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Updated: Oct 10, 2016
3.774 · 12 REVIEWS
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traderssecretcode.com (Mark McRae)

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3.774 · 12 REVIEWS
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Czech Republic,
Oct 6, 2016,
Registered user

Excellent system, one of the best, but you must wait for trading opportunity, what needs Trading Discipline do not trade if the conditions are not fulfilled. If you have no trading opportunity by this systém, you may use another stratégy.
David Reed,
Oct 11, 2011,

Just came across this webiste now. I have had traders secret code for a few years now, can’t remember when I bought it exactly but I have never traded anything else since. I make my living from this system. I can only speak for myself but this is a great system. I read one of the comments that said McRae is not a real trader, he obviously doesn't have the course because all the trades were real, taken live at the time. I think it's good. David
Los Angeles,
Nov 10, 2010,

I profited from his system which basically depend on Fibonacci ratios. Although it is hard to find the perfect marketing conditions these days (and even moving trend) the book he wrote (Surefire Trading something something) was a great education in 4X.

This is a technique I use occasionally now but not as my main or only system. The fact is, there is great use of basic indicators in this.

Again, not an "end all" system but it is a great concrete strategy to get you going if you don't have any strategy for yourself.

As far as customer service, it has been great for technical issues. My hard drive crashed and I has to rebuild my computer. I emailed them telling the them situation and they gave me the link to download the files again, no questions asked.

There is no customer service though for questions about the intricacies of the system itself.
Max Ramirez,
Jul 15, 2010,

Mark McRae, is an online marketer, a seller a bad seller, the products he recommends are garbage.
If you want to get educated do a research, go with the best teachers, Peter Bain, Steve Nison, Wayne McDonnell...
As others have already said, McRae IS NOT A TRADER it is easy to spot with the comments he says, the products he promotes, this guy really makes me sick.
Alfred Pardede,
Jakarta, Indonesia,
Apr 22, 2009,

I used his method and viola... it turned my account nearly 800% of profit in less than 3 weeks. Thanks Mark, You are the Best!! God Bless!
Nov 18, 2007,

I bought this system recently , what can I say? Mark is a vendor but not a trader , this system will never work consistently.If you want to see this just ask him for a copy of his trading account statements which shows he is a successful trader and wait for a reply...

In fact I believe Mark does not even trade but makes profits from selling books etc. So how do you want to learn trading from someone who does not know how to trade?
Alasdair Watt,
South Africa,
Nov 1, 2007,

I have bought this and other Mark McRae products but I have contacted every support and info site connected to his products even opening tickets at his publishing? company and I have never had the courtesy of a reply
Peter Noppen,
Gouda, Netherlands,
Oct 16, 2007,

Great amount of top notch information, provided by Mark McRae and other members AND top traders. The material you will find here beats any other course I've seen so far.
J. Anderson,
Sep 6, 2007,

In my honest opinion by far the best educator. His material very well presented and simple but by far his educational strengths lie in the fact that besides introducing you to professional trading techniques both fundamental and technical, he makes a point of teching you to design and create your own trading methodologies to suit you; the inidividual and not be "black boxed" into his own. He does this by shopping around the world for unique techniques which he introduces to you to support your learning curve. His education is worth every dollar and more besides the fact that he is very honest. As a result, I have been able to design my own universal trading methodology and the confidence that provides takes all the stress out of trading and allows you to concentrate on the trading as a real business and NOT a gamble or "play" as many try to call their trades including many on wall street to my surprise.

I recommend his books and course material highly for anyone that wants to trade seriously and profesionally.
J. Anderson
S. Daly,
Aug 16, 2007,

I picked up this addition of Marks work after requesting and receiving a refund (actually a swap of programs) from his Secrets Of Trading package.

I do find this to be good value for the money for those getting into the markets as Mark educates you on various tools such as MACD, Rsi and Fibs. However, I personally am not a fan of my charts filled with lines and indicators although you can have success by removing a few he suggests. One thing I appreciate in a course is the addition of videos. Charts and the written word are ok but everyone has a different learning ability and they really help to clarify what you just read.

Overall, a nice addition to the library of any trader looking to continually expand their knowledge.