negative balances as their policy, stating that “All losses were borne solely by the capital the company places as collateral with its prime broker and liquidity providers, as per our responsibility to protect our clients and comply with regulatory requirements. Our commitment to negative balance protection as outlined in our terms and conditions has been upheld” (Source: http://www.forexcrunch.com/snbomb-reactions-from-10-forex-brokers/). Hence, you can feel secure with your fund than with many other brokers.

Even though FxPro is a reliable broker; there are some disadvantages as no brokers are absolutely perfect. Here are some downsides with FxPro.

Relatively high commissions for ECN/cTrader account
Limited deposit/withdraw options for UK entity

The commissions they charge for ECN account is quite high; currently they charge almost 10 USD per million trade (open/close) for EUR/USD pair. However, this can be compensated by using rebate IB. They will definitely help reducing the cost of trading without having any effects on your trading conditions.

For the traders registered with FxPro.co.uk, they would not have many options for deposit/withdrawal compared with FxPro Financial Services Ltd. which offers several options such as Skrill, Paypal, and so on. However, this should not be much problem if you would like to trade like a pro, you wouldn't play with tiny amount of money; hence, wire transfer is much better deal (fee-wise).

Another thing I would like to mention:
I had unusual stop out on AUD/NZD pair on non-news time; the stop price was never even close to my stop order regarding to the chart. I contacted to their support, and found out that the spreads were widening more than 50pips. I immediately filed a complaint to the execution department with screenshot of my trading position. They have answered that that price was from their interbank and the stop order was filled as normal. The reason why the spreads were widening so high was because of low liquidity. I was shocked and disappointed with this insanity. However, at the end, they told me that the spreads were unusually unfavorable to my position so that they reimbursed the loss to my account. I was happy about this. With any brokers, one could experience some problems but I would say that their response and action were acceptable and fair.

Is FxPro a scam?
No, but calling them “scam” is.
David Dickerson ,
Sofia, Bulgaria,
Mar 7, 2016,

I registered with Fxpro since 2009 and still with them. My advice for many of you ( On and Off traders) , always know what your problems are and for you to move one, STOP putting your blames on brokers. Never had issues with funding and withdrawal. I was having network issues late 2009 but that was due to my then location. For trades who are complaining about prices, Its better you learn more about BUY and SELL stop, BUY and SELL limit on PENDING orders. I will advice you to study more about volatile markets. NOBODY PAID ME to write all these, if you want to verify,I can provide you my trading details.
, India,
Jan 12, 2016,

good and reliable broker. But recently they hiked swap (interest) charged on carrying positions overnight especially on energy products. Good for trading index, stocks . Not suitable for trading energy
Armen Yeremyan,
Yerevan, Armenia,
Dec 30, 2015,

This company can't control their representatives's activities. They refuse to take responsibility for activities conducted by representatives or their employees!
Nigeria, Nigeria,
Dec 7, 2015,
Registered user

i made a total of $2970 scalping the ECB conference on the 3rd of December 2015. Shortly after i made a request for withdrawal an fx pro live agent tells me my account has been flagged for latency arbitrage. I got a mail from them the next day saying my profits will be voided. Subsequently this amount was fraudulently withdraw from my trading account with them and the details of the trades wiped from my account history

More. Community discussion of this issue >>

London, United Kingdom,
Dec 3, 2015,

Total scam artist I used them for 1 year and they just manipulate every trade in thief favour
boston, USA,
Nov 23, 2015,

If you make money they put you on the illegal MT4 virtual dealer plugin which delays execution by 2-3 seconds.
GFT and FXDD were fined massively by the NFA but the FCA has yet to do something about these guys.
They do this also on the ctrader platform regardless it is advertised as DMA.
Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro,
Nov 12, 2015,

Dear all,

I would like to share my "above expected" experience with FxPro (both UK and CY), and at the end I will mentioned THE ONLY reason why I will probably find other broker.

First of all let me say that I opened trading account on their Ctrader platform at UK entity and later I switch to their CY entity also Ctrader account.

-Execution was exceptionally good: never had any problem, always filled - no overquotes, slippage was ALWAYS in my favour, only thing that I have noticed is that rarely - occasionally platforms reconnect itself (maybe it is due to my internet connection, don't know)

-Withdrawals and deposits works perfect: I used debit card to initially fund trading account and it was funded in about 15 min. Withdrawals were first to my debit card (in about 2 hours) and later withdrawals of profit were by wire transfers (literally i received money next day).

-Customer care is fabulous, they are wery responsive and every email I have sent them was answered same day.

Only thing that does not fit in my case is that I am not able to apply for their MasterCard because my country is not listed at their payment partner (card issuer) Intercash. I had long email conversation regarding that issue with FxPro and they had realy done everything in their power but unfotenatly it is out of their reach.

I will wait until Christmas/New Year in hope that FxPro will find solution, if not after that I will close accoutn and try with some other broker.

FxPro if You read coments I appeal: pleas try hard to find other payment provider in adition to Intercash (eg Payoneer). Withdrawals of profit by card is VERY important.

Wish You all the best
, Qatar,
Nov 11, 2015,

I've been trading with FxPro since 2008 and so far until now, I never switched broker! simply because I love them very much!

Support is phenomenal both email and chat and most importantly, deposits and withdrawals are very quick and its like a breeze! No hassle at all! Im a happy trader 101%.

And because of this positive outcome, I keep on recommending them to all my friends and clients whom I mentor for free. Yes 100% free! And just recently, I've decided to be an Introducing Broker (IB) so I can help my fellow traders generate additional income by returning them half of the rebates I earned as an Introducing Broker to FxPro.

So if anyone who is currently with FxPro and decided to get half of the rebates from me every month, REMOVED

REVIEW MODERATION TEAM NOTE: Reviews of brokers are for client experiences. Attempting to advertise your rebate IB service as part of a review is considered to be spam.

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.
Irwan ,
KL, Malaysia,
Oct 4, 2015,

I have FBS fix and Roboforex fix account,when it come to execution (with straddle strategy) Fxpro is the best,i test this 3 broker at the same time and the same news several time already,FBS and Roboforex also good broker for straddle strategy but Fxpro is the best,the execution is +-10pip better than FBS and Roboforex,so far i don't have any problem with Fxpro and thank you for the best execution.Try it your self friend and you will understand what i mean especially newstrader.

FxPro say on their website Instant execution means "the price you see or better"in my experience they really deliver it.Thank you FxPro.
note:- Instant execution best for pending order even with high impact news release

Thank you.
Lahore, Pakistan,
Sep 24, 2015,

i have screen shots of there manipulation. i have EA which also records slippage, re quotes, execution time and other things. long story shot, they are Market maker and scam. you can add me at skype: wiki.freelancer for more inquiry.
not suitable for scalper users.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
Aug 14, 2015,

Not a good broker because when I was trying to execute an order it was giving me Invalid Price and the order was not executed, this is a big problem when you want to open or close your order at the right time.... I end up doing some research on the web and found other people with the same problem! But if you don´t really care about opening your order or closing at the right time go ahead and open an account with this broker...it´s your money!
, Switzerland,
Jul 22, 2015,

I have started using FxPro a month ago after reading some decent reviews on FPA. I came back here to post my impressions as a contribution to give back to the community that gave theirs before me and helped me decide which broker to choose.

Regardless I have some doubts of the negative reviews added lately and the note on the top of the page, I will try to be as much neutral as possible and post a review that other members willing to choose a broker may benefit. I'll try to put all informations I can came up with.

The main reason I choosed FxPro was ( besides the reviews ) that they accept PayPal for deposit and withdrawals, to me this is an important factor as I don't have to waste my time to going to the bank and make transfers. Because I work on internet my 'paycheck' goes on my PayPal account directly first, so this is handy for me.

They offer different account types, I used only few and below my toughts on them since there are few notable differences.

MetaTrader 4
The spread will vary depending of volatily. Orders are executed fast and never saw slippage even when using high lots. I used this account type for a short period of time when I started using them so I cannot say much.

If you work with small timeframes this type of account is not for you as if the market will range fast in one direction the spread will widden considerably.

MetaTrader 4 with fixed spread
Spread is fixed only for few pairs and you can see them with the .fix extension. Orders are executed fast, I saw slippage when using high lots. When the market is very volatile and moving quickly to one direction the slippage increase furthermore.

Both account types can open trade from 0.01 lot.

Spread for other pairs is a bit high compared to another provider I saw from a friend.

The web interface they offer is intuitive, simple, good looking and so it's good for novice that wish to put their feet on forex. In the last period I switched to the MetaTrader 4 platform itself as I needed to run my custom indicators and EA to get more control of my trading. If you are a semi-professional or a professional, forget the web interface!
There are drawing tools but they are not practical to use.

I can confirm that sometimes the MetaTrader 4 disconnect for few seconds without an apparent reason. I experienced more short downtimes with the web interface tough.

Now let's talk about withdrawals, I have withdrawed 800 GBP or so to my PayPal account and they paid the fees ( who use PayPal knows what I'm talking about ) and it took maximum 2/3 days to process and this may depends when their office are open. On Saturday and Sunday their office are closed so don't even expect deposit or withdrawals on these days to be processed.

I contacted the support few times, luckily not for serious matters but they were polite enough. If they says that will get in touch with you via e-mail my suggestion here is to send them an e-mail again after few days if you don't receive anything. It happened they completely forgot about me one time and came up saying they sent me an e-mail.

Someone here said that Supertrader is garbage and I agree. Infact I tried it one day and stopped the day after. If you want to benefit from a signal service you better look at MQL or other similar websites. Most of the signals on Supertrader are risky or produce more losses than wins. But while this is part of the broker, it has nothing to do in my opinion to the trading aspect which is the scope of this site.

Final words:
So far I'm happy with them and didn't had problems except the few I have listed ( slippage and Supertrader signals that sucks.. ). If you plan to try them I highly suggest to avoid like AIDS the dynamic spread account and use the fixed spread instead. Also be sure to don't try to scalp when the market moves fast to one direction as you will encounter slippage.
amin farag,
egypt, Egypt,
Jul 15, 2015,

stay away of this broker
when I doubled my account the wiped it from 950 to 18 usd and they there was a slippage moved your sl and they have a stop out 25% of margin this means I cant lose more than 25% of my margin but I lost all my account and margin in one trade then they disabled my account after telling them I will complain for FCA and write s review here so please keep you money safe and stay away
Fx trader ,
, United Kingdom,
Jul 5, 2015,

I would only add to my previous review that they also ask many manager to submit FxPro his trading strategy so the FxPro not only end up with money manager's clients but also with his strategy...

(note: money manager is supposed to be approved by financial authority and even financial authority don't dare to ask him for his strategy; they need to see his trading results and required qualifications which is logic and ethical approach)

I don't think this need any comment.
I believe intelligent person can't be involved with such doggy company such as FxPro.
I am asking what the hell are financial authorities doing? FxPro should have been already banned as financial authorities are here to protect us from such scrap! And those who are in charge of the company should have been in prison! Hopefully FxPro is already being monitored by the police. Hopefully FxPro will be forced to cease to parasite on our society!

2015-07-01 1 Star SCAM!!!!!

I am money manager and I am interested in brokers who are offering facilities for traders who manage money on behalf of other people.

I spoke with FxPro few months ago and I was shocked:

If money manager doesn't achieve required insane trading volume his agreement with FxPro is terminated and his clients are offered by FxPro possibility to be their money managed by employees (money managers) of FxPro.

If I sum it up:
There are 2 realistic outcomes for money manager who get involved with FxPro:

1. He is over-trading in an attempt to reach the insane trading volume imposed by FxPro and as a consequence he loose money of his clients and ultimately lose his clients and possibly his career.
Consequently FxPro will try to keep his ex-clients for themselves...

2. Trader will not achieve the insane trading volume.
Consequently FxPro will try to keep his ex-clients for themselves...

3rd option of making profit while achieving the insane trading volume requirements is unrealistic. The money manager will sooner or latter loose his clients for any of the reasons I mentioned above.

I am not a solicitor but it could be likely that it isn't even legal to demand money managers or traders to reach certain trading volume average.

I see FxPro as a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of,
Jun 20, 2015,

FxPro manipulates with execution time. All information from their website about conflict of interest is false!
Be carefull!
Here you can find facts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggwzKOsyq48
, Russian Federation,
Jun 19, 2015,

I use news trading service (market orders at news releases) with autoclick. FxPro block my account, cancel profit. I was accused of using arbitrage strategy but it's not true. I use just news trading.

I'm very disappointed.

Bad-bad "broker", 1 star from me.
Montreal, Canada,
Jun 18, 2015,

I used FxPro broker since 2010 and never had any issues with trade executions. During the past six months I placed approximately seven hundred trades.

FxPro offers a very convenient facility for funds withdrawal by virtue of FxPro MasterCard. Transactions are instantaneous.

FxPro customer service is very professional, and under the supervision of Ms. Christiana Roussou, who is the Head of the Back Office Department.

Based on my personal experience with FxPro, I definitely recommend this Forex broker without any hesitation.

LONDON, United Kingdom,
May 23, 2015,

Please do not trade with this broker. If you want loose all of your money, then join with company.one of the reason is stop loss never work during news time. I have a lot of money for this. I have set up stop loss in most my position but position was closed far away at least 20 pips away from the price i set up as a stop loss.I complain them , they said t is their terms and condition. I do not know what to do
, Australia,
May 20, 2015,

Their demo account constantly looses connection with the server. Even for quite long periods (minutes).
Capr Town, South Africa,
May 17, 2015,

One problem I have is the FXPro MT4 program often goes off-line for a few minutes at a time (demo). This would be very annoying if in real trades. I have a few other demo brokers on trial and no problem with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FxPro a good broker?

Unbiased traders reviews on ForexPeaceArmy is the best way to answer if FxPro is a good broker. https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/3947/fxpro-forex-brokers

Please come back often as broker services are very dynamic and can improve or deteriorate rapidly.

Additionally, we'd recommend to check recent FxPro community discussions: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/tags/fxpro.

What is the minimum deposit on FxPro?

The recommended initial deposit for all available accounts of FxPro is $500.

What is the maximum leverage for FxPro?

The maximum leverage on forex pairs varies depending on the entity of FxPro. Below is the detailed explanation.

  • FxPro Global Markets Ltd: maximum leverage is 500:1
  • FxPro Financial Services Ltd: maximum leverage is 30:1
  • FxPro UK Limited: maximum leverage is 30:1

Is FxPro regulaed?

FxPro Group is regulated in 4 countries as below:

  • FxPro Global Markets Limited: Bahamas Securities Commission of the Bahamas, (SCB) SIA-F184
  • FxPro Financial Services Limited: regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, (CySEC) 078/07
  • FxPro Financial Services Limited: South Africa Financial Sector Conduct Authority, (FSCA) 45052
  • FxPro UK Limited: regulated by United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority, (FCA) 509956