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Updated: Oct 22, 2018
3.704 · 18 REVIEWS
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3.704 · 18 REVIEWS
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Czech Republic,
Oct 6, 2016,
Registered user

Excellent trading systém, low risk, high target, what needs complexs conditions, but it is not possible to trade consistently using this stratégy, but you need wait for trading opportunity.
Jul 24, 2009,

Paid the $97. Padded out with lots of general technical analysis. Actual system is fine. Taught me two valuable lessons, and even though i don't use the actual Surefire method as i can't sit around all day waiting for setups, i've integrated the lessons into other things i do. Mark McRae's an alright guy, i receive his mailouts (nearly daily!) and he knows his stuff. No one can call him a scammer, he's kosher.
Ken Long,
Cambridge, MA,
Nov 11, 2008,

I've owned this course for quite a while. It was a fine introductory Forex course at the time, and still is, for 97.00 its a good deal. I've bought quite a few Forex courses in the $50-200 range and this is exactly what I would expect and want from a general Forex course for that price.

As was mentioned, there are now several sites where we can get equally good information for free. BabyPips is the #1, and there are several others with good free information. This does not mean its not good to buy a course like this. I've always found that the repetition and reinforcement of primary ideas is worthwhile. Once you read several of these courses you quickly pick up on the main themes, and the individual specialties.

As far as the marketing spam, this is a real problem. Apparently the money is easier, less risky, and more plentiful. Its unfortunate that a seemingly competant trader would lower himself to such blatantly unbiased affiliate marketing scams. I really wouldnt mind if the products where self tested and reviewed, and chosen for their worth. But it seems McRae will market anything, so be careful and get a guarenteed refund.
Alasdair Watt,
Queenstown,South Africa,
Oct 30, 2008,

I have no opinion on the product as I had a computer problem which wiped it out a couple of years ago.Since then I have emailed every email site linked to Mcrae and Old Treee Publishing that I could find even opening ticket's on the publisher's site and to date I have never had a reply their service stinks
Oct 11, 2008,

As much if not more free good basic info as Babypips and several trading methods free lessons etc. Mark is so hyped up about his stuff that he cant help giving it away bit by bit. More free stuff each week. What everyone should know before they set foot in the market.
Jun 24, 2008,

One of The Best ebook i've ever read, but the goodnes is this strategies can work in a real Trade, im successfull used Mark McRhae Surefire Forex Trading System at AUD/USD & Target 2 allways Hit. Good Risk-Reward.

I Recomended for everyone to read this ebook.
South Carolina,
Nov 4, 2007,

I can't understand how anyone could label this system a scam. I bought and have actually used it and while it is not a perfect system, it is a very good introduction to fibonacci. Not to mention Mark has one of the best trend identifying methods I've ever seen. As far as I can see his system is sound and it really is frustrating when I see the word SCAM thrown around so recklessly.
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Oct 15, 2007,

As a newbie to forex trading this course gave me a really good overview of how the forex markets work. It has a great section on money management and it comes with a lot of free stuff which is awesome!
Sep 3, 2007,

Mark McCrae has quite a larger amount of free info available which I found to be very helpful in acquiring the basics of technical anlysis. I recently purchased his Sure-fire method, but found it not to be so practical to put to use. Maybe it wasn't presented as clearly as it could. Or maybe I just wasn't getting the point. At any rate, I"m still a rank beginner and feel that I learned something form the course that I might incorporate into my own trading system, which I'm trying to develop. I would rate his material with 4 stars.
Aug 12, 2007,

If you want to learn how to lose money in the forex than you should buy this e-book, he is making money selling junks to you. I go through his system and back test it for few months , not good, May be you can make money to be his affiliate and sell this junks.