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Updated: Aug 22, 2016
2.623 · 16 REVIEWS
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2.623 · 16 REVIEWS
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Denver, USA,
Apr 30, 2012,

I've been in Raghee's live chat now for 3 weeks. Luckily I'm on a $7 trial subscription; I just cancelled. There's nothing wrong with following the 34ema, which is basically her claim to fame. However, I've been stopped out on most of her trade setups in her chat room. All her stuff is free anyway, so don't pay for any of it.
anywhere, USA,
Dec 10, 2011,

I am almost done with her 30 days of forex trading book. The book is well written and her system is explained well and it is simple to program and follow. However scanning charts (over and over again) I see a lot of fake breakouts despite MACD and the wave being where they are supposed to be. I also have been on her website and viewed webinars ( which one i found extremely unprofessional as she was either sniffling or yawning and not trying to hide either one) and it all looks good in hindsight. Time will tell if what she is teaching will actually work for someone like me. My results have been below average so far after about 3 weeks of trying out her system.
J. Monson,
Mar 1, 2011,

She offers a number of very expensive video courses. However, nowhere does she state on her site that the courses will make someone a successful trader.

What kind of success can someone expect after taking one of her courses? Are 80% of their trades successful? 90%? Or is it only 55%? How about if the markets change, say the currencies start moving very rapidly--do the trading strategies still make money?

There is no money back guarantee. Why is that? Someone is supposed to pay $2500 for a course; what if it is unsatifactory or does not meet their needs?

Although she has copies of articles on her site to make her look like she is in heavy demand, the magazine stories often coincide with a book release. I assume Wiley Publishing is to blame, not that she is in heavy demand.

Also, she lives in Florida; her company is in California. Is that because regulatory laws keep her from running her company from Florida, i.e., you must have an M.Sc. or Ph.D. in statistics or science and a level of certification in Florida proving that you actually are competent in the field you claim to be a master of. The typical "bank trader" usually has a Ph.D.--this is about all the banks take--and is trained by the bank they work for. Most bank traders earn $200,000 a month for the banks they work for, in case you are wondering. Similar success after taking one of her courses? I seriously doubt it.
Rajeev Kulkarni,
Mar 12, 2010,

I was a student at Raghee's bootcamp for forex traders.
You know the sad fact is that she does have a lot of valuable information to improve your approach and preparation to trade the forex market.Her methodology permits you to have a very focused, reassuring viewpoint with which to tackle the markets everyday.
Unfortunately, the complexity involved in her" multiple evaluations strategy " used to examine all possible gateways available for considering an entry/exit etc is so time consuming that it leads you to overthink rather than simplify your rationale for a trade.
This must be the reason her managed forex fund failed .....i was informed by her inner staff not to join as it was performing miserably.
With the volatility of the forex markets......thinking and rethinking.......costs! Time demands a premium be paid at crucial points !One needs a simple "click-whirr" kind of ability/tool to make an instantaneous decision in forex at minimal emotional cost.Raghee's teachings dont provide this solution.You will therefore keep stumbling in the long run.
Now if i had to talk about her ( and stepping away from her courses), as a person...... she lacks integrity totally.She made a lot of promises that she ran away from.Responsibility for her spoken word and the promise it's expected to deliver ..... was a sham and i can prove it as per my personal experience with her at her bootcamp courses.
So my bottom line rating would be.......excellent and valuable source of forex information but proceed with caution monetarily.Dont sign a one way contract.Be absolutely sure that your contract with her stipulates that the money paid her will be 100% refunded if she fails to deliver her promise of personal one on one coaching , directly with her, via phone calls and email , as promised by her in her email ad's and orally at the initial introductory class.
Anyways, i did learn ....though the "adieu" was bitter.
Mar 8, 2010,

I have used Raghees system for two years now, and have become a full time self employed trader. She does trade everyday, she has a live room and she is live on FXStreet. Most people use the wave wrong. She does not put the wave on any chart and trade price action above or below. She is a chart pattern trader. She will not trade a pair unless a pattern has developed, then she uses the wave for the break out, and fibs for target projections. You must look for the chart patterns first then the wave, that's why she uses autochartist to scan pairs. If you only trade pairs that are in a continuation pattern or reversal pattern, and you enter when they break these patterns you will be very accurate in your trading with a very high winning percentage. I don't think she clearly explains this is what you do, she makes it seem as this is what she does but it's optional for you. But yes she scans for the patterns first.
christiaan ,
Apr 29, 2009,

I stronly disagree.Raghee teaches you to trade trendreversals swing trades and breakouts.I have added an indicator to increase accurracy that was high enough to begin with.With her trading style you can trade under all market conditions while some systems of other experts tend to work only in specific market conditios
Michael Kanzler,
Los Angeles,
Mar 14, 2008,

I purchased her $5995 DVD course. Of the 300 trading DVD's I have reviewed, the value of the course is not more than one tenth the price. She has trouble in organizing her thouths and can be all over the map. Also, in one DVD, she states to ignore references to a higher time frame when trading. What??!!
The Horner DVD set are the only DVD's I have purchased and then gave away for free.
Evalyn J. Gossett,
United States,
Dec 30, 2007,

I am a newbie wanting to learn and earn. Paid the money and found I was so busy getting information on new products and webinars and access to new setups. Nothing profitable or productive. Do not spend your money on her products. It is a waste.
Nov 21, 2007,

I bought Raghee's book 4X Trading for Maximum Profit and garnered enough information out of it to program her strategy and back test it. A simple MACD crossover strategy will make more money than her strategy. After following her book and her website for several months, I would say that she is more interested in selling her courses and books than she is in actual trading. If she makes money trading, she should be able to document it.
Overall, I give her one star because her technique will make money. It needs a lot of tweeking.
Aug 24, 2007,

I have seen her expensive course, and undoubtedly it is the worst course I've ever seen. She is absolutely hopeless. You're much better off spending your money on Forexmentor, Rob Booker or Ed Ponsi. But believe me, Raghee is definitely not a trader, and she cannot even teach. All she is good at is at impressing new naive wannabe traders.