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Updated: Mar 23, 2020
1.496 · 189 REVIEWS
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2018-08-02:  Cysec had fined Instant Trading EU (one of the companies behind InstaForex and ForexMart)  €130,000.  The fine was for  non-compliance with article 36(1) of the Law, as it did not act fairly, honestly and professionally in accordance with the best interests of its clients and also for non-compliance with article 36(1)(d) of the Law and paragraphs 15 and 16 of the Directive, as it failed to ask clients to provide the necessary information regarding their knowledge and experience, to assess whether the investment service or product is appropriate is appropriate for them.

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August 2016:  The Brazilian Comissão de Valores Mobiliários (CVM) has issued an alert against InstaForex.  CLICK HERE to verify.
January 13, 2015:  The French AMF has issued a warning about unauthorized forex brokers.  InstaForex is on that list.  CLICK HERE to verify.

Scam Alert!

The FPA has confirmed a scam case against InstaForex.

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Scam Alert!

InstaForex is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.  We urge traders not to open accounts with Insta Forex. If you already have an account open with them, we urge you to withdraw all of your funds immediately. If InstaForex refuses to process your withdrawal, we recommend contacting your bank and local police to see if you can file charges for internet-based financial fraud.

June 9, 2014:  The Ontario Securities Commission has issued an investor warning about InstaForex.  CLICK HERE to verify.
January 16, 2013:  The Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission has issued a warning against InstaForex.  CLICK HERE to verify.
NOTICE:  October 2013: InstaMarkets is no longer licensed by the Belize IFSC.  InstaForex's representative claims this was a voluntary resignation of its license.  Others have reported that Insta was thrown out of Belize.

2011-01-26:  The CFTC filed a lawsuit against 14 offshore forex brokers, including InstaForex.  CLICK HERE to verify.

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InstaForex is a forex broker. Insta Forex offers the MT4 and MT5 trading currency platforms. offers over 105 currency pairs, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, shares, oil, gold, silver and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size:0.01
Maximum Leverage:1000:1
Minimum to Open Live:$1
Address:Kalingrad, Russia, +443300109336
Regional offices:
Regulators: BVI FSC #SIBA/L/14/1082
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms:MT4, MT5, WebTrader
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
ECN: Yes
Cryptocurrencies:(5+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD:(130+) Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Yes
Deposit Methods:Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Alipay, American Express, Bitcoin, Diners Club, JCB, Litecoin, Local Bank Deposits, Local Bank Transfers, PayCo, UnionPay, WeChatPay
Withdrawal Methods:Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Alipay, American Express, Bitcoin, Diners Club, JCB, Litecoin, Local Bank Deposits, Local Bank Transfers, PayCo, UnionPay, WeChatPay

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1.496 · 189 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Dublin, Ireland,
Nov 24, 2015,
Registered user

InstaForex is probably the most questionable broker on the net. I write because I had an account with them what was the bigger mistake in my trading history, but peoples learn hard way!


They provide deposit from 1 USD, swap-free account to everyones, and 3 pips in major currencies without additional fees/commissions.
Their customer service is rude, platform via web and also via MT4 and MT5 very slow and prices what they provide differ at least 4-5 pips all the time from the real market prices (at some news releases with 40-50 pips (!) for 1-2 min)
InstaForex gladly use price re-quote if market gonna with you, or if you have placed an order (buy/sell stop/limit) they usually execute it at another price what is better for them.
No doubt you will be robbed if you trading with InstaForex, however money withdrawal working slowly and only with small amounts, above 3000 USD you will never see your money/profit, you can be sure!
Above 10% profit per transaction of your initial deposit InstaForex cancel immediately your profit and scalping is although allowed in clients agreement but really no, because also all profit what you make with scalping below 5 min time period gonna be canceled by AntiFraud department and if you place a withdrawal request that will be canceled as well by reason that you tried to cheat the company before.

Why they can do that all?

--> because InstaForex is a non-regulated online broker company, who do everything by itself

Why can be InstaForex since 2007 on the market?

--> InstaForex try to get new clients all the time with promises like "you can win Porsche car" or "you can win 5000 USD daily in the competition" ..etc. and focus to get newby clients who will deposit in the beginning a small amounts and can get a commission when they attract their friends. If no attracting and you begin to make a profit they begin to cheat you and do everything against your profitability.


A V O I D InstaForex, but if at all cost you wanna try and trading with InstaForex be very-very careful, deposit only small amount, trade only with small amount, and put request to withdrawal only small amounts otherwise you will be cheated and robbed very quickly.
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Hamburg, Germany (Really InstaForex, Peru),
Nov 5, 2015,
Registered user

I don't consider InstaForex as a scam. On the contrary, since I became its client, I could trade in forex market with just $1. Now, I have different accounts, all of them with a good amount of earnings.Customer client is great, very pending of me and my process as a trader.

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star rating removed. Of course this reviewer doesn't consider InstaForex to be a scam. That's because her salary is paid by InstaForex.

This is the second fake review left from the same location that "InstaForex Stephanie" registered an FPA Forums account from. She used her email address to register the account. In the first fake client review she left, Stephanie claimed to be "ZackFx, Madrid, Spain".

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.
Jessore, Bangladesh,
Oct 28, 2015,

Vary bad brokr. Don't open trading account at instaforex. Very high speard and need long time for withdraw!

2015-10-26 1Star instaforex is a bad broker. Very high spread and withdraw fee. And they are Big market maker.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
david rom,
pt, Israel,
Mar 24, 2015,

my account number is 5316464, my name is david rom

in 8.01.2015 i had a few positions on the chy/jpy and after the shake on the
swiss franc my positions was profitble.(+~ 3700 euro)
after a few days i noticed that the profits that i was gain on the chf/jpy was deducted from my account, in a claim that according to the agreement this is not a fare profits, and i do not have the right to keep that profit
.i am a profetional trader and im trading for a living
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Siti Zubaidah Mohamed Yusof,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Feb 14, 2015,

Instaforex block permenently my account with the stupid reason..

The account was excluded from no deposit bonus campaign in accordance with the "No Deposit Bonus Agreement":

10. The client agrees that in the event the company suspects any fraud activity involving the bonus, the latter can be declared void and the trading result can be annulled.

The account was deposited using bonus funds only so it was blocked permanently

They want trader money, scam, cheating us..but when we get the profit simply their suspect trader do the fraud activity..
onaiyekan peter o.,
zaria, Nigeria,
Jan 23, 2015,

On the 20th of this month i placed buy orders with sell stop orders for hedging my trades but the sell stop trades were deleted at the point of execution. This led to my account losing $2227.96, leaving behind a meagre $32. I have tried to check the reason for the cancellation, and have contacted them on 3 occasions. The first time (on the 21st january 2015) I was told I didn't have enough money in the account, but after I sent them a screenshot of my transactions (the third time), they refused to reply me. When I placed the trades my equity and free margin were about $1000. Avoid trading with them, because they can manipulate your trade without blinking an eye, even if it wipes out your account.
Shah rukny alam, Pakistan,
Jan 19, 2015,

insta forex ban my account with out any reason they ban account with out any reason and told us only this mail to anit fraud and they told your account was ban beause you are forum member now tell me bonus if you give me what i not do posting there i work full month then you give us bonus fraud insta is fraud.
, Tajikistan (Really the offices of InstaForex in Russia),
Jan 15, 2015,
Registered user

Fake complaint from an InstaForex employee.

bad ..... very very bad broker, I think, but I can wrong,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
2 Star rating removed.

This negative review for 1LotSTP came from the offices of InstaForex in Russia.

The FPA is disappointed, but not surprised that the scammers at InstaForex would try to use the FPA's reviews to attack another broker, even a scam rated broker.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars and the review has been moved to InstaForex's review page.

Hamza Najam,
, Pakistan,
Dec 23, 2014,

I ready a comment stating that all account blocked are of forum and like that, i want to reply to those who state real accounts are not blocked, i havent traded with instaforex from last 2 years, but was just working as IB, last night my account has been blocked and i had around 300 active clients, making 500 dollars of commission on daily basis, last night they blocked me i had 3000 dollars in account, i challenge them to come and face me, under what clause they deactivated my account? and if they claim any of my client did wrong, then what the hell one has to do with my commission, lastly there cannot be any sort of fraud in commission earned. forex industry is almost full of scammers, havent found any good broker so far other than 1 only

2013-09-12 1Star they are scam, they took away my 352 dollars and they are not replying their live chat ask me to contact their anticheat department, which never reply after i asked them to tell me account which i used to move the bonus, and its over 5 weeks they are not replying, fake company, never deposit a penny, their site is good their support is only good till the time you dont for withdrawal
sohail anwar,
lahore, Pakistan,
Oct 31, 2014,

sir i have problem instaforex many time block my account or when i say unblock then they say you talking antifroud so when i send email to then they say sorry i cant unblock your account so plz tell me what i do even they dont tell me why they block my instaforex account,
Adeobayemi Kunle,
Lagos, Nigeria,
Oct 21, 2014,

I do not need a soothsayer to tell me that instaforex is a scam before i know they are pure scam. If you are trading with little amount, you can still escape the scam of instaforex, but you can never have success with this broker. They disabled my trading account and that of my friends. And be very careful in dealing with Russia brokers now, they are having problem with that region at the moment. INSTAFOREX IS A PURE SCAM!!!
Alex Omarov,
Miami, USA,
Oct 1, 2014,

Insta Forex is a SCAM !! Stay Away Traders !
I have a prove from my account , statements and journal from MT4. who interested.
Did not paid $9900 !
Ahmad Naser,
Amman, Jordan,
Sep 13, 2014,

For me instaforex is giving me prizes and i did make earn profits through this prize bonus and i did withdraw my profits and got them in the same day request my profits
instaforex is trusted broker
kyiv, Ukraine,
Aug 15, 2014,

have numerous issues with instaforex. first of all bonus are deducted in a stupid way. you are entitled to invest 50% of the bonuses. however, you get all bonuses withdrawn when money invested into pamm accounts. more than that, they charge even more, at the end they take your own money away. i've invested 1000, got 550 bonuses and then 601 deducted. no money is returned by now, they simply do not look at your issue.
the next issue is while you are trading.
first of all, commisions are high. it could've been ok if bonuses where given as promised. but while instaforex steals your money instead of giving bonuses, the commissions look outrageous.
secondly, yuo are not allowed to have a negative available margin for trading. the orders with highets loss are automatically closed when available margin is less than zero. surpisenly enough, they do not take into account your margin call level, but available margin. even if your open positions are profitable, you'le be stopped out on the position with the highest loss.
third. i subscribed to copying trades from other traders. i would not comment on their performance, but as usually, past performance is not even close to their live trading. i do not know how they beef up the historical results but their live trading is breakeven in the best case. to cut short, i was charged 600usd from my account for being subscribed to the copy trades. however, the profits made were only 60usd and the commission to be charged had to be 30usd.
if anyone can help with appealing to the traders court, please send an email
Bratislava, Slovakia,
Aug 7, 2014,

Me again ...

well ... instaforex took all my money as "clause 5.12"

5.12. When the price change, connected with the a difference between the instrument last price at market close and the instrument first price at market open, or connected with news release, leads to a profit higher than 10% of the initial deposit, the Company reserves the right to use correction of such trade financial result in the size proportionate to the difference of the abovementioned prices in pips, by means of deducting the funds with the comment "Clause 5.12. correction". In certain cases it is at the Company’s discretion to set the minimal profit change below a 10% level (of the initial deposit).

Because I got margin call several times during news releases. When I made new deposit !!! they immediately take all my money !!

This is so funny how poor they are .. they need to scam people for 300 Euros !!!!! Very poor ...

And my withdrawal from June 2014 was not processed of course. It is still pending

1st class cheaters !!!!!! Do not join !!!!!!!!!

2014-07-08 Instaforex support told me my withdrawal will be processed in maximum of 5 days since I ask for withrawal.

Its already 5 days and I still dont have money and live chat still "sorry for delay" and other plain talking

I rate scam for now, if I receive withdrawal I will inform you

2014-07-06 2Star Hello all, I am client of Instaforex too, unfortunately they dont want to withdraw my money.

a, They say bitcoin withdrawals beeing processed in 1-7 hours.


b, I asked to withdraw my money on 1st July 2014, until today 6th July 2014 I did not get my money.


Everytime when I visit live chat I get response like: "Sorry for delay it will be processed soon" or "It will be processed today"

So I decided to contact them:

I recievied this funny reply: :D

BitCoin is still being processed by our Finance Department as they need further analysis

"Further analysis" ? I did not scalp. I earned my money by 1 position

!!!!!!!!!!!!! So looks like they dont want to pay my money, until than I advice not to join them, when I get my withdrawal will inform you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Madrid, Spain (Really Peru),
Jul 17, 2014,
Registered user

My trading experience with InstaForex has been incredible so far. My funds are increasing considerably and InstaForex gives me more benefits just for being its client, such as a good program of bonuses. I can increase my deposits up to 250%! Contests and campaigns are good to shape your style of trading and to have the opportunity to win a lot of valuable prizes. I recommend everybody to try this broker out.

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star rating removed.

This review was left from the same location that "InstaForex Stephanie" registered an FPA Forums account from. She used her email address to register the account.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.
surabaya, Indonesia,
Jun 5, 2014,

I have been Instaforex IB for years. At the first time, they pay my commission and my clients fund without any problem. Until 2 indicents :
1. Liberty Reserve was shut down on May 2013, my clients complained that InstaForex deducted 50% of their Liberty Reserve deposits (means they steal 50% of your deposit !). And the worst is you can withdraw 50% of the fund 6 months later (Nov 2013) !!
2. Im trying to withdraw my funds on 2014, and the withdrawal processing time was getting longer than usual. I had to send many emails until its processed. I used paypal after Liberty Reserve was shut down. And the bad thing happened after they recently blocked paypal (blocked on jun / may 2014). I thought this could be really wrong with instaforex, why should the blocked paypal ?? I sensed there was something wrong with this company. I was afraid of my fund safety then I used Neteller to withdraw the rest of my fund (around $270). Withdrawal initiated
on May 29 and they didnt process it until June 4. They sent an email :

Dear Client,

Unfortunately, instaForex Finance Department regrets to inform you that your withdrawal request has been rejected by the decision of Antifraud Department .

Sincerely yours,
International Finance Department
InstaForex Companies Group

Their explanation from AntiFraud Dept :

Dear Partner,

As you know Liberty Reserve payment system had shut down. Almost all
clients which currently registered in your affiliate group replenished
through that payment system.
The situation on those accounts fall under Clause 7.7.1 of the Public
Offer Agreement, according to which all funds deposited through the
payment system that later disappears are deducted from the trading
account of a customer, as the company is not a guarantor of any
payment system, and the money received through the payment system is
stored on the company's accounts with the system enabling the company
to quickly process your withdrawal requests. So the commissions
received from these accounts are subject for cancellation too.

But as an exclusion we allow our clients to withdraw funds from
accounts deposited via Liberty Reserve in accordance with the special
conditions. In your case we would like to offer to solve the problem
as follows:
your commissions were temporarily blocked and if you attract more new
unique active clients (at least 3) with the same regular active
trading as clients 7293227,7180214, 7168289 than the blocked
commissions will be restored.

As of now, I immediately send an email to my clients to withdraw all of their fund as soon as possible to prevent these thieves steal their money. If you are an IB of this broker, dont waste your time and effort introducing this scam broker to your clients, there are a lot of honest brokers outthere you can work with. I dont want you all to learn the hard way as I did. God bless you
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Muhammad Ishaq,
KPK, Pakistan,
May 10, 2014,

Hi sir may real account is banned in insta forex why not conform sir please help me i am very poor man i am mange in some dollar and invest in insta forex
Bao Long Of MT5,
Bandung, Indonesia,
Apr 24, 2014,

Just want to give information that some traders in here who claimed about their accounts got DEACTIVATED used bonus money and even though they didn't realize it but Insta think they abused the bonus program and there is an agreement for bonus program. So be careful with the guys like that, not even bucket shop disable accounts easily. Its just their unrealistic expectation to get a lot of money with bonus. Shame on them, they didn't dare to explain its bonus money from forum posting openly and pretended its their real money and they got robbed. I wish FPA makes a filter for traders who trade with real money and bonus money. Oh by the way, I'm not Insta staff, so that's another wrong thing from guy like inam who can only explode and cry without give the right information as he's wrong completely in his review plus like i said, some peoples in here hide the truth they use bonus money and pretend its their real deposit.

Thank you again for FPA to show up my review, just want to give the real situation in here objectively without being emotional
inam ul haq,
multan, Pakistan,
Apr 22, 2014,

its a scan company, I made a profit of 800 dollars they deactivated my account and told me i have made in illegal ways, i asked them to tell me what is illegal of making and if they have any proof do provide me, I will request FPA to remove all positive reviews as they are scam and most probably good reviews are left by their representatives from different part of world

Review Moderation Team Note: In 2008 Instaforex earned an FPA Scam Finding. Instaforex's website has a page filled with libel against the FPA. Despite this, we moderate reviews for Instaforex using the same procedure that is used for screening out fake reviews for all other companies.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Aswan, Egypt,
Apr 12, 2014,

i have an account in instaforex since 20-4-2013
no problems with them and i make withdrawal the profit daily on moneybookers then i received it before 7 hours
muhammad shoaib,
attock, Pakistan,
Mar 20, 2014,

with this f***ing company i have been traded for 2 years,and those were 2 worst year of my life.
if you have a account of 5$ initial balance and earn some cents weekly,you will observe no problem,but i you have account of over 500$ as initial balance,and you are making several hundred buck weekly,they screw you
they cancel your profit trades
won't give you your withdrawals
their f***ing accounts checking department and their f***ing anti-fraud department
(if profit trades are fraud,why the f*** people trade??? )
its the biggest ,gigantic SCAM broker in the world

(if you are always a loser in forex,JOIN them,if you make profits don't f***ing think about opening a account with them).

2013-09-19 1 Star as long as you are losing,they are good.when you get some profit,that's the place they f*** you.i have been working with them for 2 years,they scammed me when i was making profits,it happened 2 times.
do read their "clause 5.12" in terms of service.
because when you make profit they are going to delete your money with a stamp of "clause 5.12 correction"
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Victoria, Australia,
Mar 7, 2014,

Open an account and had 3 very simply questions to ask. After 2 days I got a response half answering the first question. I submitted the third question, which related to withdrawal process again and got no response. They expect me to trust my money with them ? No way.
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Mina Mounir,
Cairo, Egypt,
Feb 15, 2014,

I'm a trader with Instaforex since September 2013 depositing is ok via neteller is instant with skrill it took a few more than 24 hours ... i received their MasterCard ... trades go well but they impose a limit .. if you closed your trade before 3 minutes "Manually" profits of this trade is cancelled ... but if it was a take profit order it's ok .... i received their 30% bonus ... i made withdrawals 5 times and every thing is ok except 2 times there was a delay but it was ok finally i didn't get any problems with them till now as i'm sticking to the rules
Dennis Tan,
JB, Malaysia,
Feb 4, 2014,

leads to a profit higher than 10% of the initial deposit, the Company reserves the right to use correction of such trade financial result in the size proportionate to the difference of the above mentioned prices in pips, by means of deducting the funds with the comment "Clause 5.12. correction". They deducted my profits USD 267.17