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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
4.09 · 36 REVIEWS
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4.09 · 36 REVIEWS
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burnaby, Canada,
Dec 25, 2013,

Over the last 3 weeks I have been using the currency Index in conjunction with the newly introduced Hurst Cog tool and my account has seen a growth of 50% using the 30 min chart.It is so accurate its unbelievable. Yes in the past;my progress with Leveragefx or many other companies were only mediocre at best, but this combination kicks major butt. I think I have finally arrived. But Heh! its only been three weeks. I will update you in three months. Take care
May 29, 2013,

I started looking at LeverageFX in the summer of 2012. In January of 2012, I started using the software. I opened an account with a brokerage that provides it as an option. Since January 15, the software has gotten much easier to use. I've watched everyone of the videos in the blog history since then. If you watch enough of them, you'll "get it". But you have to use it to really validate it.

Chris, the developer of LeverageFX, is brilliant. The whole notion of keeping an eye on eight currency indexes vs two dozen currency pairs works better for me. His approach is "buy the strong against the weak or sell the weak against the strong. Minimize losses - maximize gains." That's the overall theory of the method.

Chris doesn't know me from Adam but he's been very responsive to answer my questions. I'll give one caveat: This software does require you to develop some skill. It's not difficult - but it is different. You could feel overwhelmed (as I did initially) but if you patiently plod through the videos, especially since he developed the currency indexes and what he calls "the Perfect Oscillator", you'll get it. Try it on demo - then take it to micro and mini stages.

Chris has many years in Forex and in developing trading tools and strategies. He's level headed, no nonsense and from what I can tell, he makes a fair share of his living from trading.

I certify to the FPA community that this is my own review, based on my own few months of using it. When I use it like Chris teaches, I gain pips. If I get "creative", I lose pips. So - imitate and duplicate. Don't innovate and deviate!

I hope this helps. I think LeverageFX is provides a lot of wisdom and value and since he's an IB for several brokerages, you can get the software for free. You can look into that for yourself. I don't want this to sound like a "paid commercial announcement." It isn't. I'm just a satisfied used and I thought you'd like to know.
Daniel Axxxxxx,
OC California, USA,
May 5, 2013,

Last review for LFX was in 2011, so i wanted to post something recent.
This is a software that shows you which currency is trending/ strong/ weak, and i believe the software has potential, and it could be really good.

The BaD: Well the videos are way too many and really confusing and not concise. There is like 20 theories about how to use the soft and none really make sense.

Ugly ?- well, you could not make any pips, worse you could lose using this system.

Bottom Line: Imagine you have a sophisticated Military Helicopter in front of you, and being able to fly that machine will get you far in life, except the instructions on how to fly it are all written by a crack addicted monkey. = bad.
Perth, Western Australia,
May 14, 2011,

I am amazed the bad rap that this software receives on some other sites. I have been using this software for about 4 years and have been very happy and pleased with the result. I would never been able to trade forex fulltime without this software. The best thing about it is the guys at Topgun are always trying to improve it to give you that extra edge.
Naples FL,
Jan 27, 2011,

I rarely ever write reviews but saw some negative ones here so would like to tell my story. I've been using the TopGun software marketed through LeverageFX to forex traders for close to 3 years. I wouldn't trade without it because of the currency meter. It's fast, always shows the strongest and weakest pairs and if I buy/sell pullbacks like is taught in class I win over 60% of the time. No system makes money every time, everybody has losses but I follow their system to the letter and move stop up once trade goes my way, move it to break even once up 10 to 12 pips in trade and get out of half my trade at next support/resistance level and trail stop on second half of position. I will say Chris who does classes many years ago was too abrasive and would repeatedly say in class "A monkey can make money using our tools" but I have never ever heard him call anybody an idiot who doesn't make money with his software. This is very powerful software and can take months to master. And for those who claim they can't trade and only sell software they now have a live trading room where Chris and Matt call out trades. I've seen Chris repeatedly call out 30-50 pip winners and he trades exactly like he teaches with small 7 to 12 pip losses. I've only been in the room last two weeks but have made an extra 147 pips on live trades. Maybe the people who lost money due to not understanding their systems go in live room and see it live. If you can't figure it out at least you can profit from real traders.
Oct 17, 2010,

i was a member of LFX in my early trading career and like the last comment i lost money.imo this is another software scam
mentor student,
Jun 23, 2010,

I have a feeling some of the comments were written by topgun stuff.
My question would be if the software is so great why are so many students losing money with it?
Another important question is how many of the successful students use the methods taught in class?
I have been a mentor student for few month, but my results are not impressive. Half of the live account is gone as well as one demo blown up.
I am one of the idiot students who takes tons of small losses (5-15 pips). Yes, the students who are not profitable are called idiots in class. Recently, the students were told that they (topgun in this case) dont care if students succeed, if students quit they would not really care. I think that is not a good thing to say for mentor.
Never I saw anyone trading live with it, all classes are basically paper trading without real help to struggling students.
In fact, I think the mentor is too busy developing new "amazing tools" that most of the students cannot take advantage of.
My suggestion to those who want to make easy money with this tool please dont be so optimistic. Those "highly predictive" tools are hard to apply in live trading.
Jun 19, 2009,

Great system for the E-Signal platform. Excellent support. The website needs polishing and hard to maneuver around. I highly recommend the system.
Dec 3, 2008,

The site is impressive, the graphics are impressive and they use E-signal which is impressive too. But appearances tends to throw up red flags for me, especially when I hear things like, "Find out how you can double your money in one month." Trying to double your money every month in forex is not a very wise goal.
Indicators are cool, but bottom line is, they lag! I like the fact that they implement support and resistance. I haven't used their stuff so who am I to judge. All I can say is that greed sells and so do cool graphics.
Timothy B.,
Jun 12, 2008,

I have been trading the FOREX for 2 years and for 1 year 8 months I was consistently loosing money; a friend told me about Leverage FX/Top Gun and I spoke with Chris at Top Gun who sold me on the value of the mentor package since using TOP GUN I have been averaging 50% returns for the last 3 months. DON'T SPEND ANOTHER PENNY ON ANYTHING ELSE AND JUST GO WITH LEVERAGE FX/TOP GUN!!!!!