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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
1.231 · 19 REVIEWS
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1.231 · 19 REVIEWS
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Brian Campbell,
Hawaii, USA,
Jan 8, 2013,

This is Brian Campbell from RapidForex.com.

I want to publicly clear the air about some negative reviews that we have received in the past.

About 7 years ago we hired some incompetent staff members, which resulted in poor customer support. Although we attempted to manage that staff properly, we were not successful. At the time we were one of only half a dozen forex training sites and we grew faster than we were prepared for.

Some people became upset because they were not able to reach us directly and they posted negative reviews about rapid forex. To the best of my knowledge ALL outstanding issues have been resolved regarding rapid forex for 6 years now.

I accept the possibility that there are still some people that feel that they did not receive the best possible value for what they chose to invest in with us at the time. I want EVERYONE who finds this thread to know the following:

#1: Anyone who has any unresolved issues with me personally, or RapidForex.com may contact me directly at BrianCampbell.com & I will work to resolve this solution with you.

#2: I have been successfully teaching forex trading for the past several years at RapidForex.com. I did close the RapidForex.com website for about 2 years to pursue other interests. I gave people a 12 month notice before closing the site. Four years ago I re-opened the site and have been serving happy members ever since. I have been more dedicated to teaching forex than the majority of other forex websites.

#3: ALL PRIOR RAPID FOREX SUBSCRIBERS are entitled to a LIFETIME FREE PASS to ALL FUTURE RapidForex.com products. If you chose to invest in learning from me in the past I do not want any more money to teach you how to be successful. I experienced some growing pains, but I am STILL HERE to help you figure out how to trade forex profitably. I trade the forex myself and I also like to help people learn about currency trading.

#4: If you were a previous Rapid Forex customer, just send me a message through RapidForex.com's contact page and let me know which package you purchased. I will give you access to all of the forex training that we ever offer on RapidForex.com ~ FOREVER! I believe that this is a more than fair way to compensate anyone who feels that they have been wronged by the way that we've conducted business.

I have always conducted all of my business with integrity and the desire to help people live a better life. Regardless of what you may read here in the comments that were posted several years ago, I actually care about every single person that I have ever dealt with.

If you feel like I have dealt unfairly with you, please get in touch with me and we can discuss a permanent resolution.

I am about to come out with a new RapidForex.com community with a LIVE trading room with REAL TRADERS, showing REAL TRADES and helping you become a REAL TRADER. If you purchased ANYTHING from RapidForex.com in the past, you will receive FREE LIFETIME ACCESS.

There have been prior allegations that I have scammed people. Not only have I NEVER SCAMMED a SINGLE PERSON, no proof of any scams have ever been posted online.

RapidForex.com will never go away. It is my goal to make it the most transparent & real site to help people figure out how to actually trade.

I am openly inviting anyone who reads this thread and the negative comments left by a few disgruntled people out of the 100,000+ customers that RapidForex.com has had over the past 10 years to personally contact me & I will personally address your concerns.

I admit to the possibility that there may be unresolved issues that haven't been communicated to me. At the same time, everyone who has ever purchased one of our products has received what they paid for.

If you're reading this and you don't yet know me, I would like to invite you to personally contact me and initiate a discussion to see that I am one of the most honest business people operating in pure integrity on the Internet.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to show you that I am providing more value to the forex trading community than what a few people who had a bad experience have stated here.

Brian Campbell

P.S. If any of the people who posted their comments in this thread would like a resolution to their issue, I will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make you feel like you were treated more than fairly.
Jan 7, 2009,

This company is a joke, I have purchased their $495 forex pack, which I must admit was not bad compared to the garbage out there. After that I decided to sign up for their $2,000 MTP program, which was a disaster. After couple months the program fell apart, and it was impossible to reach anyone in customer service for refund. After year or two I get email saying they put some money aside for refunds. After talking to them on the phone he said he mailed me refund which I never received, I tried contacting them without any results. If these guys were successful at what they do they should be able to afford $2,000 for refund. They also send you junk mail trying to get you to buy their other c***.

They had a good thing going and they screwed up, real shame!
Oct 6, 2008,

I purchased the Supreme Trader and another version prior to that. When I bought the Supreme Package it was through a second site (2click.com or something like that) and there was a problem. My card was charged but I didn't get it (it's been a long time that was in 20006 abouts). Anways, I emailed back and forth to their tech site and finally after several heated exchanges got what I paid for. This was one of the poorest decisions I've ever made. I really didn't have the money, I was worried about ever being able to retire and their course sounded like I would be able to supplement my income. Please do not do any business with them ever, under any circumstances! However, I do forgive them because I am more than just a retirement account. I hope they find peace for their souls!
Brian Campbell,
May 11, 2008,

This is Brian Campbell from RapidForex.com.

This website has been brought to my attention and I would like to express that there are many exaggerated claims that are not true on this website.

There were some issues that happened that caused some people to be upset, but I feel like things have been blown way out of proportion.

I realize that many people were upset when we decided to close our doors, but we had personal issues that caused us to have to close the business down.

If anyone feels like RapidForex was a ripoff, all of the course material is now free at www.trademoney.com.

If anyone feels that IMU was a ripoff, it's all free at www.internetmarketinguniversity.com.

We've re-released this information so everyone can learn and enjoy it. So anyone complaining about losing access to something they paid for, it's now free for them for the forseeable future.

If anyone reading this website feels like they have been wronged by anything that I, or RapidForex did to them, please contact me at:

I will do my best to resolve any issues or grievances that you may have. I apologize for not being available to be contacted over the past year, but I had quit this business and I needed to take time to deal with my own personal problems. I understand this is not an excuse and I am now here for you to contact if you need me.

Please give me some time to respond to you, it may take me a few days to get back to you, but I will get back to you and work to personally resolve any issue you've had & make things right!

I look forward to healing this situation and resolving any outstanding issues.

Brian Campbell

Dec 8, 2007,

I purchased the Supreme Trader package then they closed the website a few months later. Thanks a lot! I sure as hell wasn't gonna shell out more money to buy the hard copy.

Brian Campbell is now trying to push a real estate investing course! This guy is too much! I am not buying anything else from him or borowski!
Oct 6, 2007,

It is a shame that someone who had such a good product could turn out to be a scam
I purchased both Rapid forex and IMU.
Nothing in the sales process to tell me that i was buying the product just for a while
Neither of my portals work now and despite several emails and even slow mail, nothing from Brian Campbell or his mate Borowski.
It would be nice if either Brian or Robert see this and get in touch. I hope that they have a good excuse so that a little faith can be restored

United States,
Sep 23, 2007,

I would like to comment on RapidForex.com I was part of Brian Campbell's Allstar Program which ran from Feb. 06- May. 06. I payed $197 to join and the course also required having to buy his partner Robert's Rapid Forex course which was $500. We also had to pay monthly hosting account and autoresponder fees, which were payed to Brian's company Plutonium Hosting LLC. The server was down constantly and all we got were exuses from the "tech guy" Matt. Out of the blue after a few months Plutonium Hosting closed down with no reason. So at this point I had spent about $700.

The point of the Allstars was to be an affiliate of Brian's 3 websites which were RapidForex.com, InternetProfitMentor.com, and ManifestLife.com and get paid commission on sales we generated. We (about 70 of us) worked practically night and day on the "homework assignments" that Brian would assign us to complete. If we didn't complete them, we would be kicked out of the group. We were promised at the beginning that all of us would make at LEAST $3500 by the end of the 3 month course. I had made a few sales during this time and generated about $350 in my affiliate account. As the course went on people started being very vocal about why we weren't getting payed the money we had earned and all we would get was exuse after exuse. Brian even had the balls to say that if we worked hard enough we could make as much as $40,000 by the end of the course and be flown to Hawaii (where he lives) to be personally mentored by him.

To make a long story short, we never got payed for anything we earned or promised to us. Rapid Forex shut down and Brian ran away and started other scams called MillionaireGift.com and InternetMarketingUniversity.com. The only excuse we got for not getting payed was that he had chargebacks and if someone charges back you have to wait 90 days to take money out of the account so they froze it. So we waited 90 days and guess what, there was another chargeback so the same excuse over and over. It's now Sept. of 2007 and 1 1/2 years has passed. I've never received a dime. I've sent emails that have gone unanswered and he actually has the nerve to send promotional emails to his list still. I rest my case. Don't ever buy anything from Brian or Robert or believe a word they say.
Sep 22, 2007,

I bought the Supreme Trader Package because it was on sale. I think it was for $197 and supposedly it was selling originally for $400+. That was sometime in Sept, 2006. They said they were stopping the sale of their forex ebooks but will continue supporting their existing customers. All the ebooks were accessible online and they promised that they will keep it that way, although if you wanted a hard copy of the books, you can buy it for $150+, which I didn't buy at that time. Well 4 months later, I got an email saying that they will be closing the website and that if I didn't want to lose the info then I need to buy the hard copy and therefore that will bring my total investment to about $350. Of course I was upset. I emailed them saying that is not what they said when I bought the package. I felt I had no choice but to buy the hard copy. Well, I don't know if it's because of my email, but I was able to continue accessing the lessons online up until this September, 2007. It looks like they completely closed their website now. The lessons were not really that easy to follow. I like Babybips much better and to think it is free. I have not really tried to see if the scalping techniques work so I am not going to rate them. They did let me access their online course for one year. But the fact that I had to buy their hard copy version since they were closing their website was not good. They should have informed us when they had that sale that they were going to do that. So it wasn't really a sale at all if you add the cost of the book.
Sep 9, 2007,

I just got the ebook from a friend of mine last month. So far I have finished reading and have tried the techniques on a demo account. Quite profitable result of 20pips per day on average so far following the forex surfing method.
Aug 28, 2007,

BEWARE of their new project "Internet Marketing University" - these clowns are no where to be found!!