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Online Trading Academy offers Forex, Stocks, Futures, Options trading training. Online Trading Academy offers free online classes as well as paid longer courses.
2020-02-12:  The US Federal Trade Commission has filed a suit against Online Trading Academy for running an investment trading scheme.  CLICK HERE to see the latest details.
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2.363 · 102 REVIEWS
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Nov 19, 2010,

I have been to 3 of their 6 hour class and every time i go i have learned something. about to try their course
j d,
Jul 5, 2011,

I payed the full wack and itS been WORSTE investment i have ever made. they have trades made by their pro traders, and they can not get 20pips a week!!!!dont waste your money. what they offer is freely available on line. they will cause you anger, which is the worst thing for you when you trade.
Tony Harkey, VP, Marketing,
Online Trading Academy (Irvine, CA),
Jun 15, 2010,

Online Trading Academy is a global network of financial education centers that was built to help individual investors and traders to become professional investors and traders. Our students come to us with their expectations lowered by Wall Street and it is our job to raise their expectations and show them how to get more from their investments. Our instructors are professionals who deliver a great value to our students, many of whom continue their education beyond their initial class into Extended Learning Track (XLT) sessions or courses in multiple asset classes. I would encourage anyone interested in getting more from their investments to talk to one of our graduates about their experience, or talk to one our Education Counselors at any of our 33 financial education centers. If you'd like, you may reach me at

Review Moderation Team Note: This review came from the same location as a 5 star review from Paul Masters, Newport Beach left on 2010-04-13.
Pakvi Roti,
Fort Worth, USA,
Sep 17, 2012,

First, for all of the individuals who went to the FREE half day 'Seminar' expecting to learn to trade, you sure are naive. That 'Seminar' is a SALES event to get customers to sign up for classes.

Except for OTA's HQ in California, ALL OTA offices are franchisee's, some of them are less than ethical in their sales tactics. However, the educational content is strictly controlled by HQ and is an excellent value. Of course that depends on the intelligence of the person attending, Trading isn't for dummies.

Full Disclosure: I worked for an OTA franchisee in the mid 90's, briefly. I've sat in on classes, and I have paid for classes. The knowledge gained has been invaluable in furthering my trading.
Austin, TX,
Apr 13, 2010,

For the record, I'm not a "shill", and I'm not a "newbie". Apparently what works for some people doesn't work for others. Sure, OTA is a business, and they have to sell their services, just like anyone else. But what they sell is good education and training, and I'm glad they do. I consider myself a well-educated, hard-working person. I don't have a lot to trade with, and I have to keep a full-time job, so my trading progress is not as fast as I would like. But that is no fault of OTA. I have met some great people there, both students and instructors, as well as administrators. Maybe Austin is different than the some of these other places where people are so unhappy. All I can say is I wish you luck finding something that works for you.
Philadelphia, USA,
Feb 4, 2012,

I received a flyer in the mail to sign up for the free workshop. The class was suppose to end at 2. I avoided the sales pitch, which I knew was coming, because I had to leave. I like to review products before I make a purchas. This is how I ended up here. I didn't get the free items, might come in the mail (I doubt it). Did not do any trading as advertised. The King of Prussia office is nice and I did learn to have an execution plan. I've been doing some amateur trading and I have performed pretty well. I just ask myself what I like and I invest in it if it is at the wholesale stage. If anyone can get Israel real estate or any thing in Jerusalem go for it. I invested is a stock that was $34 per share and now it is $104.00 a share. Just do research and go to free events. Trust yourself.
Jan 13, 2011,

I've been to one of their free seminar. Not good. Hard sales tactics. Started off with one of the Singapore Branch course graduate turned coach who entered a demo trade in front of us & taking a loss. After questioning at the end of the presentation, the sales manager proceeded to tell me that it was an impulse trade & he would not trade that way. They hired a course graduate-turned-coach who trades on impulse.
Tony Harkey,
Irvine, CA,
Dec 3, 2010,

I would like to apologize to "Stephen from Orlando" and I would be appreciative of the opportunity to speak to you personally about your experience. We strive to ensure that all of our guests have an exceptional experience. Online Trading Academy has worked hard to earn its reputation as leader in trading education and we're proud of the level of satisfaction our graduates report. I'm concerned to hear about any guest who has attended one of our free workshops that feels we under delivered. Please call me directly at (949) 608-6005 at your earliest convenience and we'll do our best to make sure the free workshop we owe you is fulfilled, either in one of our financial education centers, via a webinar or with a home study course. I think you'll find that this free course is very informative and will change the way you look at opportunities in the financial markets.

Sincerely, Tony Harkey, VP of Marketing for Online Trading Academy
andy resetar,
colorado, USA,
May 7, 2012,

Recently went to FREE class, paid TOO MUCH! Spent hours repeating old negative Wall Street cliches, and then called them "nuggets". Explained no matter what you saved you'd outlive your money. No new ideas. Waste of time!!
Herve Le Roux,
Long Beach,
Sep 27, 2009,

Extremely high pressure sales job. Did not buy because of the attitude of sales person. Was extremely difficult to get him to accept "Let me think about it".