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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.791 · 13 REVIEWS
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3.791 · 13 REVIEWS
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Stephen Lee,
Johor, Malaysia,
Jun 17, 2012,

I always feel not confidence in Forex Trading, until I subscribe to FXDecision, I feel more comfortable in trading and beginning making some money from FX market.
Hanna Tan,
Aug 19, 2011,

I am working in financial line investment.

So far I like their signal services, cannot denied they do have a down month, I expected that as you know the best hedge fund in the world faces the same. Do not expect winning in every month.
For me who is in hedge fund line, i regard this as excellent service.

The only thing you need to be more careful is sometimes their style are too agreesive which is sometime not so good if they are wrong. Overall I have been with them for more than 4 years and i made some money net of their subscription fees.
Oct 30, 2009,

totally agee with Henry from Nigeria.

If you think you can replicate the "official" results you're in for a shock.

Here's why:

1. The signal arrives which was filled 2 mins before and you've therefore just missed the entry and have to decide whether to chase the trader and lose pips in doing so.

2. The price comes to 1 or 2 pips of entry and they say they got filled though you didn't. You send an email asking if the trade has been filled and it takes 24 hours to receive a reply.

3. The price comes to 1 or 2 pips of their TP and they say their TP got hit but yours didn't with your broker. See comment about sending them a clarification email above.

4. The price hits your SL by 1 or 2 pips but they say it didn't hit theirs. See comment about sending them a clarification email above.

5. If the trade goes to +30 you are encouranged to hold for a longer run. If the run doesn't happen they still report +30. hahaha I love how they are obviously descendants of Nostradamus and knew to close at +30 because it wasn't gonna run.

Keep in mind that Smokescreen, Subterfuge and Ambiguity are the tools of choice for bull_ _ _ t artists, wannabees, scammers and con artists. Why: Because with these tools used effectively it is impossible to categorically point the finger at someone of this character and say "I caught you out".

I initially gave them the benefit of the doubt and sent them an email asking which broker they used so I could resolve the above points and remove "ambiguity" from the equation.

Their reply didn't answer my simple question, "which broker are you using to base your results on so I can know whether a trade has been filled or closed?", but instead gave me a list of brokers they recommend.

So I thought perhaps language is the barrier (in case English isn't their first language) and so replied stating clearly that I did not want a list of recommended brokers, but the name of the actual broker they themselves are using.

Guess what? Their reply again did not answer the question, but once again instead provided a list of the brokers they "recommend".

How can someone who is apparently so clever who makes so much money trading forex be so stupid?

Answer: They can't.

Okay, so I thought I would try a different approach to get to the bottom of it and flush out the truth.

I then asked them if for a 1 month period they could enter trades on an MT4 demo account into which I would be logged so that I could see the status of trades.

In additon to their EUR800+ monthly subscription fee I offered to pay EXTRA for this extra service for the month.

You guessed it: "we don't offer that service".

I replied saying that I was aware that they "don't offer that service" and that (in case there was any language barrier whch led to them thinking I meant permanently) I only wanted them to enter trades on the demo account for 1 month to clarify that the issue was on my side that I was not getting the same results.

You guessed it again: "We don't offer that service".

Think about it: IF you were genuine and possessed any level of integrity, why on earth wouldn't you entertain my request for 1 month and charge me another EUR500 or something for it?

Wouldn't you do it to ensure keeping a customer in the long term and to lock in EUR10,000 in subscription fees over the next 12 months, when all you have to do is enter 1 trade each day in an MT4 demo account?

Wouldn't you do it if the customer asking you to was not a new customer, but a regular customer which I was?

Answer: Of course you would, there's no big deal.. If you were genuine and possessed integrity.

Like I said, Ambiguity, smoke screen and subterfuge..

I think we should all stop living in hope and accept the truth that NO ONE make money in forex.. except the con artists.
Qian Kun,
China ,
Sep 4, 2009,

I have subscribed with them since March GBP/USD is not performing last month but EUR/USD is Great.

Overall I am still making profit after fees.

I think following one mathematical model is not an easy task, sometimes you need to take the drawback as well.
Aug 16, 2009,

not a bad service, i would say, but bad for the price. 864 euro? its for those with mega money. secondly, if you think you can replicate john alexie's result as it is on his site then you are in for a shocker!!!! i dont know whats the criteria for saying you make 30 pips, because he tells you to be daring in the market in the sense that you wait to get to the next take profit level and the day it doesnt get there, he tells you he made 30 pips, in my opinion, any pips on his site 30 pips or less is a lost trade for 99% of his clients unless of course you are tuned to taking profit at 30 pips, the bottom line is :you still have to monitor the trade so you know when its safest to run away
Michael Yin,
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia,
Dec 13, 2008,

No doubt the best service i find for forex guidance in EUR/USD.

At least I make some money with this service
Dr Peter Lim,
Peneng Malaysia,
Nov 20, 2008,

Doc are worst trader I suppose I lost quite a sum of money USD50,000 until I found this one I believe in scientific method or quantitative method . So far I have recoup all my lost in 5 months time.

Thanks John Alexei
Steve Lee,
Kuala Lumpur,
Nov 14, 2008,

I joined them last week, my fees covered usd2200 - EUR698

Song Chai,
Oct 26, 2008,

I love this service good and accurate
M K Phoon,
Oct 21, 2008,

I salute their performance and entry point accuracy.