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Updated: Apr 13, 2017
4.68 · 55 REVIEWS
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4.68 · 55 REVIEWS
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London, United Kingdom,
Apr 11, 2017,

Very unreliable

Typically 2 or 3 hours late after posted start time - no warning. Sometimes cancels - no warning. Pathetic excuses.
Dominic Wood,
Barnsley, United Kingdom,
Jun 2, 2016,

First joined fx-knight.com 8 years ago in 2008. Now operating a MARKET MASTER International Trading Account at Barclays. No better recommendation of the Pro Training services there than that. If BK (my mentor) hadn't told me how it can take 10 years hard work before the average person would attain success at this industry I probably would have given up by now. I'm happier than ever. Love my life 100%, even when I am stressed, tired or anxious. I just think, "This is life. Live it. Love it. Enjoy it!"
All my best, Dominic
athens, Australia,
Sep 23, 2015,

hey andrei gave a template that was very hard explaind alot but no good would not recomend him be carefull.
Copenhagen, Denmark,
Oct 3, 2014,

What is this cr** ???

I wanted to see the 10 free lessons. Therefore I had register there. OK.

After that I still wanted to see the free 10 lessons. But they were compiled to an ebook. To read this I had to sign up for the newletter

I did this and still did not get any ebook.

I tried to watch other former webinars from Andrej. No picture, bad sound. Nothing to see. Nothing to learn.

Summary: A waste of time - better stay away
Tim Barnard,
Washington, USA,
Aug 15, 2014,

I have been trading forex for nearly 2 years and have been a memeber of fx-knight.com's Pro room for over 6 months now. Prior to joining the Pro room i was a break-even to slightly-losing trader. Andre's trading, in my opinion, is the best. From his course work I've finally learned how to profitably use fibs and daily / weekly / monthly pivots and medians in a systematic, rule-based way. But the bottom line is, his method and system works and I am a consistently profitable day trader now.
UK, United Kingdom,
Dec 6, 2013,

I have been studying with Knight for 7 months now. His training in my opinion is second to none. Not only does BK know fundamentals but his technical analysis is very accurate. Not only does he give an overview on a number of pairs 3 times a week but he takes the time to get to know you and help you in the member area. His use of Fibs and support resistance levels has helped tremendously as well as his charting package. His charts are overwhelming at first but like anything you soon get used to all the lines on the charts. Everything is there for a reason. His use of Stocastics and Osma as a backup to price action again in my opinion is second to none....
Dublin, Ireland,
Feb 14, 2012,

If you want to be a successful trader this is the best place I know, where you can make your dream true.

I've spent in the Pro Room 11 months and I received here a solid base to grow as a successful trader. In the end, I've learned more than I expected.

The best money ever spent.
Singap[ore, Singapore,
Dec 26, 2011,

I started the FXKnight classes after a couple of months of watching the free videos from Andrei Pehar. There is a lot of free stuff in the internet, but very few are convincing enough to make you want to pay for more lessons.

I understand Andrei was a chess champion – and I see the high level of strategic and forward and backward analysis that permeates his lessons. He does candle by candle explanations of why prices moved the way they did, coupled with his unique blend of indicators and templates which we received free with the subscription.

He also showed us how to look at the big picture – higher time frames and their effect on lower time frames, fundamentals and how to plan for alternative trade scenarios if conditions suddenly changed. I now plan my daily trades with confidence and am still thrilled that targets are hit and reversals take place at pre-highlighted levels. I finally recognize the entry and exit signals and know not to panic and stay the course or to make an exit when prices reverse because they are following a set pattern of behavior that has to do with mass trading psychology. It is not something for those who want instant knowledge because it requires hard work and study. But with a great and patient teacher – learning is fun. I also thank Dave for his patient and indepth tactical dissections on Tuesdays, when students can present their analysis; and Dr Marty for his insightful psychology classes. ..all part of the package. The pro-group has some extremely helpful and knowledgeable members, and a couple of them helped develop the templates. You can post your trades on the forum for feedback and tips for improvement. I would highly recommend this class to all who want to have a solid foundation in forex.

A final proof – I watched several free live trades by an FX companies selling educational packages and indicators. They entered a Sell order on a 15 minute chart as their indicator “gave permission” to go short and also due to “bad” numbers from news. But price went up instead of down and 1.5 hours later, their 45 pip stop loss was hit. The retracement back to their entry SELL price took more than 6 hours. I looked at the FXknight charts for comparison and to my surprise, the chart showed clearly that prices were moving UP – at the time of their short entry. I felt so sorry for them, I almost sent the three highly experienced traders FXKnight’s 15 minute chart to show them where they went wrong. This happened not just once but several times when I watched their live sessions. I rest my case.
London, United Kingdom,
Nov 22, 2011,

FxKnight and Andrei Knight are excellent. Far better than I expected it to be. The best trading coaching. I have grown adn learnt so much more thank I thought I could do for someone with no trading or economics background.
Thank you very much Andrei and all the lecturers at FxKnight.
Sep 20, 2011,

Dear all

I came to the pro room in 2009. I had an idea about trading and had done some for a while, but I needed guidance and I certainly got that here. I was always surprised at how much time and effort BK took to look into personal trading issues with his class and for that I will always be truly grateful.

Trading has never come naturally to me; however I found that my skills as an analyst grew exponentially during my time here and I started out posting analysis in the currency watch section and giving fundamental reasoning behind the technical analysis. BK used to go through them in class and I kept on writing and writing and found that my analysis grew stronger everyday, as did my writing skills by coming to class and understanding the links between fundamentals and technicals.

One day BK asked if I would like my work to be published. I was over the moon and so of course I said yes. This was the start. I kept writing articles for fxKnight.com and suddenly they were appearing on the headlines of the International Business Times as well as becoming recommended reports on FX street.

I wanted to share this for two reasons. Firstly I want to acknowledge fxKnight.com and Andrei as being the guy that gave me my first shot, my first step into a new world I never thought I could even touch. Because of the chance and faith he showed in me, I now write for companies, trade magazines and publications all over the world. It started here at fxKnight and the pro room.

I wanted you to know this because it’s important that you all allow yourselves to dream big, you allow yourselves to get carried away with your thoughts because the world is what you make it. I got started here. BK gave me a chance and I ran with it and I never looked back.

The second reason is because I am now leaving the writing life for an opportunity that has come along. I have been offered a job as a manager to look after writers and editors and so after all these years, I will be leaving fxKnight.com as an analyst and a writer.

It has been amazing; writing and providing analysis and I look forward coming back once in a while and saying hi and though many of you do not hear of me often, I always keep an eye and watch with pleasure new traders harnessing their skills as they go through the same process that I did.

Andrei, thank you for giving me a chance, thank you for the opportunity. I came here to be a trader, I left as an established and published writer. You have been amazing to work for and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sandra, thank you for everything. Its Been a great ride and we certainly got those facebook numbers up and working with you has been fun and delightful!

Yves, thank you for all the encouragement over the years man, you have been a great aspiration.

Thank you to everyone who has left kind comments on my analysis.

I wish everyone the best of luck and if I may leave you with anything at all it is this…Dream Big!

Not only are you entitled to, you do the world a big favour by inspiring others to do the same.

All the best

2009-07-12 5Star I have been part of FX knights Pro group for about 3-4 weeks now and whilst I can honestly say that BK is the best mentor I have had, I wouldn�t do him or his company justice unless I explained in detail why.

FX Knight

First of all, I was simply amazed at the level of customer service I got, even before I joined up. For about a month I was emailing FX knight about their pro services and I had every questioned answered within a very short period of time and their answers were straight forward, to the point and I always felt that they really wanted to answer everything as best they could. Many companies could take a leaf out of their book and would do very well.

The Room

The next thing that is plainly obvious when you join is the culture and openness of all the other traders in the room. Everyone is so encouraging and genuinely wants other traders to do well. When someone has a great day, everyone joins in congratulating that person and when people have a bad day, that person is encouraged to throw up their chart and BK will go through the trade to see where that particular trader could improve or done something differently. The room is made up of great people and it makes a very enjoyable environment to learn trading.

The System

Please do not think that you will learn this system in a week and start making money. No where does BK claim this will happen and in fact it is encouraged that people are to be very patient with themselves, because it is the application of the systems that we learn in class. You can read about how to drive a car and learn the theory quickly, but to get out onto the road takes practice and experience along with a good instructor that highlights the dangers and obstacles in the road.

BK has an understanding of the markets in such a way that he understands the markets on a global concept and can put together the pieces of the global economy like a complicated jig saw puzzle. His trading method uses discretionary decision making tactics that incorporates this and whether you lean more heavily towards fundamentals or technical analysis, you will find you will be comfortable using the elements of this system.

The system is made up of many tools and tactics and in class we learn how to use each one. When you build a house, you can�t use just a hammer, you need a variety of tools. You get all of the tools on day one; the on-going class teaches you how to use them effectively.

BK himself

Andrei is a success; he wants you to be a success and he takes a personal interest in making you a success. When you have a good day, no one celebrates this more than BK. His integrity and honesty is above that of every other trading instructor I have had and I have never felt more in safe hands. I have never felt that I can�t ask a question or that I am taking up too much time. I have always felt confident that BK takes a personal interest in my trading and I feel very comfortable sharing my thoughts.

The thing I love most though, is how we also talk about philosophy and balancing our goals and lives. We have a great time in the Pro room and everyone is so friendly that you quickly find yourself joining in with the jokes and taking part in discussions. However, we never wander beyond that which will help us with our trading and everything discussed is built around making us better traders.

Before the pro group, I had been trading a year and steadily lost pips in that time. In the time I have been with the pro group I have made four trades, 3 have been winners and I am up 50 pips. For me that�s great. I am happy taking my time and learning something new and significant each day. There are those in the room that have gone from nothing to making over 500 pips in a week. It does depends on you.

If you are sitting there thinking that you have been un-successful for too long, then you have nothing to loose. The price is amazing and the experience you receive is better than sitting a class room for a week trying to soak up as much as possible; I know, I have done it.

I hope you find this useful and whether you come and join the pro room or not, I hope you are successful; that is mentality of our group.