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Updated: Aug 16, 2018
2.755 · 66 REVIEWS
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2.755 · 66 REVIEWS
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Austin, USA,
Nov 19, 2017,

Another good salesman that doesn't trade for a living

Rob is basically a very good marketer. He has stopped sharing his live trading account results, probably because they were never very good. If you listen to his podcast long enough you’ll pick up on that as well.

He changes systems and strategies so often it leads you to believe nothing other than he is just selling systems and not living off his trading. If any of his systems were effective then there would be no reason to keep changing things.

Every year he creates a new “mastermind” group. Probably just to keep selling memberships. First it was lifetime membership, then the 40% club, then the super traders mastermind group. They are all designed with one promise, to teach how to trade for a living but I haven’t seen one of them produce the desire results for its members.
Denver, USA,
Jun 9, 2017,

Nice program here!

I really like this guy, he gives it to you straight and knows what he is doing - consistent most of all and very fast customer service.

I have only been a member for about 1-2 months so I will provide a more updated review later. But so far so good!

Houston, USA,
Apr 24, 2016,

Well...I may be the only reviewer giving 5 stars to Rob Booker. I am a guy in my late 50's that started trading 12 years ago with no direction, a good chunk of capital and the dream of hitting it rich quick. To not bore you with my story here is the end of the chapter: I lost all of my trading account (close to six figures) in a year and a half of trading. I then stopped trading altogether until just 6 months ago. But this time I am older and wiser and made myself the promise to be patient and do it right. Easier said than done. But I have to say that I am consistently and profitably trading now thanks to Rob Booker. I didn't buy any "trade signals" (actually I don't think he sells any) but I listened to him and changed my mindset for trading. Not an easy task but I did it and thanks to him. Now, I would not recommend anyone to buy anybody's "signals" - learn who you are first and then follow a system, any system. The only enemy is yourself, not the market forces or bad "signal services". Cheers!
nottingham, United Kingdom,
Feb 7, 2016,

Its such a shame to write a negative review as I actually think Rob is a nice guy... I like some of his non trading ideas a lot...eg Im now a lifetime subscriber to brain.fm thanks to one of his emails (which overall are great). Rob seems to be good at motivating people and in my opinion teaches correct mindset however his actual trades are terrible! I signed up for the booker report and without one word of a lie he had a 100% failure rate. Honestly ...every single trade went against him Whats really worrying is that he says things like 'Im buying Oil at $30 and Ill buy more at $25 and even more at $20 etc etc' because its a bargain...this is buy and hold investor thinking...not trading.

Im starting to think there wasnt many subscribers as the run up to the release in January 2016 had a lot of fanfare (as mentioned earlier Rob is excellent at marketing) and it was made loud and clear only the 1st 100 subs would get in for $9/month...well weeks later and that was still the price. Either he never made it to 100 or it was just marketing.

Im only writing this review as I think his marketing is actually not right. His TFL service has yet another 'never to be repeated X% sales','SERIOUSLY, I AM ENDING THIS TODAY'...I just dont buy it.

Rob if you read this I think you'd do a lot better offering your services for free...stick to the motivation and mindset. Give to receive and all that jazz. Peace
Valeta, Malta,
Oct 23, 2015,

to put it into few words - RAN AWAY. I tried to use his signals yet obviously Rob has absolutely no clue what is actually moving the markets - NONE. His signals looked like they are generated by some cheap EA or perhaps he just dreams them during the night.
Oh yeah Tim - once I saw Robs post that he "didn't find second best trader here" and a picture of barclays bank this was a big red warning for me - Rob is so stupid that he can't even see difference between "barclay hedge" and barclays bank - any serious trader wold know this - so I bet with everything I have Rob is NOT a trader and NEVER traded profitably. So cheap of you to attack Jarrett - it is you who look like an idiot not Jarrett
Miami, USA,
Sep 24, 2015,

I got Rob's bossilator course and it is nothing but a bunch of silly videos teaching very simple, primitive techniques and theories that you can EASILY find for free online. Looks like Rob simply took few free ebooks he found online and re-filmed those into this "course"
And the way he is trying to attack Jarat Davis now is simply ridiculous - Rob is acting like a child and without having anything smart to sya he is posting stupid things like picture of the Barclays bank with a statement that he could not find second bes trader there. Well Rob use some google perhaps - possible then you will understand that barclayhedge.com IS NOT Barclays bank - and you just look like a stupid amateur with such silly "attacks"
, Australia,
Jul 5, 2015,

Listen to his podcasts, they have a reasonable amount of good advice, mostly for newish traders. Don't look for trades from him. Take the positives from him & use it to your advantage & ignore the negatives (his courses/signals etc etc)
Toronto, Canada,
Jan 16, 2015,

Rob Booker is not a trader, he makes a great living selling his coarse,which, btw, is terrible. I know ,I took it. He has no clue how to trade.He constantly changes his system and techniques, re-naming the system...all signs of a scammer. A good profitable trader uses the same system day in day out. The more unique a system is the less it will work. Trading is all about the collective traders all seeing the same thing and trading it. So a unique or complex system is the worst approach you can take. Support,resistance, and trendlines are fundamentally all you need.
Stockholm, Sweden,
Aug 31, 2014,

Rob is no better/worse than any online sellers. Observed him 2 yrs now. He does not understand math, but he gets by. Example: he uses MACD a lot. A webinar participant asked him if he uses moving averages. Rob: NO. Never. They are deadly. Uh, MACD = moving average convergence/divergence.
Wash, USA,
Aug 30, 2014,

I am a full time trader for almost 10 years and I have followed Rob and many others over the years. I have found Rob's information to be solid (for the Newbie). His info is mostly for the entry level trader.
I don't know him but I have not seen wild claims from him. Any good teacher will show you concepts but if all you learn is rote trades then you will not know how to trade in the fast changing market that is forex. Rob seems to teach a lot of concepts that are just best practices and that is what most new traders need.
I think he is better than most and a lot better than some. If you just want a guy to show you every winning trade then you are not a realistic investor. If you want someone to show you the concepts of trading so you can understand the market and make good decisions, then Rob is one of the good guys. He has reasonable prices and seems honest.