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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.529 · 18 REVIEWS
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2.529 · 18 REVIEWS
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Jack Willis,
Aug 29, 2010,

I purchased the strategy Oct 13th 2005 . The Ad said "Last system you will ever buy" with the written promise I would receive the FREE TS automated version as soon as it was available which was supposed to be in a month or two. It never happened. I was given several upsell offers. I asked for the ultra TS indicators but was denied even with the proof of Betty's promise. I was told an automated version would be impossible to create. These people are not credible. They are after your money and make false promises to get it. I believe they are in Canada. I suppose to protect themselves from law suits. Betty, If you are reading this then here is my word to you. YOU CONED ME! If you refund the 349.00 I paid you then I will confirm that here. My receipt # is 1153534402.0383
Nov 24, 2009,

Purchased auto-trade E-mini, Dynamic Divergence. Terrible experience. While I ( the auto system) was lossing $2k, Vendor was posting a positive equity curve. Also, the "Real Win" magin is so small--that the commission ($4) instead of being a minor expense-becomes a major expensive. I agree that Bette is an extremely nice person--but-appears that when she went "auto"--with other "partners"--things just got screwed up--so now it is the same old story---show a good equity curve--but have a screwed up system.
Mar 4, 2009,

The "Edge" is not very good for the simple reason that the advertising states it's the "last system" you'll ever need. However, I back tested the indicators (I received for free, thankfully) on Ensign and found they were hit or miss. What else is new?? Worse, the strategy was just a simple MACD, stochastic divergence/against price system using 1 and 3 minute time frames. There is no "edge" in trading divergences---though sometimes, divergences work and other times they don't---again, WHAT ELSE IS NEW? Finally, you can go on several excellent websites that offer tons of FREE info on trading divergences if that's what you're so inclined to trading and save yourself hundreds of dollars.

Just google "trading divergences".

Jan 25, 2009,

I agree whole heartedly with the comment above. Most of the negative comments from most forums are from people who tried the product and failed (in general, people who move from room to room and indicator to indicator). I purchased it 3 yrs back and find it to be one of the better tools in my bag. Their times it will keep me out of a bad trade and times where it may confirm something good. I do not think it should be used as an overall strategy. I found Betty to be one of the nicest people I have met and was very helpful. Good trading.
Jul 8, 2008,

I bought the system last year and made some money initially but quickly gave it all back and more. It is a simple divergence system that you can design yourself. Not worth paying anything for stuff available for free on any platform. Since they offered a lifetime support that does not exist anymore I have filed for a charge back with the company and hope to recover my money soon. They do not bother to write back or answer the phone. I am sure they are not selling anything anymore.
Mar 23, 2008,

I'd have to agree with Raghav from the previous post, it's not a scam. I't just not that great.
If you have metatrader 4 then you can simply add the indicators yourself for free.
Alternatively, you can get the system for free if you send me an email.
I have a copy of the e-book and a template for MT4 but use it at your own peril.
I made a lot of money using their strategy for a couple of weeks, then sadly gave it all back over the next few weeks.
I now use a different approach, with which I made over 400 pips on Thursday.
Dec 31, 2007,

I bought their first version of the edge and I have to tell you that it sucks. They take simple divergence rules (ABC of trading) and sell it for a profit.

But I must say that I got my money back after threatening them that I will post the e-book on the internet. Lucky me i guess!
Chris ,
Dec 22, 2007,

First off the people that wrote negative reviews of this system 1.Do not know that losses are part of trading and all systems have losses. 2.Have not purchased the system so do not know how it works. 3.Are competitors that are trying to make Rightangle look bad. I have been using Rightangle for a while know and am very pleased. Loosing days are very rare. When you purchase the system you get a two day seminar. The first day is on a weekend and is an instructional class on how to use the system. The next is during the week where Bette the developer of the system goes through trades in real time. All of these trades you are able to take as there is no hind sight. Remember when reading these reviews that 95% of all traders fail. This is not due to the system but due to the fact that they are afraid to pull the trigger, are afraid of losses and fluctuate their position size. I am a real trader and have no a affiliation with RA.
the council of the shadows,
Dec 21, 2007,

i got a copy of the edge free-of-charge, courtesy of someone who disgarded it as a scam. i read it and re-read it and have since put it into practice on 1 minute forex charts. o.k, so it's not a holy-grail, but it DOES work if you follow the rules. i have improved on it slightly by coupling the strategy with trend-line break-outs and conductors from the mdstrader platform and am currently clearing over 100 pips a day on gbp/usd alone. there is around 5-8 trades a day with a 75% success rate and there is no reason why i couldn't get one of those fancy multi-screen monitors and trade 4 or 5 pairs for 300+ pips a day. at only £10 per pip that is a nice income !!
since i got it for free i'm giving it a 4 as it's not perfect but very good indeed if you have patience and discipline.
if anyone is interested in looking at the chart set-ups, i will happily send a copy on as proof that this does work in any time frame. acidmaestro@hotmail.co.uk
Las Vegas,
Oct 16, 2007,

I found the indicators deficient in the following areas:
Did not work with the recommended “Share-volume” settings in the software.
Were generally highly subjective to interpret.
Missed many market moves.
Often failed to confirm in time to allow me to enter the market at a safe price.
In short, my purchase of “THE ULTRA EDGE STRATEGY” was based upon R.A.T.'s failure to fully-disclose the nature of your approach prior to purchase, by way of:
A trial period.
A reasonable money-back guarantee.
Or any other practice common in the System Vendor industry.
Your methods did not work for me. i.e. - I lost money using them.
(Further they underperformed side-by-side with other well known approaches.)

In short this approach STINKS.
And the vendors are indeed RATs-
greedy ones at that.