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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.596 · 10 REVIEWS
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2.596 · 10 REVIEWS
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Jun 2, 2010,

I traded for three months and paid 5000.00 for the software, plus 200 per mnth for the daily feed of there software.
What they represent and what they give are not accurate, in my experience. I don't know anyone who came in when I did who doesn't feel the same. The person below Sam is part of the company so his review isn't from someone who is getting a salary. One of the people who came in when I did was asked to write a review in there first 30 days. But after they had been around 60 days they were ready to sue them. So, they (JH) wanted to get people to write review while they were excited and new. Before, they could see that Andy lost money. I was in the trade room for three months and Andy was terrible, people in the Trade room laughed. Kash was good, and Wolverine too. It is about making money off the people. There Heart isn't in the right place. I left them & developed my own strategy and its looking good. Currency trading is one of the hardest things I have every done. This organization isn't honest in my opinion.
cork, ireland,
Nov 5, 2008,

i tried to contact these people several times after i signed up to this system "moneymap" and they didnt reply to me once, what people dont realise is that you cannot trade with the moneymap as you are led to believe in the demo, you have to have forex on live to do the trades, they are in my opinion selling a false product because the whole reason for the "moneymap" is to trade as it shows in the demo, my advice to people to stay away from this system, nad this advise cost me over $10000, and is free to you.
Sam Shakespeare,
Miami, FL,
Mar 30, 2008,

Just wanted to say that I have been trading with Traderhouse for almost a year and I must say it has changed my trading. I have tried strategies that i have developed, and systems that I have paid for. This is hands down the BEST trading environment I have ever been exposed to. Andy's Money Map gives you a view of the Forex market that y ou cannot get with any charting program. And you get to trade live with Andy everyday! what other system can give you that! I can tell you that Andy is not a fraud because he trades live with you and all his trades are recorded and you can check them at anytime. Also you can go back and watch any past session at anytime. So you can definately decide for yourself. Highly recommend to all! Will be happy to share my experiences. sam.shakespeare@gmail.com
Nov 28, 2007,

i have consistently mad money with the money maps @40pips per day with great accurancy. definitely worth the investment . dont get confused by the loser comments before me obviously pms! excellent customer service andy and staff are genuine and brilliant the trade room has alot of profitable traders five star definitely!
Also Sam,
Feb 28, 2007,

I would agree with what Sam has put below, although whether the price is steep or not depends entirely on how much a lot of money is to you. My experience of Andy Shearman has been that I paid for the online course and an additional £200 more than 1 year ago. I never made up the difference between the £200 and the £2-3000 I required to take the live training and the datafeed payment, charting platform etc. I did not receive a refund for my part payment but then I never asked. This was before the moneymap system. I would echo that you are paying to access a cool trading room (in the middle of a country club so you can swim, play golf, relax as well as trading) so you can have a sitting in with an ex-London Citibank front desk trader with 20-30 years of experience as Andy claims and I have no reason to disbelieve him - his attitude and confidence says it all really. All in all, I was utterly satisfied with the online course - even though it cost me £500, the videos were of a quality that half of most of the slides could not be accessed and the main feature was selling the "3 essential products" - a charting package, Nostradamus and Acetrader together to give "triple insight". If I had had the money at that time I would have gone for it. I have watched the videos multiple times and it has been invaluable in terms of education and understanding in my opinion. I now make between 10 and 33 pips per day. I use my own strategy now, but still one of my systems is based on what I learned from traderhouse. Absolutely, a world class company. It's the true LOSERS in forex who are complaining (or didn't you notice???) Become a winner and stop moaning. If you have the money, and especially if you travel to London regularly, I would invest in Andy, but there's no guarantee. If you sit in that traderhouse each day though, I would say your success is guaranteed pretty much, just my opinion. My own mentor is now £25,000 per day so this isn't a game for "get rich quick" junkies.
Dec 18, 2006,

I would say Andy's training is excellent in terms of getting you confident and to have a real trader house in a country club near London you can trade in any time is also good, but the initial and ongoing investment is steep to say the least.
CC from MN,
Oct 23, 2006,

I would echo comments by Deb from USA. I spent $1800 to find out what I already knew. Fib. works with Forex and that Money Map is not needed to understand that. Don't get sucked in.
Oct 21, 2006,

These cons are also selling the money map. They are arrogant and liars. No guarantee says it all. $1,700 U.S. a month. I got taken with them because I was new. What a horrible 1st experience. Now that I have some trading under my belt, I realize just how horrible these people are. Don't listen to them. Andy, the mind behind the product is very accessible (sp?). Don't let that hospitality draw you in. He's a con.
John Hirsch,
Sep 23, 2006,

A lot of money, false promises and no returns. I purchased the service, followed instructions and lost money. Then I asked for a partial refund for unused service and was refused. If you ask for refund, nobody wants to talk to you.
Jul 19, 2006,

a lot of money for something that can be found for free. fib levels on multiple time frames. multiple time frames are a good way to trade, when they all line up the the market is gonna move. it makes sense but i wouldn't pay someone 2500 uk + a data feed £100 a month to show me this. the only good thing is it provides a pda service which you can keep a eye on things when on the move. they go by another web site called fx moneymap.