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Mike McMahon

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Online Trading Academy offers Forex, Stocks, Futures, Options trading training. Online Trading Academy offers free online classes as well as paid longer courses.
2020-02-12:  The US Federal Trade Commission has filed a suit against Online Trading Academy for running an investment trading scheme.  CLICK HERE to see the latest details.
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2.363 · 102 REVIEWS
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Mike E,
Jun 11, 2007,

i think this course is the fastest way to know this market . its like a shortcut of one year self studying in two weeks . it tells about every thing , but most of it is technichal analysis and the use of indicators .
and the main focus was on intraday technichal strategy . the course is expesive and the manuals you get out of the course contains the slides that were explained and they are in black and white so they can be much much better .
John H.,
La Quinta, California,
Sep 23, 2007,

I took the 6 day Forex course in Irvine. I found the material was very informative and the instructor, Rick Wright, was great. He is a likeable smart ass, who was fun and very knowledgeable. I learned a ton and it was worth the money. I used the home study training CD's but they were nothing compared to the class. We had a disruptive student in my class; they sent him packing in short order to preserve our learning experience. I had an issue with the facility and Mike McMahon himself spoke with me immediately and remedied the situation within seconds. OTA is customer service oriented and my experience was great. The sales guy was a turn off as he was pushy, but once I was in the class I knew I had made the right decision.
Mike G,
Jun 2, 2008,

Hi All, As outlined in the previous posts I took and equities class and then followed that up with the Forex class in Houston.

My Forex instructor was Abe Cofnas and I learned more than I could have from reading books.

If you have an opportunity to take an OTA instructuted class, jump on it. It's well worth the money.
Orange County, California,
Jun 6, 2008,

BAD NEWS - Over 20 of us in their class which cost each of us $5,000.00. During the class the instructor could not make a winning trade if his life depended on it, not one winning trade. I doubt anyone ever made a dime with what was taught, in fact everyone probably lost even more money, on top of the over priced cost of the class. OTA are SLICK salesmen and are simply looking to make a buck off of everyone and also make money off students trades as introducing brokers, etc. Very disappointing! Sick to my stomach over what the class cost me. What a mistake! I'm still kicking myself!
D S,
Minneapolis MN,
Aug 4, 2008,

I took the class in MN a few months ago. It taught me how to trade and I have been profitable every month after the class. These guys treat you like a person and they back up what they say! I STRONGLY RECCOMEND learning from professional traders that teach the class. My instructor had 15 years of FOREX trading history.
Bill, esq.,
Los Angeles,
Dec 3, 2008,

They must not expect potential students who are attorneys to be in the room for their intro to OTA Trading Education. When they started to pitch sales of asset protection products, and making misrepresentations of the law, I knew this was a scum operation. Owner operator John stated that he could run over you with his car, but because he owned nothing in his name, it is all in corporations, you would never get a dime out of him. He should try running over an attorney and see if that still holds true. He may have his assets in corporations, but he still maintains control, and control equals ownership. Surely you can guess what would happen next. The world is too full of sales people scamming money out of hard working folks. I for one will not and over my money to OTA. Instead I
Charlotte, NC,
Dec 7, 2008,

Awesome school! I have taken several classes from OTA not just Forex and each time they deliver great content. Far and away better than anything else I have tried. The instructors are usually top-notch and willing to help you succeed. Support is outstanding even after you take the class. From the looks of the negative reviews I see here, there are many people who either have actually never taken the class or just aren't capable of actually being a successful trader. They way I see it, they deliver the right content, allow you to practice on their dime, and give you the support going forward. If you can't succeed in that type of environment, then you just aren't cut out for trading.
Irvine, CA,
Jan 28, 2009,

I recently took the OTA course in their Irvine headquarters.
The pro
Al D,
Phila, PA,
Feb 5, 2009,

I took Part 1 and 2 in Baltimore and DC locations. It was a great course, If you don't get a instructor you feel is your style of trading you can retake as many times as you want for free! My instructor was Steve Bueamont he was a incredible teacher I highly recommend him. He was right to the point on how to make money in the market and didn't waste time on pointless information. One night we had class at 2 am est to trade the European market. It helped me identify my weaknesses and timing on trades and I have been very profitable since.
Dave Carpenter,
Southfield, Michigan,
Apr 13, 2009,

OTA offers a great program. I took their 7 day protraders class, having little experience trading. I had read a few books, but am very much a hands-on kind of learner. If you are going into this program thinking that it's all you will ever need and that you will be a professional trader once you are finished the week, get a grip. They teach you the basics of trading, let you trade live with their money, and offer great follow up support. They are not cheap, but nothing worth doing is. If you are looking to start trading for a career, I would suggest nothing else except the Protaders class, the XLT program they offer that follows, and a lot of hard work. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a great chance to learn a new skill, which will take time to develop like any other career change. I was personally very satisfied with the OTA course, their employees, and will continue my relationship with them to become a proficient professional trader of equities, and forex, with one day some work in futures.