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Joe Ross
Updated: Jun 5, 2024

What is is a forex training company founded by Joe Ross that offers educational courses and services to help traders learn how to trade financial products such as

  • Forex
  • Spreads
  • Options
  • Futures
  • CFDs

Please read Reviews below and share your learning experiences with this trading academy.

4.615 • 12 REVIEWS

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Texas, USA,
Jan 13, 2017,

I have bought services and products from this vendor and do not recommend. Roundabout, rambling never get to results approaches. Did not learn much except to not buy anything else from him again.
, USA,
Jun 14, 2013,

I have traded for over 20 years. I have read over 100 books and purchased dozens of systems, courses, etc.

I am not a friend of Joe Ross's and have never met the man. I have read a few of his books. While they are expensive, they are also well worth the money. I also took a webinar of his, and learned a strategy that is allowing me to day trade profitably with a high win rate in both trending and range-bound markets.
Oct 8, 2011,

Unprofessional operation seeking to nickle and dime you. Courses are terrible, no follow up, no support. What they teach simply does not work. Stay away.
Bø i Telemark, Norway,
Jul 12, 2011,

Would you give the same character if you knew that Joe Ross has never made ​​money on their theories, All his managed account he has been gone with large losses and that he has fabricated its trading performance .Had you paid $ 3000 for a private seminar of a person who never succeed as a trader!


I first became aware of Joe Ross in the early 1990s as a result of some contributions he made to the Club 3000 newsletter. I had a lot of respect for the guy. And why not? He believed in buying strength and selling weakness. He thought the vendors who purported to pick tops and bottoms were nothing but rip-off artists. He denigrated Gann, Elliot Wave, seasonals, and cycles. This was my kind of trader.

But as the years went by, a lot of negative stuff began surfacing about Joe Ross. His fax service was a disaster, his managed accounts suffered horrible losses, and much of what he said in some of his books didn't jive with the realities of trading real money.

No one was more disappointed (and disbelieving) than me when Bruce Babcock uncovered that Joe had fabricated his trading experiences in order to sell his products. But it wasn't until I read Joe's feature interview in the December 1995 issue of Stocks&Commodities magazine that I really began to have major questions about the guy's credibility.

It was in that interview where he mentioned how much money a trader would have made had they simply gone long a one lot S&P contract from the beginning of January or had they spread a one lot S&P against a one lot NYFE. The figures Joe quoted were way, way off and indicative of someone who didn't even know how much a point move in the S&P and NYFE equated to.

I was blown away. Thinking this must have been a misprint, I spoke with Thom Hartle, the editor of Stocks& Commodities and who was also the interviewer. In reviewing his tape, Thom said Joe was not misquoted.

I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that Bruce was correct in his assessment of Joe Ross. And what a shame. Joe Ross has written some good trading books. Maybe we should just leave it at that. But as Babcock stated in his investigation of Ross, "If Ross is making up his experience, he could do real damage to a careless, trusting student."

Duane Howe is anxious to get this matter of his problems with Joe Ross into the courts. But Joe Ross would never in a million years want his controversy with Babcock and Duane Howe to get that involved. There are other Duane Howes around. Other traders who entrusted their money with Joe Ross because they believed Joe when he said he never had a losing year as a trader. There's also a former Joe Ross student, a well respected futures broker with a national trading firm. This person would testify that Joe admitted to her that he was indeed the infamous testimonial used by Ken Roberts.

And what about Joe Dinapoli? DiNapoli taught Ross his displaced moving average which Ross then went on to claim as his own. Joe studied under DiNapoli in the mid 80s. Joe Ross would not want to see DiNapoli testifying against him in a court case regarding Ross's trading background.

It's really too bad vendors have to resort to gimmicks to give them name recognition. Ross wrote some good books, he didn't need to fabricate his trading experiences to enhance his name.

As for Duane Howe, yes, he probably should drop his vendetta against Ross. Joe Ross is hardly the only vendor out there who has exaggerated or fabricated his trading experiences. You give your money to someone else to trade futures, even the so-called Market Wizards profiled by Jack Schwager, and you better expect to lose.
Jul 20, 2009,

Well, the books written by Joe Ross are simply awesome.
One may find in them not only theory but also practice.
Things are simple when a master teaches you and Joe is indeed a master. He teaches you things that worked 50 years ago when he started trading and these things work well these days. These things are simple but proved by time.
My regrets is I didn't find these earlier but my joy is that I find him despite so many traders are fighting with the wind spending time with nonsenses that flood the FX industry.
I have three of his books and nearly 30 other. These 30 are all with 4 to 5 stars on Amazon and all by FX.
If I have to choose 3 books all would be written by Joe
If I have to choose 4 I will add Igrok
Angelo Garaventa
Apr 29, 2009,

The wisdom I received from Joe Ross books and live seminars is precious not only as a source of wealth, but also as a lesson for my life
Tomas Kaderavek
Prague, Czech republic,
Dec 10, 2008,

Deart all, I highly recommend Joe's books. The style in which he presents the information is clear and straight forward, with many touching examples.
The more books you read from him the more you discover that he is very consistent in his teaching and you also discover how much experience and wisdom lies within his wonderful personality.
Another beuty of his books is that when you study them again and again you always find new nuances that help your trading carrer to move forward.
Independent Trader
Hannover, Germany,
Aug 17, 2008,

The Books are the best I ever read, his Tradingstyle is uncomparable to ANY other method...this man is so full of wisdom, if you got it, what he trys to tell you by his statement: "dont trade what u think, trade what u see", u will be a big step ahead of others...
Jun 23, 2008,

JOE ROSS Is a one of the Great Traders ever lived in this earth. No Doubt if I will call him as a Master of Traders in our era he is a National Treasure for The World. His ebook is diffrent with a scam ebook comercial youve found, im very highly recomended if we want to be a good trader we must Read his ebook especially: TRADING BY THE BOOK & DAYTRADING(a.k.a. TRADING BY THE MINUTES) & TNT. IV, its so fantastic ebook & must read if you want to be a serious traders.

GOD Bless You JOE we all love you & keep in a good work.
Jan 21, 2008,

I highly recommend Joe Ross's trading books. He uses simple but effective methods for trading, without having to clutter your charts with useless indicators.

Every trader should have some Joe Ross in their trading library.

He has helped me as a trader and as a business operator.