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Dr. Zain Agha

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2.877 · 29 REVIEWS
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Caroline, ,
Jan 28, 2010,

Just started with the Zwinnner some few weeks ago. All I can say is that it is worth it. Follow the rules. This is what usually differentiates a winner from a loser. I want to say that I have been so successful, trading this system in his Live Trading Room. I have made lots of pips on daily basis. More than 80% win so far. Dr Zain has been very supportive. I cant think of a better place to be for now. I thank you Dr Zain for your continued support. If you want to be successful, simply join the winning team.
Ken B.,
North Carolina,
Dec 2, 2009,

The system I purchased was garbage. He has you drawing a line from one candle to another which you use to enter a trade. The line is purely arbitrary and has no logical justification whatsoever. (He never explains why this is supposed to work) I have traded many different instruments and a multitude of systems and methodologies. I am not a newbie. The premise of this method was ridiculous and I tried getting a refund. No luck and the credit card company (Wells Fargo) was of no help either. This was a total waste of time and money. Stay away.
Nov 14, 2009,

Hey you guys out there!
Give Dr. Agha a break, for all I know he is a very helpful mentor who has always been there for any kind of support I needed.

This review I am writing in particular to the Z-winner strategy, I received a customised template for MT4 which I installed on my platform. I then spent numerous hours on a weekend back testing and then forward testing the system with a live account, all I can say is that it works and my conclusion is that the system cannot fail to deliver due to being based on principles which will always exist in the market.

Dr. Agha recommends to trade the Euro during the US open however I have used it on GBP during the London open and it works equally well.

A bit about the system, I have found it to be mechanical leaving little discretion on trader's part of taking the actual trade, you also do not have to sit in front of the computer waiting for the setup, with his updated version of the template you get advance audio alert which is quite impressive in itself.

What I like most about Z-winner is that it has kept me in the right direction of the market banishing any fear or worry of losing money, this alone has been a barrier for me for quite some time.

I feel Dr. Agha is genuinely helpful and I am leaving this feedback for him as a way of thanks for what he has shared with me.
Frank Coco,
Sep 6, 2009,

I have purchased several of Dr. Zain's Forex methods and have had great success with them. I have also found him very helpful, he is always there for you personally for support. He definitely stands behind his work. I question the comments from the person who was obviously trying to bash Dr. Zain for no true reason. Forex is not for everyone, and for every Winner, there is a Loser.
Aug 12, 2009,

During several months I was surfing on the internet to get some info about forex. One day I found with exciting info.I read the whole site and discovered really the best I've found as it concerns all about strategies (what I was look
ing for).Before I had read info all around (also Investopedia)to learn about forex. I used several fxrobots, all with bad success-and no satisfaction. Once I had realized what was the ZEZ-system about,I bought a copy. I can and must confirm that it is a real good strategie.For the first time I got winners.As someone said "you must follow the rules".When you go fishing you also have to wait for the right moment. I find it more exciting to trade this way than use a robot because YOU are the one who thinks and decides. Dr.Zain is very helpful.Those people pretending the opposite are wrong. Trading with your head gives more satisfaction. So- trade and get the pips.
Dec 31, 2008,

For goodness sake, don't even ask them anything. Once these bastards get hold of your email address, they will spam you mercilessly. You can never get rid of them; are stick to you like goddamned HIV.
Steven Kroll,
Portland Oregon USA,
Dec 13, 2008,

Please stay far away from this company. I have personally spent over $2000.00 USD on there systems. Luckytips fixes his charts to look like they need to look to make money. Luckytips doesn't contain one winning strategy. Im spreading the word to reach out so people don't lose there money. If you have any questions about this fraud company please feel free to contact me. Thanks
Dec 11, 2008,

I have brought a few strategies from Dr. Zain Agha. They are all very expensive compared to others in the market. Also no guaranteed on satisfaction for a refund. Its a joke that I was being fooled into all this promises that his strategies will deliver.

THE Z-50 SYSTEM - it will not work! Dont buy as you will waste your money. The system dont work. You lost more than you win. It just a loft of garbage that is very simple and straight forward but the system wont work. You are just gambling your money away if you use The Z-50 System

THE BEST FOREX SCALPING SYSTEM: Very simple & straight forward but it will make you more stress dealing with it because it will not work as you lost more than you win.

FOREX TRADING SECRET STRATEGY: Is not worth your time reading it. A bunch of indicators that said will make you money. Its a joke that he selling such a strategy as it never work. He stated in his other sales letter on other strategies he's selling that he dont use indicators as they are all lagging and he turn around and produce a strategy that use a bunch of indicators. Selling for 97GBP for putting a bunch of indicators together.

Trust me dont buy anything from this man because I think he trying to make money from selling useless systems that dont deliver because he himself cant make any money from trading the forex!!!!!
Sep 28, 2008,

To Stue: When I purchased Zain's course, he claimed to offer a 100% "no questions asked" refund. I'm not surprised he doesn't offer than any longer, since many were ripped off and complained.
Sep 22, 2008,

In response to Owen. It clearly and let me say that again that It clearly states there are NO REFUNDS. He does not want people to buy the system and then turn it in for a refund under the guise of the system does not work.

I am in no way compensated by Dr Agha nor have I met or work in any fashion for him. This is an honest assessment of my time with the system owner