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Updated: Aug 2, 2019
2.429 · 9 REVIEWS
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2.429 · 9 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Sep 30, 2011,

I'm now going live with this after demoing it for about 2 months. Easy to use - it's profitable and SO FAR has made me more pips than the other 4 or 5 systems and strategies I've been on (both live AND demo). Hit your 10 pips + spread and get out!

2011-09-06 No Rating While I haven't gone live with this yet I am very impressed with what I am seeing on demo. Just had it about a week and it seems as good (if not better) than some systems I've paid $400 for. Price is right, easy to set up and follow. Can trade multiple pairs - 10 to 15 pips per trade. May get 4 or 5 trades per day -primarily 30 minutes before and after London Opening, and then trading the NY session. Saves me getting up early to try and get pips on the London session
Jason Williams,
Jul 28, 2011,

Easy to follow systems so far results seem good.
Beijing, China,
Jan 12, 2010,

In my opinion this is a scam. Have been trading for forex for a number of years and this system does not work. The E book is horrible and is definetly not worth the money. The videos are absolute nonsense - don't even show a actual sample how the system works just some hypothetical samlpes (if this then i would do this and if that ect). Also I have not received any of the
promised e-mails on trading information or support.
Have already sent 3 e-mails asking for a refund but so far have not received any response.
Be warned that this is not worth the money and in my opinion a scam and nothing else!
Paul Andrews,
May 20, 2009,

System was easy to implicate for me, Used some macd patterns and rsi settings I have never seen before. Been trading it for a few weeks now with good results.
Mar 24, 2007,

The earth would fall out of orbit before the suggested MACD "setups" occur. I got a refund from Clickbank.
Park Forest, Illinois,
Feb 20, 2007,

The program is a scam. The setup settings has not produced any trades. The parameters for trades cannot happen as stated.
Jan 27, 2007,

Strange MACD settings. Tutorial video never materialized. Instruction manual unclear. E-mails for assistance never answered. This person may be reincarnated as an insect in a pest exterminator's laboratory in the next life. Do not purchase!
Jan 27, 2007,

Unable to download e-book. In spite on numerous requests to their email address received no response. Received no response as well from their affiliate Moneyloop who promoted them
Oct 4, 2006,

Awful. First of all, they describe a setup which will never take place. It's mathematically impossible, at least if I understand it correctly. What's more, the tutorial video never even showed an example of the setup! It just showed a few large random moves to demonstrate where to place your stops and profit targets. Worse yet, they wouldn't answer my request for their "no hassles, no questions" refund. Fortunately, they use ClickBank, so I went to ClickBank directly and got it. 0 stars for the Tenpips clowns and 5 stars for Clickbank for helping me out.