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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.759 · 3 REVIEWS
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3.759 · 3 REVIEWS
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Aug 2, 2008,

I'm not a paying member of the room, but I did sit in while it was free. Malcomb is a great guy with a system that he follows. He's not always successful, but he does win more than he loses, he's also very disciplined. I'm not sure how he can talk for 3.5 hours a day though. I'm not so sure I talk that much all day. lol.
Jun 26, 2008,

Trade4freedom is the most honest trading service out there and I have tried a few...
Not every day is a success but I have learned so much and since I have taken most of the trades including their swing trades my pip count for the past 2 month that i am with them is 1940 pips. I am loving it and very thankful for Malcolm's sincere and knowledgeable approach to trading.
May 29, 2008,

I joined from the start, great service. The main trader Malcolm is very good and he teaches how to trade FOREX and Futures. I was getting booted out of the room the first week but it was fixed right away. I am way up on pips and my trading has improved considerably. I am very
happy with their performance.
Tom W. NY
May 17, 2008,

They claim to make 30-50 pips a day with their philosophy of trading less computer /screen time. This week the pipcount was like -50 pips. What a waste! Its all rambling in the room. No real action.
May 13, 2008,

Could this just be PipSnipers again?

It looks the same, vague on specifics, big on selling lifestyle/dream. They say nothing about who they are or how they reach their trading decisions. The pips sound great. The trade room is the same software as the Snipers used. People can't chat in the room, chat is disabled from my one login that lasted 1 minute. They are marketing to the old Snipers list. Am I just paranoid? I am very suspicous of this site.
May 9, 2008,

well just registered with them, a signal site they ave an admin called malcom B who gives out trades between 4.30 to 8.00 am pst, they target about 30-50 pips each trading session and they've got an impressive performance as well, they also offer a oneweek free trial....i wont place a rating now cos im just about to start using the signals however by next week u'll be reading from me..well u cud give it a try if u like...........